TEI family episode 3


Hey guys, here comes another episode of TEI family. I know I’m not regular in posting d episodes, but sorry. So let’s start.
RECAP: twinj n Yuhi coffee ‘date’, twihi start liking yunj, Mahi gets Uv’s call n drops d phone n starts crying.

Episode 3
Taneja house
T: wat happened Mahi, y r u crying? Who was on d call?
M: Yuvraj (in between sobs)
T: wat did he say.. Y r u crying, plzz tell me Mahi.
M: he is going 2 meet a girl..for marriage. His mom wants him 2 get married 2 dat girl.
T: he’s getting married na..so y r u crying like dis (twinkle says dis intentionally to make her confess)
M: arey wat kind of a sister r u..u know I love him..how can he marry some2 else.
T:(gets really happy)yayyy..finally u admit dat u luv him.
M: but he’s toh getting married na
T: so now stop crying n go n tell him dat u luv him..run Mahi run.
Mahi rushes 2 her car n goes 2 d place where Uv was supposed 2 meet dat girl.
She goes there n finds Uv sitting wid some1. She didnt even c d face of d girl, but she jst saw her hair n cud make out dat shes d girl, Uv had come 2 meet. Uv saw her n went 2wards her. Mahi says
M: Yuvraj, u can’t marry her.
Y: wat..y?
M:how can u marry her Yuvraj?
Y: y Mahi..y can’t I marry her?

M: bcz I don’t want u 2 marry her
Y: arey..y u don’t want me 2 marry her
M:bcz i love u. I love u Yuvraj.I don’t know when, how, y..but I really love u. (Mahi keeps telling him dat he can’t marry any other girl n all, but Yuvraj interrupts)
Y:I love u too Mahi

M: ya but plzz u can’t marr..(she realizes wat he said) wat..
Y: I love u too. (They both hug each other. Uv cups her face n wipes her tears.)
M: but now, wat abt dis girl? (D girl gets up n Mahi is shocked 2 c her.)
M: Anita aunty..u. But Yuvraj said dat..
A: its something called ‘prank’ my dear. U luv my son, he loves u, but..wat abt my consent.
Mahi gets tensed, but Uv is smiling. Mahi thinks dat he’s smiling in such a tough situation.
A: my happiness is in Uv’s happiness n Uv’s happiness is in u. So wud u like 2 b his life partner?
Mahi gets happy n quickly nods in yes. All 3 of them share a cute hug. Anita goes from there leaving Yuhi alone. Mahi n Uv share cute moments. Uv holds Mahi close 2 him, Mahi places her feet on Uv’s feet n Uv walks around like dat, lifting Mahi on his feet. Mahi’s head rests on Uv’s chest. They feel peace in each other’s arms.

Mahi comes back home n twinki asks her wat happened. She tells her evrythng.twinkle said
T: Uv nvr told us dat Anita aunty was also a part of d plan.
M: u knew all dis?
T: ya, I, Kunj n Uv, v 3 made dis plan 2 make u confess.
M: u..I won’t spare u..I’ll surely take revenge from u 4 all dis.( Mahi says all dis while running after twinkle.)
T: Mahi stop..time plzz(funny tune plays)
Twinkle while breathing fast, says
T:if v wud hv not done dis, then how wud hv u realized dat u luv Uv.
M: ya actually you’re r8. Tysm twinki
T: oh come on, anything 4 u.
They both share a cute sisto hug.

Next day
Twihi are having a princess wali sleep, while Leela comes n tries 2 wake them up.
L: get up my sleeping beauties.
T n M: plzz maa..only 5 mins more..plzz
L: ok, u sleep, I’ll tell Sarna’s 2 come later, as my princess is sleeping.
Mahi jumps out of d bed n asks Leela
M: wat did u jst say maa!! Sarna’s r coming.
L: ya my dear. Get ready fast. U shud not b late, it’ll be a bad impression on your future in-laws.
M: how do u know maa?(shocked)
L: Anita Ji told me evrythng abt wat happened yesterday.

Mahi blushes n rushes 2 d washroom.
L: twinkle, u also get ready fast, u hv 2 help me 2day. Anita Ji, Surjeet Ji, their sons, Manohar Ji, Usha Ji, Bebe, Kunj evry1 will b coming. So I need your help.
T: hmmm..(she realizes dat Leela said Kunj’s name n gets up in shock.) Wat, y is evry1comingn?
L: arey, wat do u mean by y, its abt Uv’s marriage, y won’t they come? N y do u hv a problem, if all r coming?
T: ummm..no, I don’t hv any problem..n now maa, I’m getting late, plzz
on’t disturb me.
She sends Leela out n closes d door of d room.
T:(self talk) y evry1..actually y Kunj..but wat is 2 me, if he comes or not. Y do I care? Uff, twinkle..u’ll go crazy.
Mahi comes out of washroom n twinkle goes in.

