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Hey guys, welcome 2 episode 7 of d pyaar bhara ff- TEI family ff by Aarti, d gr8!! Sorry sorry, I know zyada ho gya..so without much bakbak, let’s start..
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RECAP: Twihi’s cute fight. Twinj’s plan to help Yuhi meet, without breaking d ritual.

Episode 7
Yuhi r still busy in their talks. Twinkle sees d time n says
T: Mahi do, it’s already 11. U n jiju hv been talking since an hour, our shopping is still not done. Come let’s go.
Y: plzz, twinki jst 10 mins more plzz..
M: ya twinki plzz

K: oye Uv, after marriage u talk 2 Mahi bhabhi 4 whole day, no 1 will tell u anything. But now let’s go. If Bebe gets to know dis, she’ll kill me first n then u.
M: no no Kunj. Plzz dont say like dat. U both leave n so shud v.
Y: Ty Kunj n twinki. In your marriage, I’ll also help u meet. (Twinkle is surprised n Kunj smiles)
T: wat?? Our marriage??
M: he means he’ll help u n Kunj in your respective marriages. N me too.
T: dats so sweet of u jiju.
Twihi say good bye to yunj n leave 4 shopping n so do yunj. Twihi reach home after completing their shopping n show their dresses 2 leela n she praises their choice.
After few days
Sarna house
Uv is wearing a yellow kurta. All d ladies hv gathered in d hall, 2 apply haldi 2 Uv. First Bebe, then Anita, Usha, Tara n all d other ladies apply haldi 2 Uv. Kunj, who is wearing a white kurta wid yellow collar n buttons, too comes n takes handful of haldi n rubs it on Uv’s face.
Y: see na Bebe, he’s put haldi on my face n now I’m looking like joker..I wonder who started dis haldi ritual!!( He makes a frowny face)
B: khoteyo, v r applying haldi on your body so dat u look perfect in front of Mahi..
A: ya baby..otherwise u’ll look dull n dark..
U: haa, n then ppl will say dat a swan is getting married 2 a crow..
All laugh especially Kunj.

Y: wats to funny Kunj. Y is dis hehe going on!!(angry)
K: no no, u were excited for marriage. Now enjoy..
Y: laugh laugh..in your marriage I’ll laugh..hmmm
B: ok ok now stop it n Kunj, u go n give dis haldi to leela ji at Taneja house.
K:(smirks naughtily) ji Bebe..
Taneja house
Kunj comes wid d haldi bowl in his hand n gives it to Leela. Leela asks him 2 sit. Jst then twinkle brings Mahi down 4 her haldi. Mahi is wearing a yellow lehenga wid orange blouse n dupatta. Twinkle is wearing a yellow long skirt wid a green long kurta. Kunj’s mouth opens up on seeing twinkle. Twinkle sees this, she makes Mahi sit on a plank(donno wat it’s called) n comes 2 Kunj. Kunj heart starts beating faster n more faster. She comes vry close 2 him n..n..n stuffs a laddoo in his mouth n leaves. Kunj took abt a min 2 realise wat happened. He rubs his hand in his hair. All apply haldi 2 Mahi. First Leela, then twinkle, then chinki n others.
Lady1: it is said dat if, d haldi applied 2 d bride, is applied 2 some other girl then she gets married soon.
Lady2: so shud v apply dis 2 twinkle??
L: of course..
T: no maa plzz not me..
Mahi runs after twinkle n Mahi n twinkle’s frnds catch twinkle n Mahi n chinki apply haldi on twinkle’s cheeks n nose.
T: y me..always(she makes a pouty face)
M: aww, after Mahi di, u r only left na..

