TEI family episode 4


Guys I’m really sorry infinite number of times 4 d delay. I made u wait 4 my ff 4 more than month n I’m really vry sorry..plzz forgive me..n enjoy d episode.

RECAP: Yuhi’s engagement fixed.. Kunj chooses a lehenga for twinkle n asks her to wear it..

Episode 4
Taneja house
It’s Yuhi’s engagement n d Sarna’s hv arrived. Leela greets them n introduces them to all d other guests. Anita asks leela to call Mahi.
A: leela hi plzz call my DIL fast. I’m vry much eager to make her officially our’s.
Y: ya aunty plzz call her fast..(suddenly he realises wat he said n all laugh at him.)
A: control yourself Uv..hv patience.
L:look there comes Mahi wid twinkle n her frnds.

Mahi is walking down d stairs along wid her frnds n twinkle. Twinkles dupatta gets stuck in d railing of d stairs n bends down to take her dupatta out. Kunj searches 4 twinkle but does not find her wid Mahi. He bcms sad n looks down. Then he looks at Uv n finds him staring somewhere wid his mouth open. He looks in dat direction in which Uv is staring n finds Mahi there.
K:(closing Uv’s mouth) oh crazy lover..close your mouth or else fly wi..
Now kunj was standing wid his mouth wide open. Yes you’re r8, he saw twinkle, his lady love in d lehenga decided by him. He was like on cloud nine to see twinkle in dat lehenga. Twinkle came to him n snapped her fingers n kunj came back from his dream world.
T: nice colour na??

K: no..it looks nice only on u.
Twinkle kinda blushes n leaves saying pagal (vry slowly n softly) n making a gesture from her hand(like when we say jhalla or buddhu..like throwing something on his face..throwing some love on him..). Kunj keeps his hand on his heart n says Haye..Yuhi’s engagement ceremony begins. Uv dorns d ring in Mahi’s finger n whispers in her ears.
Y: u look really gorgeous in pink..(Mahi was wearing a baby pink lehenga wid peach color combination)
Evry1 claps. Mahi dorns ring in Uv’s finger n replies to his compliment
M:(blushing) tysm Yuvraj.. u too r looking really dashing in dis cream color sherwani.
Y:(smiling) now I’m engaged to u n u r sitting beside me so I’ve automatically bcm dashing..
Evry1 claps. Uv holds Mahi’s hand n entwines their fingers to which Mahi smiles cutely. The engagement ceremony is over. Evry1 heads towards d food counters. Kunj takes advantage of d situation n drags twinkle by her hand to a corner.
T:wat happened kunj?? Y did u bring me here like dis??
K:I wanted to ask u something..

T:ohh..hmm ask
K:y did u wear dis lehenga?? D lehenga which i chose!!
T:(kinda boggled) wat do u mean by y?? I like dis color do I wore dis lehenga.
K:really??(crossing his arms) u like dis color!?
T:(she stammers) yyy..yy..yes..yes I like dis color..dis is my fav color.
K:oh really..u know wat u r smart but not more than me..

T:www..wa..Wat do u mean?
K:I mean dat I know u don’t prefer black in traditional outfits..not at all.
T:(her tongue comes out n she’s shocked dat how does he know it) wh..wh..who told u I don’t like black..u can even check my wardrobe..most of d dresses I hv r in black.huh..
K:those r dresses..Western outfits..not lehengas. N ya u might b thinking how do I know..I’ll tell u..(he tells her how he knows dat she does not like black)
Fb starts
When both Sarna n Taneja family had gone 4 engagement shopping, kunj saw dat twinkle was confused abt choosing her lehenga. Kunj asked Mahi abt her color choice. Mahi told him dat she likes evry color, jst dat d design of dress matters. But, even if she gets d best designed lehenga in black color, she will not wear it. She hates black in case of traditional dresses. But she loves black in case of Western dresses. Actually she’s crazy. Kunj thinks of it as a chance to know if twinkle too likes him. So he suggested her black lehenga.(guys by now u must hv understood y he suggested her black lehenga)

Fb ends
T:hawww..Kunj you’re vry bad..you’re so mean..I hate u.
K:(twinkle turns to leave but he holds her hand from her wrist n pulls her towards him) but I thought u like me.
T:(blushing) kunj..let me go..some1 will see
K:(he kisses her hand) no..first tell me..do u like me
T:(all red blushing) yes I do..

As soon as twinkle says yes, kunj is so happy dat he does not realise when he loosened his grip on her wrist n she jst ran away. All were leaving after dinner. Sarna’s were also leaving. Kunj was searching 4 twinkle, who had gone 2 her room, due to shyness. B4 sitting in d car, kunj looks at twinkle’s room window. She was standing there n waving bye to all(not all actually only kunj). Kunj too waves her bye wid a 1000 watt smile on his face. Mahi took evry1’s blessings n Uv n Mahi said a miss u types cute wala bye to eo.

PRECAP: after few day..taneja’s at Sarna house to fix d marriage date of Yuhi..twinj romance..

Guys plzz do comment so dat I bcm determined to write d nxt episode soon..but I can’t post evry day..I can’t even promise u regular gaps in between episodes. Bcz of my +2 2nd year studies n tuitions, I’m always busy n I don’t want to give u small small episodes..I always try to give bit long episodes. Bcz I myself keep nagging to make d episodes longer, so it’s not fair if I post short updates..plzz understand. N ya 1 more thing, I can’t tell u d names of those ffs which I read, coz other ff writers may feel bad, so..sorry guys. Bbye.

Credit to: Aarti

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