TEI family episode 8

Hey guys, welcome 2 episode 8 of TEI family ff. Sorry 4 making u wait too much. N here starts..my thanx ceremony..hehe
Ty so so so much Kruti, Ruchi, Cutie Pie, Ria, Romaisah, Angita, Purnima.agrawal30, Sayeeda, Shatakshi, Sidmin, Lama, Dreamer…arundhati, Lovely n sorry guys but lovely told me dat d chuda ritual is done on d morning of wedding day, so sorry 4 d mistake. Thanx 4 your support n I hope u’ll support me further too.
RECAP: Yuhi’s mehendi, haldi n chuda ritual. Mahi’s kaliria falls on Twinkle’s head, indicating dat she’s d next one 2 get married. Yuhi talk over phone n so do twinj.

Episode 8
Sangeet night @Sarna house
(Guys, I totally forgot abt sangeet yaar) Anita, Bebe n Usha r supervising all d preparations 4 d final time. Manohar n Surjeet also come down. Tara comes wearing a blue n sea-green lehenga. She’s looking really adorable. Cherry too comes down but he looks tensed.
B: oye cherry, y r u looking so dull?
C: Bebe wo..Tara is angry wid me n she’s not talking 2 me.
B: u must hv done some mistake, dat is y she’s angry. Anita, your son is a good 4 nothing.
A: yes Bebe. My Tara is vry nice, she nvr does anything. This cherry only might hv done sth.
C: arey mummy ji, u also. Instead of helping me how 2 calm her down, u all r scolding me..
B: oye khoteyo, do sth spcl 4 her, praise her, gift her sth. Then c, she’ll forgive u within seconds.
C: Ty Bebe.
The Taneja family arrives n Anita, Surjeet, Bebe, Usha n Manohar welcome them. Mahi touches their feet n takes blessings.
Tara: Mahi, dis pink n purple lehenga suits u a lot. U look gorgeous.
M: Ty bhabhi..(smiles)
Tw: where r Uv n Kunj???
A: they’re jst coming..oh here they come.
Uv n Kunj come down d stairs n greet d Taneja’s. Uv n Kunj r lost in their respective ladies’ beauty. Uv n Mahi r made 2 sit on a small platform decorated wid flowers n drapes n lights. The anchoring is done by Chinki n Raghav(chirag). Kunj goes near Twinkle.
K: hey..
T: hi
K: (how 2 tell u dat u look killer in dis pink n cream lehenga) u’re looking really beautiful
T: (trying 2 hide her blush) I know dat. Tell me sth I don’t know..
K: too much attitude.
T: huh!!
She leaves n goes near Mahi. Chirag announce d first performance of d evening, by Anita, Bebe, Usha n Leela. They perform on d song Tooh from d movie gori tere pyar mein. Then Surjeet n Manohar perform on Ae meri zohar-e-jabi. Then they announce cherry n Tara’s dance..but..cherry is nowhere 2 b seen. Tara gets worried. Suddenly spot light falls on d stage n there he is..cherry. tum hi ho song from aashiqui 2 plays n cherry dances wid Tara n she is now no more angry on him. Now it’s time 4 Twinkle’s performance. She dances on didi tera devar deewana from movie hum aapke hain kaun. In d last paragraph of d song, kunj too joins her n they enjoy their performance. All clap 4 them.
Chirag: now it’s time 4 d most awaited performance of d evening. Yuvraj n Mahi’s performance. Give them a big round of applause..
All hoot 4 them. They dance on d song tum ho to lagta h main hoon (guys d new single starring tapsee n saqib). It was a slow dance n they were jst lost in eo. All clap 2 get them out of their dream world. Mahi blushes n Uv smiles. Then gallan goodiyaan song from dil dhadakne do plays n the Taneja n Sarna families dance together. Kunj finds all engrossed in dancing, n taking advantage of d time, takes Twinkle 2 a corner.(but don’t think too much haan.. they’re not kissing)
T: wat r u doing Kunj?
K: arey, I wanna talk 2 u..
T: ohh..ok say
K: Twinkle..umm..wo
T: hmm..say na
K: wo..Twinkle, wat hv u thought abt your marriage??
T: umm..y shud i tell u?? I won’t tell u..
