TEI family episode 9


Hola evry1.. Here I am, presenting 2 u d 9th episode of TEI family ff. So let’s begin wid d recap followed by d episode.
RECAP: Yuhi’s sangeet ceremony n twinj’s almost love confession.
Episode 9

It was d wedding day of Yuhi. Both d Sarna n Taneja families were overjoyed. There was happiness all around. Only 3 hrs r left for d wedding. A girl is seen holding a handycam in her hand. She’s roaming around d entire Taneja house n shooting a video. She first shoots d decoration of d main hall of d house. It looks like a royal palace. At d center, there is a mandap, beautifully decorated wid red n white drapes. The camera then moves 2wards a room. A lady is sitting wid a photo frame in her hand. A man is sitting beside her. They r Leela n Rt. They hv Mahi’s photograph in their hands n both r teary eyed. The tears r of both happiness n sadness. Happiness of, ofcourse, Mahi’s wedding. They’re sad bcz of d fact dat Mahi will go 2 another house, leaving them. On seeing d girl wid camera, both wipe their tears n smile at d girl. Leela looks so elegant in a pink n golden saree n a brown sherwani wid a brooch gives Rt a royal look. Both of them share their happiness wid d girl behind d camera. Then d camera moves towards another room. A lady is seen busy in her makeup n a man is seen sleeping on d sofa. D lady asks d man 2 wake up. He taunts her dat, he took a long nap n she’s still not ready.

They r ofcourse Raman n pinni. Pinni says dat men jst hv 2 wear their sherwani, comb their hair n they r done. But v ladies hv 2 do a lot of things. First of all wear our outfit, then jewellery, makeup, hair, footwear. If, all dis is so tedious. Their fight continues n d camera person moves upstairs. There was only 1 room upstairs. The camera person enters d room. 2 girls were sitting there. One of them was surrounded by beauticians. They were making her hairstyle. D other 1 was applying nail polish on her nails. She was wearing a pink lehenga wid silver blouse having sequence work. Her hair left open on one side. The other girl was wearing a cherry red lehenga wid golden blouse. She was looking a perfect bride. Ofcourse coz she was d bride, Mahi. N d other girl was obviously twinki.

M: Twinkle, don’t do too much of makeup, it’s my wedding not yours.
T: when did I do too much make up di?? Only base makeup, foundation, blusher, lip gloss, eye shadow, kajal, mascara, eye liner n perfume..only dis much..
Mahi feels like fainting..hehe.. n now, time 2 reveal d camera girl..she’s chinki. Suddenly, they hear d sound on band Baja n understand dat d baraat has arrived at their doorstep. All rush to welcome d baraatis. Twinkle goes 2 d balcony of her room n watches d welcome of d baraat. Rt n Raman welcome Surjeet n Manohar wid garlands. Leela n pinni welcome Anita, Usha n Bebe. Leela does Uv’s aarti n tries 2 pull his nose but all pull Uv aside. Wid a lot of difficulty, Leela finally pulls Uv’s nose n welcomes him inside.

On d other side, Twinkle comes 2 Mahi n tells her abt d welcome of Uv.
T: di, u didn’t u let me go, all r hahaving fun there n I’m here, giving u live feed of all wats happening there..
M: stop your drama n tell me how’s Yuvraj looking n wat is he wearing?? Tell me fast na..
T: he’s looking rubbish n is wearing a Superman costume!!
M: Twinkle!!(irritated)
T: offo di, of course he’s looking dashing n is wearing an emerald colour sherwani n a red sehra, complementing your red attire.
M: oh wow.. but yaar, who made dis ritual dat d bride can’t c d arrival of d groom.huh..
T: di, u sound despo..
M: really!!(concerned)
T: ya..
M: oh sorry..