Sarna house
Uv is getting ready in his room. Anita comes in n says
A: r u ready Uv. (Uv turns back n is looking really smart n handsome) awww, my son looks so handsome. (She caresses his hair n Uv says)
Y: mom plzz yaar..don’t play wid my hair. It’ll spoil my hairstyle.
A: offo Uv, u look dashing in evry hairstyle.
Surjeet enters n says
S: after all he’s my son.
Anita n Uv laugh really hard.
Y: thnx 4 d joke dad..
All 3 laugh. Anita n Surjeet go downstairs while Uv goes 2 Kunj’s room.
Y: hey Kunj, plzz don’t empty deo cans on u, at least 2day. V r going 4 my n Mahi’s marriage alliance.

K: so..
Y: so y r u sooooo excited. Something something..(in a teasing way)
K: as if u don’t know wats dat something something.
Y:ik bhai..n I’ll help u in your something something.
K: Ty yaar bhai.
Both share a hug n then go down.

Taneja house
Twinkle was wearing a light blue colored anarkali suit. She was in d kitchen n was really tensed on hearing dat Kunj was also coming. In her tension, she was, unknowingly, eating doughnuts. Mahi comes there n sees her eating doughnuts, continuously.
M: twinkle, wat happened..oh shit, u hv eaten almost half of d doughnuts. These were Yuvraj’s favorite.
T: I’m sorry di.. But, favorite n all ha..aye haye
M: shut up stupid n go n help mom.

The Sarna’s arrive. Leela n twinkle greet evry1. Kunj was parking d car so he comes in late n by d time twinkle had gone in Mahi’s room n she was telling Mahi abt how Uv was looking. After sometime, Leela sends some1 to tell twinkle 2 get Mahi downstairs. Twinkle n Mahi come down. Yunj keep on staring at them. Mahi was wearing a pink colored full length suit. Kunj cud not take his eyes off Twinkle. Twinkle signals Kunj, wat. He signals nothing. She signals you’re mad. She goes n sits near Leela. Kunj keeps his hand on his heart n says uff, she looks killer. The marriage is fixed n engagement is after 3 days. Sarna’s were leaving. Kunj pulls twinkle 2 a corner.
T:wat r u doing Kunj?

K:I wanted 2 say something.
K: u look really beautiful 2day
T: 2day..means I don’t look beautiful evryday.
K: no no, it’s not like dat. U look..
He was abt 2 say when Manohar calls him n he leaves without completing his talk. Sarna’s leave. Mahi n Twinkle go 2 their room n were talking.
M: wow twinki..I can’t believe it yaar..I’m gonna get married 2 Yuvraj..I didn’t even know him vry well b4 some days n 2day our marriage is fixed n dat too its a LOVE MARRIAGE.
T: ya I’m so happy 4 u. But Mahi, I’ll miss u a lot after your marriage.
M: ya..I wish such a thing cud happen dat v don’t miss each other.
T: ok now good n8.2mrrw v hv 2 go 4 shopping.
Next day morning
Twihi come down 4 breakfast n leela n rt greet them.
Rt: good morning dolls
L: good morning my princesses.

T n M together: good morning king n queen. Nashta pesh kia jaye.
All laugh n enjoy at d breakfast table. After finishing their breakfast Twinkle, Mahi, Leela leave 4 shopping n Usha, Anita, Bebe, Kunj n Uv join them at d mall. Bebe sends Uv n Kunj 2 d boys section 2 select their dresses n d ladies shop at d girls section. Mahi was putting d sarees on her shoulder n trying them. Uv comes hiding his face wud a dupatta n while Mahi tries sarees he draws tick or cross on her back. Mahi tries a red Saree, Uv draws a cross. Mahi feels ticklish. She tries green, blue n orange, bit Uv always draws a cross. Finally when she tries a pink Saree Uv draws a tick n Mahi giggles. Mahi selects dat Saree. Twinkle was seeing lehengas 4 herself. She was confused between 3 lehengas. One was pink n white. D second one was red n golden. D third one was black n cream. Kunj came 2 her n said,” I think u’ll look hot in black.” He leaves. Twinkle selects d black one. All of them go 2 a cafe n order coffee. Uv takes Kunj wid him by making an excuse dat they’re going 2 get d coffees. He signals something 2 Mahi. After sometime Mahi takes twinkle wid her 2 show her something. She takes her near Uv n Kunj. Uv n Mahi ask Kunj n twinkle 2 get d coffees 4 evry1 as they hv some work. Kunj understands their work n winks at Uv n says ok u do your work, I’ll do my work. Uv winks at Kunj n they leave.
T: wat was all dat?

K: all wat??
T: all dat..winking at each other..u n Uv Jiju.
K: nothing..u’ll not understand.
T: if u’ll explain, then I’ll understand na.
K: leave it na..acchha tell me 1 thing..u were really confused while selecting your lehenga r8??
T: ya, but at last I selected d best 1.
K: which one did u select??
T: u’ll know dat at d engagement only.
K: oh..is dat so?
T: ya..
Screen freezes on their faces.

PRECAP: yuhi’s engagement. Twinkle’s lehenga..

Credit to: Aarti

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