She was abt 2 leave when Kunj held her by her arm. Kunj pulls her close 2 him.
K: plzz Twinkle, don’t pretend as if u don’t know..
T: I’m not getting it Kunj..(naughty Twinkle)
K: ok..since u want 2 hear it from me..Twinkle, I LOVE U..n I want 2 b d one 2 marry u.
Twinkle looks at Kunj with surprise. She was like, la la la la la..dil garden garden ho gya types. She was soo happy dat she was abt 2 hug Kunj tightly but she controlled her emotions.
K: Twinkle, I love u n I want 2 know if u too love me.
Twinkle smiles n kisses him on his cheeks. Kunj thought it’s a yes n he too was abt 2 kiss her..but..Twinkle shows her hand, indicating him 2 stop. He saw Twinkle’s hand n d letter K written on her hand.
K: wat??
T: wat were u going 2 do??
K: u kissed my cheeks, it means u too love me r8..
T: when did I say dat??
K: accha, u kissed my cheeks, u hv written K on your hand wid mehendi n still u think it’s needed 2 b said.
T: oh hello..it’s K for king not Kunj..n ya it’s needed 2 b said, which I did not. So stay away..
K: arey!! It’s not fair yaar..
T: everything is fair in..LOVE..n war
K: Love!! (He gives his killer one eyebrow up look. Aww I miss it badly)
T: pagal!!
She runs away n Kunj moves his hand in his hair.
After sometime, Twinkle was having a plate of laddoos in her hand n she was going through d corridor, when Kunj came, kissed her cheeks, took a laddoo n ran away. Twinkle stood their shocked. She came back 2 her senses when leela called her to see off d guests.
Twihi’s room
Mahi came out of d washroom after changing her dress n Twinkle was still removing her makeup n jewellery. She was sitting in front of d mirror n was continuously smiling remembering her n Kunj’s talk. She was actually blushing. She remembers a flashback in which d mehendi girl had written K on Twinkle’s hand n all thought it 2 b K for king, Twinkle’s king but Twinkle, in her heart believed it 2 b K for Kunj. Mahi saw her blushing.
M: wait wait wait..r u blushing!?
T: hmmm(not in her senses)
M: wat??really?? U r blushing!!
T: no..no di..y wud I?
M: Twinkle u r blushing..who is it??(Mahi was super excited)
T: no one di..
M: don’t lie twinki..
T: di, I’m not lying..u r thinking too much!!
M: ok don’t tell me..I’ll tell ma 2 find a boy 4 u in my marriage itself.
T: no no no no..di plzz dont do dis.
M: then tell me who is he?
T: di..wo.. actually..di
M: y r u hesitating too much..do I know him??
Twinkle nods in a yes.
M: is he coming in my wedding?
Twinkle again nods in a yes.
M: who is he Twinkle??
T: umm..kunj..
At first Mahi glared Twinkle like wat d hell is dis, but then, all of a sudden, she hugged her. Twinkle too hugged her back. Twihi talk 4 a while, actually Mahi teases Twinkle n then they fall asleep.

PRECAP: Yuhi’s wedding.

So guys dis was d almost love confession. Hope u liked it. N sorry coz I cud not show Yuhi’s wedding in dis episode but d sangeet took all my time. But nxt episode mein pakka Yuhi ki shaadi k baare mein likhungi. Plzz comment coz I badly need your comments.

Credit to: Aarti


  1. Ria


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    Amazing episode..loved it to the core..and, especially twinj convo..it was superb..just loved it..please continue soon?

  2. Sayeeda


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    Woowwwww……twinj scenes were superb….amazing…
    Loved the episode very much… excited for confession……
    plzzz post soon

  3. SidMin


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    The episode was too cute hope Twinj unite soon and loved the way Twinkle showed attitude to Kunj (bechara) please post as soon as possible

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