Twihi laugh.
Downstairs, Kunj is searching d entire house for his lady..twinkle (wid whom he had an ALMOST love confession last night..hehe..I pity Kunj) Yuvraj is made 2 sit in d mandap n d priest tells Leela 2 call d bride. Leela sends Chinki 2 get Mahi down, along wid Twinkle. Chinki goes n , after sometime, Chinki n Twinkle bring Mahi down. Mahi n Uv hv a short n sweet eyelock. Mahi makes Uv wear d flower garland (varmala) n then Uv does d same. Mahi sits besides Uv n d priest starts reciting d mantras. Uv complements Mahi 4 her look n Mahi shies. She too compliments him n he smiles at her. Twinkle looks around n finds all d family members giggling. She whispers in Mahi’s ears, ” di, atleast wait till your bidaai n then u can talk as much as u wish, wid jiju. But now..evry1 is smiling..control di.” Mahi gives her a shut up wala look. Hey wait, where’s Kunj. Oh teri!! Kunj is till now standing wid his mouth open. But y?? Oh come-on..he’s a crazy lover, so dis type of reaction is not a big deal.

Twinkle sees Kunj in dat state. She moves towards him. She goes closer n closer n more closer n….she closes his mouth n leaves blushing. Kunj comes out of his dream world n goes near d mandap. After reciting all d mantras, d priest calls Leela n Rt for Mahi’s kanyadan. Leela n Rt do Mahi’s kanyadan. Then, Twinkle does d gathbandhan.

She ties it vry vry tightly to make d bond strong. Then Uv fills Mahi’s hairline wid vermilion n makes her wear d mangalsutra. Then they stand up for taking d wedding rounds..seven rounds for seven vows. Mahi n Uv take d rounds holding hands. Now d priest announces d marriage as complete n Yuvraj n Mahi as husband n wife. Now Miss Mahi Raminder taneja has become Mrs Mahi Yuvraj Sarna. Yuhi take blessings of all d elders by touching their feet. N then starts d most emotional n sometimes melodramatic part of d marriage..bidaai. Mahi hugs Rt n Leela n three of them cry. Then Mahi comes 2 Twinkle, who is trying 2 hide her tears. She tries 2 smile but when Mahi hugs her, she too let’s her tears out. Mahi whispers in her ears dat I’ll miss u a lot. Twinkle hugs her even tightly. Mahi n Yuvi move towards Sarna house. Taneja’s go inside.

PRECAP: Yuhi’s post wedding rituals. N a surprise..

Sorry guys, aur lamba nhi hoga..bohot likh liya..ab bass..Baki ka next time..bbye
Arey..aise kaise bye..thank u part to the hi gya..so thank u Lama, Shreya098, Purnima.agrawal30, Ria, Kruti, Sayeeda, Sidmin, Dreamer…arundhati, Angita, baby n Sidmin lover..but guyzz ye kya h..only 11 comments. R u not liking it?? If no then tell me, I end it in d vry nxt epi. If yes, then plzz comment n encourage me..

Credit to: Aarti

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  1. Jiya_Ani

    Aarti di …itna wait karaya…chalo koi ni…but you described it in short and was amazingly portrayed.. Awesome…. And we love the track…. Muaaah.
    But I hope you will not do it as in hum aapke hai kaun..type…Killing mahi after conceiving and kunj to sacrifice making twinkle marry UV but at the end Twinj will b toghethrr

  2. Jiya_Ani

    And don’t dare to end it …..got it…love u

  3. Dreamer...arundhati

    Aarti it was too gud.
    Ctd soon

  4. Angita

    Loved it a lot very nice and makeup scene was funny

  5. Ria

    Hey, as usual the episode was amazing.. I loved it. And, you’re not stopping the ff at all. We all love it. Also, there are many silent readers so, please don’t be sad with the no of comments.

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    Awesome epi..

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    Plz post next episode asap.

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…Amazing….we love ur ff…so plzzz don’t end it….

  10. Sayeeda

    Amazing… awesome episode…
    loved it

  11. Baby

    amazing aarti luvd d episode osm d sidmin scene ws toh osm n yah continue soon n sry fr cmnting sooooooooooooooooooooo late

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