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Hey guys! Sorry 4 d delay..so without wasting much time let’s get started wid the story after twinj’s n yuhi’s marriage.
Sarna house
Night time
A big mansion is shown wid sofas n center table in d middle of d hall wid a chandelier (jhoomar)above it.At the right side was d dining table n at d left side was a home theater system..4 ppl were sitting there n watching a marriage DVD, they were none other than twinj n yuhi.Twinj sitting wid their fingers entwined n yuhi hugging each other from side.. They were remembring about how they met each other at the marriage,they were watching DVD of..
Flashback starts
Singh house
Morning time
Parmeet n manjeet both were busy in the preparations of their children’s marriage. Their son Raghav n their daughter Tara,both were getting married on the same day. Just den a bubbly girl enters.. She us our cutie pie Mahi n she’s Tara’s bestie. She says 2 manjeet..
Mahi: aunty relax..evrythng will b ready on time.. U just go n get ready,v hv 2 leave 4 d resort by 10 n its already 9..go go aunty..hurry up!! I’ll go n get Tara ready..ok
Just den parmeet enters
Parmeet: beta Ji plzz tell your aunty dat evrythng is done..all d gifts 4 guests n other imp stuff has already been sent to d resort in d car..now only I,manjeet,Tara, Raghav n u r left..come on!! Fast!!
Mahi:yes uncle..I’ll just go upstairs n get Tara along wid me n den we’ll leave 4 d resort..
Mahi goes 2 Tara’s room.
Tara’s room
Tara: Mahi!! How dare u come late..its my wedding yaar,I told u to come early in the morning n u r coming now.. I hate u yaar(fake anger)
Mahi: oh hello!!drama queen!!stop it n let’s go fasttttt!! Otherwise v r leaving n u stay back at home n take care of d house..(teasing her)
Tara: plzz na Mahi.. Don’t say like dis yaar.(makes a puppy face)
Mahi: ok baba now chalo.. (Drags her along wid herself)
On d other hand,at Chinki’s house evry1 was leaving 4 d resort..they were just abt 2 start d car n accelerate when suddenly a girl came in front of d car n d car was abt 2 hit her when d driver applied breaks at d r8 time..she’s our drama queen Twinkle..
Twinkle: oyee Chinki ki bacchi..tu mujhe..apni bestie ki chhod k ja rhi thi..ye din dekhne se pehle main mar q nhi gyi(Chinki, u were leaving widout me your bestie..now only dus day was left in my life..)(starts fake crying)
Leela: twinkle..is dis d way to stop a car..u cud hv got hurt na beta..
Chinki: aunty leela..in clg also dis was her daily stuff..these kind of adventures n typical melodrama..huh!!(showing tongue 2 twinki)
Twinkle: hey Chinki! Not done yaar I took such a big risk only 4 u n u r saying like dis..go I won’t talk 2 u(fake anger)
Chinki: no no plzz..twinki u r my bestie my darling plzz don’t say like dis..if u’ll not come den who’ll di my make-up..(buttering her)
Twinkle: ok ok..now since u r insisting so much,I’ll come wid u
Twinki n Leela also sit in d car n leave 4 d resort.

Umrao Resort (marriage venue)
Afternoon time
Chinki’s family,Singh family n Taneja family,all hv reached d marriage venue..all d girlgirls hv gone 2 get ready.. Twinki is wid Chinki,both r sharing their room n so r Mahi n Tara..
After an hour Chinki’s mom n manjeet both come 2 d hall n compliment each other dat they r looking really beautiful. Manjeet is waiting 4 d Sarna family as Uv n Kunj r Raghav’s best buddies.most of d guests hv come.Just den sarnas arrive. Manjeet greets dem.
Manjeet: arey! Welcome Manohar Ji n Usha Ji.welcome Bebe. Where r Uv n Kunj?
Yunj: (both 2gthr)aunty! Spcl ppl make spcl entry r8..
Dey both were standing upstairs n come down wid Raghav n Raghav sits in d mandap.
Uv:aunty how cud v not come..not only Raghav but its also our Cherry bhai’s marriage na..
Kunj: ya but how can v support both bride’s family n groom’s family..after all cherry bhai is our bro n Tara bhabhi is our best buddy’s sis..so wat 2 do now?
Uv: idea..u support Raghav n I’ll support cherry bhai..wat’s say!?
Kunj: wat an idea sir Ji..
Cherry also comes n sits in the other mandap. The priest tells dem 2 call both d brides.
Manjeet n Chinki’s mom go Tara’s n Chinki’s room respectively.
Tara’s room
Manjeet: Tara beta r u ready??
Tara: yes mom..how m I looking??
Manjeet:a girl looks d most beautiful in her wedding dress..may god protect u from all evils..
She slides her ring finger under her eye n puts kajal behind Tara’s ear(typical mom wala kaam)
Mahi: ok now both of u plzz don’t start crying..it took me 2 he’s 2 get Tara ready..plzz don’t spoil my hard work..
Manjeet: ok bete u n Tara come down wid me.
On d other hand in Chinki’s room
Chinki’s mom(CM): Chinki beta r u ready?? Awww u look so pretty.
Twinkle: aunty more den half credit goes 2 me. I made her ready n dats y she’s looking so gorgeous.r8 Chinki
Chinki: haan haan! Tease me as much as u want..during your wedding I’ll take revenge 4 evrythng..just wait n watch twinki.
Cm:ok Chinki now b4 going down tei dis holy thread on your hand,dis will protect u from evil forces.
She ties it on Chinki’s hand n takes twinki n Chinki downstairs.
The guests r busy chit chatting..just then both d brides come down wid their besties n their moms.
Yunj at first did not notice twihi bcz some1 came infront of them. When they reached near d mandap, yunj were just lost in twihi.
Twinkle was wearing a green lehenga wid black blouse wid golden work on it n pink dupatta n Mahi was wearing an orange lehenga wid silver blouse n red dupatta.Uv was wearing a blach n red sherwani n Kunj was wearing a golden n black sherwani.twihi notice dat yunj r staring at dem.

The screen freezes at the faces of Uv,Mahi,Twinkle n Kunj.
PRECAP:Twinj n Yuhi talk 2 each other 4 d first time.

Tysm guys for reading it n plzz do tell me your reviews through your comments.

Credit to: Aarti

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