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Hey evry1..sorry d previous episode was a short one..so I thought to make dis a long one 🙂 So first I’m starting wid my replies 2 your comments..
Lover- thanx for commenting n sorry dear for d short episode.
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Romaisah- thanx for commenting n u r lovely too.
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Dreamer…arundhati- sorry aru, actually after sid left tei, I lost craze for it, not bcz of naman but bcz of d story.. I wud hv watched it for jasmine n zain, but d story has bcm boring. N above it, I m getting crazier day by day for kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi n I write an ff on Devakshi too, so I got engrossed in it. But I always used to think dat today I’ll write tei family ff’s episode but later I forgot..sorry evry1.. thanx 4 commenting dear.
Sayeeda- don’t say sorry dear, if I can post sooo late, then u can comment late, u all hv d right to 😀 n thanq so much 4 commenting.
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So let’s start wid d recap.
RECAP: Yuhi’s marriage date fixed after one month. Twinj’s discussion over phone.

Episode 6
Taneja house
L: twinkle, Mahi, get up both of u. Mahi, now u shud get used to getting up eatly. At your in-laws house, u cannot sleep till late. I won’t come there 2 wake u up.
M: maa plzz dont do dis to me. If I can’t sleep till late after marriage, let me sleep b4 marriage atleast. After marriage d days of my beauty nap will b gone. (She’s crazy na)
L:(teary eyed n senti) after your marriage, u will also b gone. Don’t know how I’ll b able 2 live without u.
M: (she too is emotional) maa, I’ll miss u a lot. Who’ll wake me up wid so much pampering, after marriage??
T:(she jumps n sits on d bed) wat is dis yaar, your both started your senti melodrama again!! Now if b4 marriage day, u both cry once more na, I’ll not attend d marriage, I’m telling u.
M: accha, n when u’ll cry, we’ll also scold u like dis only. N now don’t pretend to b so cool okay..I know how much you’re gonna miss me.
Three of them share a cute hug. Twinkle breaks d hug.
T: but di, I’m not senti atleast. U n maa start crying, anytime. I mean b cool ladies..aaahhh..maa it’s paining plzz leave. I’m sorry di plzz.
Yes Mahi n leela were pulling her both ears.
L: so, u wanna go shopping 2day or..
T n M: no no no..shopping shud nvr b delayed..bad manners..(funny tune plays)
Both rush to get ready n after an hour, come down 4 breakfast.
L: twinkle, so hv u made d list of your shopping. I mean for each function, wat u’ll wear. How many suits, how many lehengas, jewellery, footwear n all.
M: maa, r u alright?? How can u think dat twinkle will b do organised. I bet u maa, till my bidaai, her cribbing won’t stop. I don’t hv matching footwear, I’m not getting my earrings, dis dress doesn’t suit me. All dis is her habit.
T: haww di..how mean. It’s u who always does dis. U even go 2 d beauty parlor at d last minute. N u remember, on your engagement day, you forget 2 bye matching footwear wid your dress n then I gave u my stilettoes.
M: ok ok don’t flaunt. N when u were not getting your lipstick, who helped u?? Me na..so shut up.
Leela laughs as their cute sisto fight continues..guys evry girl can find her best frnd in her sister. So I tried to show twihi’s sister love through their fight^_^ sorry if it bored u.
Twihi leave after having their breakfast. They reach d designers place 2 see d designs of dresses n select their dresses. Later twinkle says dat she has some important work so she’ll hv to leave.
T: di, I hv some important work, so u select your dresses here n I’ll b back in jst 5 mins.
M: ok, but come back soon.

