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Wlcm 2 TEI family ff episode 10..guys, since it’s episode 10, so surprise to banta h na.. n d surprise is..arey abhi kaise bata doon?? Thoda wait to kro!! Pehle sab ko thanx bol doon.. Lovely, don’t worry no hum aapke hain kaun types story will b there. Ty dreamer…arundhati, Angita, Ria, directionet91, fan, chehak, Sayeeda, baby, purnima.agrawal30. Ty so much all of u n if u continue to comment like dis, so I can’t even of ending my ff. Ok, now no more senti talks. Let’s start d episode.

RECAP: Yuhi’s marriage.
Episode 10
Sarna house
Yuhi r standing at d main door. Anita does their aarti. Tara brings d rice kalash n Alta plate. She keeps them on d ground n Bebe asks Mahi to push d rice kalash n then step into d plate having Alta n then enter into d house. Mahi pushes d rice kalaah, steps into d Alta plate n then enters into d house, making her footprints wid d Alta. Yuhi r made to sit n a big bowl containing milk n rose petals is kept in front of them.
Anita: ok so now v r gonna do the ring finding ceremony, right Bebe??
B: right!!
A: Tara, come here..
T: yes mummy!
A: u wanted to conduct dis ceremony na..so go on!!
T: Ty mummy, u’re d best.
A: Ty beta.
T: ok so Yuvi n Mahi, I will dip dis ring (she shows them a ring) inside d bowl n u both hv 2 try finding it. D one who finds it first will b dominating his/her partner. Ok so now ready?
Yuhi: yes bhabhi, ready!
Tara puts d ring inside d bowl n stirs d milk.
Yuvi n Mahi try searching d ring n Mahi finds it but, b4 she can take her hand out of d bowl, Uv takes d ring from her hand.
Yuvi: I won!!
T: ya, but jst once. It’s best of three.
Yuvi gives a shocked expression n all laugh at him, including Mahi.
Y:(in his mind) acchha, now she’s laughing a lot..wait n watch wat I’ll do!!
Taneja house
Twinkle is in her room. She’s sitting in front of d dressing table n removing her jewellery n makeup. She remembers a flashback.

Flashback starts
M: offo, Twinkle. Since half an hour u’re sitting in front of d mirror. Wat r u doing??
T: di I’m removing my makeup.
M: do it fast na, I wanna sleep.
T: so do u want me to sleep wid d makeup on my face!? Let me remove it properly.
M: oh god, dis girl!! First u take 2 hrs for your makeup..n then almost an hour to remove it. Y do u apply too much of makeup dat it takes u so long to remove it??
T: di plzz!!
Flashback ends
She moves towards her bed n remembers hers n Mahi’s pillow fights. Then she opens her cupboard to take out her night dress. She sees Mahi’s clothes n remembers another flashback.

Flashback starts
Mahi was getting ready for her frnd’s birthday bash n was confused on wat 2 wear.
M: twinki, help me select a dress 4 my frnd’s bday.
She takes one dress n shows it 2 Twinkle.
M: how’s dis?
T: no not dis one..
Mahi throws it on d bed. She takes another dress.
M: wat abt dis?
T: nvr..not at all!!
Mahi throws dat one too. She, one by one, shows all her dresses to Twinkle, but Twinkle rejects all.
M: now dis is d last one..
T: no di. Plzz dont wear dis. U’ll look fat in dis.
She goes in front of d mirror n checks if she looks fat.
M: really, i dont think so??
Twinkle giggles n Mahi sees dis.
M: from half an hour I’m showing u my dresses like a crazy girl n u’re laughing!?
T: ok sorry sorry di.. u wear dis one.
She picks up a blue one piece n Mahi takes it n goes to change, while shouting thank u.
Flashback ends

