TEI family episode 2

Hey guys!!I’m back wid d 2nd episode of my sooraj barjatya film types ff,TEI family. Actually I’m a jabra fan of salman khan n d films made by sooraj barjatya coz all those films hv no villain n evry1 is so happy happy. Sorry, jst overflow of emotions. N once again sorry 4 being late,coz I had some problem wid MS word, guys it was becoming too irritating. I did sign in once n evrythng was going perfect but god knows wat happened 2 it, it was not showing any account through which I signed in n I tried to sign in again 4 around 20 times, I’ve been trying since 5 days yaar but all in vain. Ok sorry 4 my boring talks n let’s start wid d episode,but b4 dat a recap..

RECAP: twinj n Yuhi watching marriage DVD n remembering their first meeting. Yunj c twihi 4 d first time n r mesmerized.

Story continues in fb
Mahi:(whispers to twinkle) don’t u think both these guys r staring us?
Twinkle: ya..but who r they?
Mahi:let’s ask manjeet aunty abt it..come on.

Twinkle:(to manjeet) aunty, who r these two boys? Dey r staring me n Mahi from around 20 mins.
Manjeet:those 2 handsome hunks!? They r Kunj n Yuvraj. Manohar n Usha Sarna’s sons. They hv returned from London after 10 years after completing their studies. Their parents want them to marry Indian girls n handle the entire Sarna chain of hotels. All d rich families of Amritsar want their girls 2 bcm DILs of Sarna family,but your mom is an exception.
Twinkle:Thank god! Mom is not like others.
Mahi: ya. N i know mom will get us d best life partners n these 2 creeps don’t seem 2 b best from any angle.

Fb ends
Mahi: u know uv,when i saw u 4 d first time,i didnt even think in my dream dat one day we’ll get married
Uv:(completing her sentence) n ull love me like dis much.
M:huh!! Look who’s talking. U were d 1 who used 2 roam around me n u tried to impress me n..ya u proposed me..remember all dis?
Kunj:ya but Mahi,u accepted his proposal bcz u also luvd him..r8..
Twinkle:so wat..he impressed Mahi,dat is y she accepted his love. N wat r u supporting Uv 4, even u were in d same condition.U sent me roses teddy n so many other gifts. After so much hard work of yours, I decided 2 at least give u a chance.
T n M together: so both of u don’t fly. Come back 2 d ground.
Uv: ok ok both of u won..now let’s watch d DVD.
K: ya,its been half an hour since d DVD is paused.
While watching d DVD, they remember abt their fight.

Fb starts
The marriage rituals hv jst started n twihi notice yunj still staring them. Dis time twinkle cud not control herslf n said 2 yunj..
Twinkle:you both,don’t u hv shame,staring at girls in daylight. U r taught all dis in London!? Cheap..
Kunj:no no,its nothing like dat. It’s jst dat v were keenly observing d decorations..nothing else miss….
Twinkle: twinkle taneja.
Mahi: oh so u were staring..oh sorry..observing d decorations!!
Uv: yes ma’am
Mahir r v carrying d decorations on our face,dat u r watching our faces from almost an hour..(angrily)

Uv: no no u r mistaken..v were jst..(b4 he cud continue,twinkle cut him)
Twinkle: ill tell u wat dey were actually doing Mahi.. Its something clld check out.
Jst den Tara n Chinki’s moms call Mahi n Twinkle n remind them abt d ritual in which they hv 2 steal d shoes of their Jiju.
Yunj notice twihi stealing d shoes n try 2 get back d shoes. Twinkle takes Raghav’s shoes n tries 2 hide them in Chinki’s room. Kunj comes there n twinkle, who is holding d shoes in her hands, hides them at her back.

T: u..wat r u doing here?
K: 4 your kind information, dis I’d my room.
T:(in a low tone) damn it.
K:wat r u doing here?
T: vo..vo..haan vo I was searching 4 Mahi. She’s not here, so I’ll go out n search.(she was leaving when Kunj holds her hand n pulls her towards

T: plzz let me go (in a low tone)
Kunj comes vry close 2 twinkle n twinkle closes her eyes. He whispers in her ears, go. He leaves her hand n she goes. She does not realize when Kunj took d shoes from her hand.
Mahi goes 2 d storeroom 2 hide d shoes. Uv comes there n says
Uv: Mahi, give me d shoes.
Mahi: no,I’ll not give
U: Mahi, plzz give me d shoes
M: no
Mahi runs around d room n Uv runs after her. She gets out of d storeroom n runs towards manjeet’s room. Uv comes in d room n pins Mahi 2 d wall n Mahi hides d shoes at her back.
U: Mahi give me d shoes
M:take it on your own.