T: aaeenn(she shows her tongue)
Kunj is happy 2 see dat d haldi was applied 2 twinkle. Kunj goes 2 Mahi n applies haldi on her nose. Mahi too applies haldi on kunj’s cheeks n says you’re gonna get married soon. Kunj smiles n leaves. All move towards their rooms 2 get ready 4 mehendi. In d evening, all gather in d hall. Mahi is wearing a green lehenga wid red blouse. Twinkle is wearing a green anarkali suit. Girls apply mehendi on Mahi’s hands. Some girls r dancing there n d ladies r also applying mehendi.
Mehendi girl: wat name shud I write on your hand??
M:(blushing) Yuvraj
L: write his name in such a way dat he goes mad finding it..
T: no no, write it in such a way dat he finds it easily n does not waste d whole night.. r8 Mahi di??(she winks at chinki)
Chinki n Twinkle giggle.
M: shut up twinki, shameless..n chinki u, wat r u laughing at?? In your wedding also u did like dis, so dat Raghav did not waste d whole night?
C:(all red blushing) Mahi di..plzz na..
Twihi: awwwww..someone’s blushing!!
C: accha Twinkle, whose name r u gonna write??
T: do I hv any1 to??
M: if u don’t hv, u’ll get soon..
C: she’s drama queen n she’ll definitely get a king, do u write K. K for king.
The mehendi girl writes K on Twinkle’s hand.The girls drag Chinki n Twinkle 2 dance n they all dance on mehendi h rachne wali song.
Next day
Mahi is wearing a red n maroon anarkali n Twinkle is wearing a pink anarkali. Raman n pinny hv brought chuda(a particular type of red n white bangles worn till 5 weeks after marriage. I’m not sure guys if it’s five weeks) n kaliria (some danglings attached wid d chuda) 4 Mahi. Raman makes Mahi wear d chuda n kaliria. It is said dat all d girls sit n d bride shakes her kaliria above their head n if d kaliria falls on a girls head, she’s d next 1 to get married. Mahi does so n her kaliria falls on Twinkle’s head. Evry1 enjoy. After d ritual, all go 2 their rooms.
Twihi’s room
Mahi’s phone rings n it’s Uv’s call. Mahi answers d call.
M: hello..

Y: hey Mahi. I missed u so much d entire day.
M: I too missed u a lot Yuvraj. But wat 2 do..after mehendi n haldi, I was tired so I slept as soon as I landed on d bed. N 2day, Mama Mami had come 4 d chuda ritual n after dat d kaliria..v enjoyed a lot..
Y: acchha u enjoyed a lot without me..
M: no baba, I missed u vry much but I cannot show it on my face na..
Y: Kunj is shouting dat after marriage we’ll hv our enjoyment.
M: ya, Twinkle is also teasing me continuously..

Y: well on whose head did d kaliria fall? Who was dat lucky 1?
M: dat lucky 1 was your sali, twinki.
Y: wat twinki!!(surprised)
Kunj was soo happy 2 hear dat d kaliria fell on Twinkle’s head, dat he snatched away Uv’s phone.
K: hello, Mahi bhabhi.. plzz give d phone 2 twinki.. only 5 mins pakka
M: ohho, some1 wants 2 talk 2 my sis..
K: bhabhi..
M: ok ok
Mahi tells Twinkle dat Kunj wants 2 talk 2 her n gives her d phone.
T: hello..
K: hey.. Twinkle.. actually d kaliria fell on u??
T: ya (she pretends as if it’s not a big deal)
K: (he thinks) ohho she’s pretending as if nothing big has happened
(he says) so do u know wat it means if d kaliria falls on your head?
T: umm..haa..I know
K: accha, wat happens?
T: it means dat you’re gonna get married soon.(she smiles)
K: accha, so u’re gonna get married soon haa?!
T: may b
K: so leela aunty might hv started searching a groom 4 u??
T: not yet, but I’m sure she will..vry soon.
Twinj continued their talking n Yuhi were getting restless n annoyed as well. Uv called from kunj’s phone on Twinkle’s phone n Mahi received it. Yuhi talked on Kunj n Twinkle’s phones. The screen freezes on 4 of their faces.

PRECAP: Yuhi’s marriage day. Twinj’s almost love confession.

Plzz guys comment more n more, if u want d almost confession to turn into complete confession soon..

Credit to: Aarti

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