T: di, dis dressing table, our bed, our wardrobe, maa, Papa, me..we all miss u a lot di.
She takes her night suit n goes to change.
Sarna house
Yuvi is going towards his room. He was abt 2 open d door, but Tara comes n stops him.
Ta: stop stop!!
Y: but y bhabhi, wat happened?
Ta: how can u go in so easily? Where’s my commission?
Y: wat commission?
Ta: offo, my nek??
Y: offo bhabhi, but nek is given to sisters right?
Ta: ya, so wat?? Don’t bcm happy dat if u don’t hv a sister, do u won’t hv 2 give nek. M I not like your sister? I thought of u as my brother, but..(she makes a sad face)
Y: bhabhi, don’t say like dat. Ofcourse u’re like my sister. N here’s your COMMISSION.
He gives her 10,000 rupees.
Ta: ohho, so excited to go in..no bargain n all.
Y: wat bhabhi!!
Ta: ok ok now stop blushing. Go inside, Mahi must b waiting.
Cherry whispers in Uv’s ears, all d best. Uv smiles n Cherry n Tara leave. Yuvi goes in n sees Mahi sitting on d bed wid a vieil. He goes towards her n sits besides her. He lifts her veil. Mahi shyingly smiles at him. He goes close to her n he was abt to kiss her. Mahi closes her eyes n suddenly……Uv tickles her.
M: hahahahaha..Yuvraj, wat r u doing? It’s tickling me..plzz.
Y: acchha, u were laughing a lot during d find d ring ceremony..now laugh na laugh..
M: sorry sorry Yuvraj..plzz stop it plzz..
Yuvi stops tickling her. She holds her ears n says sorry. Uv hugs her. She too hugs him.
M: but, u know wat Yuvraj..it was indeed funny.
She starts laughing again. Dis time Uv too laughs. Then they both lie down on d bed. Uv kisses Mahi’s forehead.
Y: goodnight Mrs Mahi Yuvraj Sarna.
M:(smiling) good night.
They sleep hugging each other.

Taneja house
Twinkle comes out of her washroom after changing her dress n get Kunj’s call.
T: hello!!
K: hey, Twinkle!!
T: Kunj!! Is everything all right? U called so late..
K: hey I’m sorry to call so late, but I want 2 meet u..now.. The
T: now..but y?
K: I’ll tell u later, but plzz come.
T: ok but where?
K: u come out of your house, I’ll pick u.
T: ok. I’ll b there in 5 mins.
Twinkle goes down n finds Kunj waiting in his car.
T: Kunj, y hv u brought your car? R v going somewhere?
K: u jst keep quiet n come wid me.
T: arey, but where r v going?
K: if u trust me, then u will not ask dis again..
T: ok
He takes her 2 a nearby garden.
T: y hv v come here?
K: I want 2 talk 2 u.
T: now!!
K: ya..
T: ok then, say..
K: r u missing Mahi bhabhi?
T: a lot. The house seems incomplete without her.
K: wat if u get a chance 2 b wid her all d time?
T: I’ll b super happy!!(excitedly)
K: (giving his one eyebrow up expression) if dis is d case, then..

Kunj sits on his knees n takes out a ring from his pocket n shows it 2 Twinkle. Twinkle is surprised. Screen freezes
on Twinkle’s n Kunj’s face.

So guys, dis was d surprise. Sorry guys no precap, coz Kunj’s next dialogue is gonna shock u. N ya plzz comment.

Credit to: Aaru

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  1. Ria

    The episode was amazing as usual. Loved it. Thinking about Kunj’s dialogue is scaring me. Please post soon.?

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    Aru Loved your episode and the sister love was too emotional and Kunj is going to propose Twinkle OMG please post the next part asap 🙂

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    Soooooooo amazing ….awesomely written episode ….loved it ..
    Post next one soon

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    ?.. You’re kind of scaring me yaar … kunj ki dialogue?? Anyway do post soon im waitingwaiting to c what’s gonna happen

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    Awesome…twinkle and Mahi flashaback was…amazing

    Made me think..if my sister get married toh kiya huva

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    Amazing epi loved it
    Eagerly waiting For d nxt one

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