U: look Mahi, u know I can’t touch your back 2 take d shoes.
M: tabhi to joote apne peechhe chupaye h buddhu.
Uv thinks of a plan n tickles Mahi’s waist n she takes her hands at front 2 stop him n Uv takes d shoes n runs away.
Twinkle n Mahi tell each about how Uv n Kunj took d shoes from them.
Twihi try really hard 2 get d shoes but they fail evrytime.
Twinkle: I’m really tired running after both of u.
Mahi: ya me too.
Twihi 2gthr: plzz give us d shoes.
Yunj act like they’ll hit twihi wid d shoes n twihi close their eyes. When they open their eyes, they c yunj kneeling b4 them n presenting d shoes b4 them on their hands. Twihi take d shoes n run away. They ask 4 some shagun(money) from the grooms in exchange of their shoes. The grooms give them money n take their shoes. Twihi think of thanking Yunj. While everyone’s busy wid d bidai, twihi go 2 yunj n say
Twihi:thank u

Uv: y, wat hv v done?
Mahi: u gave us d shoes, so 4 dat..thank.
Kunj: no no its absolutely fine.
Twinkle: no no Aise kaise fine. Well hv to thank u in a proper way. So wat abt a coffee?
Uv: now!?
Mahi:no no 2mrrw morning at cafe Breeze. Done?
Yunj: done.

Next day morning
Uv: Kunj get up fast..or else we’ll bcome late.
K: oh plzz, from when did u start going 2 clg on time.
Uv: not clg yaar. Cafe Breeze..remember?

K:(half sleepy)arey yaar which cafe Breeze..I don’t remem..(then he realizes which cafe Breeze n shouts) oh teri..v had 2 meet twihi n cafe Breeze..shit how can u forget..
Kunj jumps out of bed n rushes 2 d washroom. After sometime both r ready n both go in 1 car 2 d cafe. In d car, Kunj says
K: Uv,how many cans if deo did u empty in your body 2day.
U: n u..u smell like a deo can itself..huhh..now stop all dis n drive fast.

Cafe Breeze
Yunj r waiting 4 Twihi. After half an hour, twihi reach d cafe. Yunj r really happy 2 c them, but they control their happiness.
U: Hi
K:don’t u think, u came bit early.
T:don’t b sarcastic. I know v r bit late n sorry 4 dat.
They talk 4 a while n have coffee. When twihi were leaving.
U: 2day u were 30 mins late, so..
M: so??
K: so I think u shud compensate it wid another coffee.
T: oh..ok done 2mrrw, same time same place.
Twihi: ok bye.

Yunj:(waving their hands) byeeee.
K: oh..i cant wait till 2mrrw..yaar
U: even i cant wait..it seems as if time is passing so slow..

Next day
Yunj n twihi meet at d cafe. Dis time twihi r only 10 mins late. Uv n kunj try 2 get Mahi n twinkle’s phone no., but they think dat if they’ll ask directly then twihi will become suspicious. So Uv asks 4 twinkle’s phone no. n Kunj asks 4 Mahi’s phone no. Aankhein coffee peete peete plays in bg. They meet vry frequently 4 coffee. V can call them coffee dates. They hv conversations on call n social networking sites n become good frnds. Somewhere twihi also start liking them. One day Mahi gets Uv’s call n she gets shocked n d phone falls from her hand. She starts crying, twinkle comes n asks her wat happened.
The screen freezes on Mahi’s crying face.

PRECAP: Mahi goes to d place where Uv was going 2 meet dat girl. She’s still crying.

Credit to: Aarti


  1. Aarti

    Tysm yashu, Zayb_zikra, Rani, panchi n Ria. I don’t like it when d villain separates d hero n heroine..so I thought of no villain concept

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