TEI family episode 5

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RECAP: Twinkle wears d black lehenga , suggested by Kunj.. Yuhi’s engagement..twinkle confesses to kunj dat she likes him..(those who did not read previous epi plzz dont get hyper..just like not love)

Episode 5
Few days after Yuhi’s engagement at Sarna house
U: offo..taneja’s would b arriving anytime n d snacks n drinks, nothing is ready.
Y: oh ho..my lovely lady..don’t get hyper. Calm down n no tension..ok
U: Yuvi, I’m usha not Mahi..my lovely lady!! Do u see Mahi in evry1?? (She laughs n teases him)
Y: now plzz u don’t start teasing me chachi..Kunj twinkle cherry bhai bhabhi evry1 is pulling my leg..(he makes a cute puppy face)
Tara, kunj, cherry enter.

Tara (Ta): yes chachi..u don’t tease Uv. We’ll tease him on your behalf.(she laughs)
C: oye Uv, evry1 is tensed after marriage..y r u tensed b4 marriage?
Uv:(he thinks) Mahi is not coming here today. How will I meet her. N cherry bhai is asking y I’m tensed..huh!!
K: accha cherry bhai..as u said evry1 is tensed after marriage, r u also one of those “evry1” (I hope u understood his prank)
C: aur nhi to kya..(suddenly he remembers dat Tara was standing there) I’m dead now
Tara fumes in anger n moves towards her room. Cherry too goes after her to manaofy her.
Taneja’s arrive. Usha n Anita greet them. Twinkle is wearing a yellow anarkali. She searches 4 Kunj. Kunj n Uv come down from upstairs. Kunj sees twinkle n he goes n stands near twinkle n compliments her look. They show Mahi n Uv’s kundali to d priest. D priest, after sometime says
P: d best day for marriage is after one month.after dat there is one good day after 6 months.
A: no no..I can’t wait till 6months. Nor can Uv..so d date after one month is fixed..ok leela ji
L: absolutely..
U: congratulations Anita bhabhi.. congratulations leela ji.
L: twinkle, get d gifts from d car.(shagun)

T: yes maa.
Twinkle goes to get d gifts from d car. Kunj makes an excuse of helping her n goes after her. There were 2 big baskets of gifts. Twinkle was trying to carry both d baskets together but she cud not. Kunj came there. Twinkle is facing towards d car n Kunj is standing behind her.
K: may I help u?
T:(she says without turning back) is dis something 2 ask?? Obviously come n help me.
She turns n sees Kunj.
T: oh u.. actually I can’t carry 2 baskets so cud u..
K: oh ofcourse..give it to me..
T: thank u..
K: btw u’re looking beautiful today..
T: only today??
K: no no, I mean ure looking beautiful as always..
Twinkle smiles n leaves.
Taneja’s n Sarna’s exchange gifts (shagun). Taneja’s leave.
Taneja house
Twihi’s room
M: wat only 1 month..(she says excitedly)

T: yes di..ONLY 1 month.. our shopping is not yet done..v hv to do evrybody fast na.
M: twinki, I want to meet Uv once b4 marriage. Plzz convince mom..plzz twinki
T: but di u know na mom will not allow u 2 meet jiju. Bebe has strictly told dat bride n groom cannot c each other b4 marriage..so sorry di but I can’t convince mom.
Mahi makes a sad face n goes to sleep. Twinkle thinks dat she has to do something 2 cheer up Mahi. She calls Kunj. Both discuss something n say yess. Both say goodnight n go to sleep.

PRECAP: Twinj’s bonding..Their discussion revelation.

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