TEI family episode 11

Heya guys!! Wlcm 2 TEI family ff episode 11. Guys in dis episode Kunj’s gonna propose Twinkle, but in an exclusive way. So jst wait n watch..no no read..hehe!
RECAP: Yuvraj n Mahi’s post wedding rituals. Twinkle n Mahi’s flashbacks. Kunj calls Twinkle to a garden, late night n takes out a ring n shows it to Twinkle.
Episode 11
K: I want to ask u something.
T: wat??(super excitedly)
K: (he holds her hands) will u..
T: will I..
K: will u..
T: Kunj!! Say na..
K: will u plzz not shout??
T: wat!?
Suddenly Twinkle shouts..
T: aaahhh!! Kunj wat is happening?? How r we going up? Kunj do something..stop dis plzz..mummy..(super scared)
Yeah guys, Twinj were actually standing on a round platform, which Kunj had covered wid sand n leaves to hide it from Twinkle. Kunj had a remote control in his pocket, through which he lifted d platform up.
K: Twinkle..calm down..shhh!!
T: arey, how can I calm down..plzz somebody get us down..help!!
K: Twinkle, I love u..
T: somebody help!! Save us!! (Suddenly) wat?? Wait wait..wat did u say!!
K:(shouts) I love u!!
T:(she hugs him) I love u too!!
K: I love u 22..
T: hahaha..now give me my ring..
K: y??
T: arey, wat do u mean by y?? U proposed me n I accepted your proposal..so
K: d ring was not for dat??
T: then??
K: first tell me, will u marry me?
T: if I say yes, then I’ll get d ring??
K: yes!
T: then ok..it’s a yes.
K: u said yes for d ring!?
T: haan..
K: Twinkle..
T: ok ok baba..I really mean it..
K: ok then..
He makes her wear d ring.
K: even d ring us fake, so I don’t mind giving it 2 u..
T: Kunj!!(she hits his arm n then hugs him n both of them laugh)
Twinkle notices her watch.
T: oh my god, Kunj it’s 12:30..drop me home, fast..if mom or dad comes to know dat I’m out of d house at dis time, they’ll kill me.
K: aye..don’t u dare talk of death. It’s a rule, from now onwards, u’ll not even think of death.ok..
T: ok baba..now don’t b senti.
K: it’s not abt senti. If anything happens to u, I’ll not b able to live. I’ll also die.
T: Kunj, u’re forgetting your own rule. No talk abt death.
K: ok baby.
T: u called me baby!!
K: ya baby..
T: plzz dont call me baby..
K: y baby??
T: Kunj, I don’t like it. Baby is so common n old fashioned. It’s not Twinkle Taneja types..(wid full attitude)
K: ok baby.
T: again baby..
K: sorry baby..
T: shut up!! N let’s go
K: ya baby
T: aghh!!?
They sit in d car n go home. Kunj stops d car on d road between the Taneja house n Sarna house (as both houses r facing each other) n they both come out.
T: thanq so much Kunj..for making my day memorable n getting me out of my memories’ world.
K: thank u Twinkle for even coming in my life.
T: bye kunju..
K: hey, wats kunju??
T: u r kunju..if u’ll call me baby then I’ll call u kunju.
K: No plzz, don’t call me kunju.
T: ok then, u also don’t call me baby.
K: ok meri maa..no go n sleep. Good night.
T: good night. N u also go n sleep.
K: ok..bye
T: bye
Both smile at each other n go inside their respective homes. Twinkle enters inside d house n she was moving towards her room, tip toeing. Suddenly..
L: Twinkle puttar, from where r u coming now. It’s very late. Where did u go?
T: wo maa..I..I was in d garden..
L: garden..but y?
T: wo maa..my earring fell from my ear in d garden, so I was finding it.
L: for 2 hours!?
T: haa to..y r u questioning me, it’s your n Papa’s fault. Who said to make such a big garden. It took me 2 hours to find my earring. N now I’m so tired n sleepy, but u want to investigate n interrogate n I won’t b able to sleep n then I’ll get dark circles. Bcz of dat, I’ll take too much tension n then..
L: stop!! Good night.
Leela gives up n let’s her go. Twinkle comes into her room n lies down on her bed n thinks..
T: I had to tell lie n do overacting only bcz of dat Kunj. Huh!! But happen what may, I love him. N it was my best day ever.
She sleeps wid a smile on her face. The screen freezes in Twinkle’s face.
PRECAP: Twinj hidden romance.
Ty for your support so far, guys..thanx Ria, Sidmin, purnima.agrawal 30, Sayeeda, baby, dharti, Romaisha, Angita n Kruti. Angita, you’re beautiful. But so less comments guys..only 9. Atleast 10 se zyada to do.plzz. :'(

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  1. Kruti

    Amazing epi karti a very unique proposal

  2. SidMin

    Loved it Arau one of the weirdest love confessions 🙂

  3. Sameera

    Awesome ????

  4. Ria

    Hey Aaru, it was amazing. Really loved it. The way Kunj proposed Twinkle was something really unique. I’m damn excited for the next episode. Please try posting soon.
    Love you loads.?

  5. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode Aaru ….
    Twinj confession was too cute yrr …loved it ..
    Kunju ohhoooo so lovely name ….
    Awesome yrr….

  6. Meeta

    Hits on peak

  7. Bhumika12

    Awesome episode aaru ….too gud fantastic….the way kunj confessed was awesome and kunju!!!????was too awesome

  8. Romaisha

    Finally u posted I was waiting 🙂 .. N their confession was cute … N his way of proposing was a Bliss ?? do upload ur next epi soon 🙂

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    It was fab
    Loved it?????????????

  11. Baby

    hey aaru luvd d episode dear yah it ws actually an unique cnfesion luvd it very mch bt dont u lyk my name do i need to change it hmm hahahhaha baby is nt of twinkle stndrd hmm rite hahahaha luvd it yr post nxt episode asap dear

    1. Aaru

      It’s your name n it’s vry nice..but calling girlfriends as baby is quite common nowadays, n Twinkle is complete unique piece..u know

      1. Baby

        oh dear i was jst joking hahaha its nt my name bt petty name haha

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it….

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