Twinkle goes out n calls Kunj.
K: hello twinkle.
T: hello Kunj, where r u?
K: I’m here in front of u..(twinkle looks here n there n sees Kunj n Uv standing at d opposite side of the road n waving at her.)
Kunj n Uv come near twinkle.
Uv: thanq so much Kunj n twinkle. If u wud not hv helped me, then I wud nvr hv been able 2 meet Mahi. Our marriage is fixed n I wanted 2 celebrate dis happiness wid her. But my dreams r broken by my marriage rituals only..wow
Kunj laughs.
Uv: haan haan. Laugh laugh..I’ll also laugh when u’ll b in such situation..
T: but Uv, v r not dat good. I mean v won’t let u n Mahi meet alone. N u n Mahi can’t c each other’s face also na, soo..
Uv: soo??
K: so..(he smiles naughtily)
Twinkle comes 2 Mahi n drags her 2 some empty room n tells her to close her eyes.
T: di, no cheating ok..close your eyes.
M: but twinkle, y hv v come here?
T: di can’t u b quiet, hv patience.
Mahi makes a pouty face. Twinkle tells her to open her eyes. She sees a red coloured cloth in front of her face n twinkle n Kunj holding it from either sides. Suddenly someone from d other side of d cloth takes her hands in his hands. She understands dat it’s Uv. She looks at Kunj n twinkle wid a questioning look.
M: twinkle, u..
T: no di, me Kunj n jiju together planned all dis. Yesterday night, u were upset n u know I can’t c u upset, soo I planned all dis.
M: but twinki, d ritual which Bebe told..
K: bhabhi, Bebe said dat u n bhai can’t c each other’s face. N now also u can’t c his face r8? Nor can u bhai..
M: thanq so much Kunj n twinki. You’re d best.
K n T: wo to h..
All laughs. Mahi n Uv wanted 2 talk but felt awkward to talk in front of twinj. Twinj understood dis n plugged in their earphones n started listening to music. Uv n Mahi smiles at their jugaad (u know na they’re jugaadu). While Yuhi were talking, twinj were looking at each other. They were having their conversation through signals. Kunj signals twinkle dat the idea of d cloth was great. Twinkle lifts up her shirt collar n signs dat she herself is great. Kunj signs dat she’s crazy. She signs dat he’s dumb. Kunj was abt to signal something but twinkle looks here n there. Kunj smiles remembering a flashback.

Flashback starts
Last night, twinkle called up Kunj late night.
K: (in a sleepy voice) are yaar, whose dis? Y did u call me so late?
T: oh sorry Kunj. I didn’t know u will b sleeping. No problem, I’ll call tomorrow morning.
K: no no twinkle, it’s okay. N..n who told I was sleeping.
T: ya ya..as if I don’t get to know dat from your voice na??
K: ok leave it n tell me y did u call so late..is everything okay??
T: see, now youre telling I called so late..
K: okay sorry madam, now tell me wat happened?
T: wo Kunj..(she tells him abt her n Mahi’s convo n dat Mahi is upset)
K: see dats y I call u siyappa queen. Are who is gonna tell Bebe abt their meeting. Atleast use your little bit bacha kucha brain.
T: shut up sadu Sarna. I called u 2 ask 4 help n u r taunting me!! Great..but don’t forget, your bro also wants to meet my sister. N if I tell jiju dat I wanted your help but u didn’t help then, you’re gone..
K: ok ok stop blackmailing..do u hv any idea??
T: ofcourse, I can’t expect idea from u, so ill hv to think of a plan. It’s so obvious u know..
K: ha ha, it’s so obvious u know..(he mimics her)..u r siyappa queen. I atleast don’t create siyappas ok..
T: u want 2 help or not..
K:(he thinks) great, she wants my help n she’s showing tantrums. Dis girl is seriously crazy.
T: will u reply today..
K: haa..I mean ya ya..I’ll help u. Jst telle d plan
T: good!! Ne listen to me..(she tells him d plan. Guys u know d plan r8?? Going to d designer’s place, calling Uv n Kunj there n d red cloth, all dis was her plan.)
K: nice plan I must say..
T: it had to b..after all it’s my, Twinkle Taneja’s plan..
K: oh hello, now stop praising yourself n go to sleep. Otherwise I n Kunj will b waiting 4 u n u’ll b sleeping here.. goodnight.
T: goodnight (wid full attitude)
Flashback ends

PRECAP: Yuhi’s marriage rituals..n twinj n Yuhi’s romance..

So along wid d fb, d episode too ends..plzz comment

Credit to: Aarti

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