TEI Episodic Analysis. For All TEI Fans

Heyyyy Guys i hav got a gap of 4 days for my next paper so could not resist writing.
But this time its not an ff it an episodic analysis.
So my topic is….Do ull feel that TEI is now dragging a little and there are just too many negative characters….Many of u might feel this is not the case and ull too can comment ur views.
This is my view and i would luv it if ull sahre ur views too. though im loving the fact that kunj are coming closer day by day….i dont get one thing….why do the negative chars always succeed in their motives…Anita and Yuvi are always 2 steps ahead TWINJ. when TWINJ win 1 battle….anita and yuvi are ready with new ones. Now lets discuss the various chars.

Anita: She is such a vamp…she has problem with leela but is always behind twinjs life…she is the one responsible for all the hatered in yuvis heart. Why cant she just live and let live. leela has tried clearing out every thing to her but she is just insane…she has spoilt her sons life for her revenge.

Yuvraj: I jus dont understand how can a person be shown to be soo bad…he claims that earlier he had faked love for twinkle but now he loves her…so how can someone hurt the person he/she loves…why cant he be happy seeing her happy…thats coz he doesent actually love her he just wants her and thinks she is his property…he is heartless and is spoiling 3 lives including his..1-Twinkle 2-Kunj 3-Mahi….hate him from the core of my heart. Im really sry Twiraj fans i luv zayn too but yuvi gets on my nerves.

Mahi: She is shown to hav come from london…ohh comeon i can belive a girl from london cud be so dumb she can obviously hav good values be indian at heart and be simple…but has she never been to school,college or so…i mean didnt she hav friend there…doesent she understand basic stuff…ohk fine i agree people become blind in love…but she has gt her sister after soo may years and she considers her as her enemy. i jus dont understand why twinkle cares for her so much despite of all the disrespect from mhai.

RT: This man is rediculous…b4 he united with leela and twinkle…he use to die to look at twinke or to talk to her and now that twinkle has accepted him he is showing his true colours…how can a father do this..no father can be so partial…infact he must shower more love on twinkle as he has met her after so many ears…i just hate himmm.

After there being so many negative chars no we hav a new 1 coming Himangi Singh. I heard she is there only for the Mrs Amritsar copmetition part but still wahts the need…hope she brings twinj closer and not part them instead. I hope twinj confess their love soon and if not that atleast they shud not part away…which is not possible though.

So guys this was my EPISODIC ANALYSIS plzzz plzzz plzzz do share ur views via ur comments. Luv u all loads.

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  1. exactly aakanksha…i don’t understand whats the need of bringing so much negetivity..i mean this yuhi drama was not enough or not that now this mrs. amritsar…ufff can’t take it any more…i was so happy at the beginning of yesterdays epi..saw that excitement on kunj’s face when bebe told him that twinkle is not taking part…omg!! he is totally in love…bt this mahi i mean hasn’t she seen her face?? “mrs. amritsar mein participate karna hai.!!” ha lol..!! theek se chala toh jata nehi chali hain ramp pe cat walk karne…kabhi dekha hain khud ko..behenji kahiki..
    and one more thing i think twinkle should have told kunj about the mms..

    1. all those who will comment here plzz tell me should i end my ff and start a new one from april..or should i continue it..??
      plzzz help me guys..and accordingly i will post the next epi..

      1. Ur FFs are awesome tara plzz continue…I luv them

      2. Pls continue Tara…..

      3. Tara y u have to end dis ff . pls I beg of u after April also u continue dis ff only pls pls pls . I love d story track now going on . I mean love confession its sooooooo much more n more interesting. Pls continue OK☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

      4. Tara please dont end ur ff its amazing please continue it

      5. Tara plzz dont end ur ffs they are amazing plzz continue

      6. I totally agree with u Akanksha nd i rhink there was no need for that stupid RT and dumb mahi in the show. I can’t believe she is partecipating in mrs amritsar ! Hasn’t she seen her face? How can be someone so blind in love ? I just hate them

      7. ya me too feel the same and end this ff and start a new one after ur board examsx

      8. Continue it Tara plzzz

      9. Hi Tara!
        Please continue your FF dear!
        They are amazing! They make my day!
        Keep writing!

  2. Your absolutely right akanksha.. I too feel d same nd I really wish dat d directors of tei read all of d tei ff’s so dat dey include some story line according to our wish…. anyways.. wen r u gng to update ur nxt epi akanksha??? Very eager… plz.. update soon…

    1. Im glad u r waiting for my ff tara I’ll be updating it only after 4th march…btw did u read my 10th ff…????

      1. Akanksha your last ff was on the 9th episode not 10th
        If you have posted the 10th episode can you send the link of it

      2. I had posted it but I don’t know y it didn’t turn up on the main page…I don’t know how to share the link…sry ….but don’t worry I will post the 10th epi again along with the 11th one

  3. Aakanksha….u r absolutely right Nd I would not say anything more….coz u spoke everything…. I need not say anything….m waiting for ur ff…itz amazing Nd Tara pls don’t end ur ff….u can continue after ur xams…..Plss…..do consider my request….live u both sweetiezzzz???!!!

    1. luv u too rakshita

  4. Akansha…. I truly agree with u……lekin kehte hain ki jab tak andhera nahi hota tab tak light main rahne ka maza nhi aata…..usi tarah jab tak kunj and twinkle harenge nhi tab tak hamein unki jeet ka maza nhi aayega…..even love confession much time baad hona chahiye….this will increase TRP as well…..slow and steady wins the race….koshish karne waalon ki kabhi haar nhi hoti….. Sach ki hamesha jeet hoti….. So everyone asure urself ki Twinj will win and love confession will take a bit more time …..till then stay tuned to TEI and Tei forever

    1. yup rashi ur point of view is also right…I agree

  5. I totally agree aid u di . I mean ek bar ,do bar ,teen baar bhi chalega ki twinj UV se haar gye .but abhi jab vo log jeete ek baar to UV me phir se kharab kar diya sab kuj . n twinkle KO at least kunj batana chahiye vo MMS me bare mein . tats wat I don lyk BT twinkle. Kunj is ryt only she thinks she can handle everything by herself . m not saying she cannot but she should tell kunj everything. N dis rt n mahi according to me r d dumbest characters in tei till now . they both should get d award for dumb characters of tei.N pls see d new promo of zee TV ppl which is pyar ki jeet from tomorrow till d whole week so by dis we can understand tat twinj misunderstanding will end till next week only ………..???????we jus have to wait n watch……..?????

    1. yess v just hav to keep patience…..but what eva twist come up TEI will always be my fav serial

  6. you are absolutely correct.. i am a twiraj fan but i’m fed up with uv drama and dragging between twinj scene(even though i am twiraj fan,i have to accept the reality right as they are married in the serail) and mahi and rt drama,again a new negative character.. :(.. ho god.. even i have stopped serial because of mahi,rt and uvi character(in serial and the way the shaped his character i simply hate it) and disgusting anita… i am feeling like end this drama soon.. remove all the negativity..continue with twinj … hope they change the track as soon as possible

  7. I totally agree with u Aakanksha… I just hate that Yuhi drama… On top i hate that RT what kind of person he is, we can say that Mahi is madly in love but what about him… Is he blind or what can’t he see Uv’s real intentions…
    Waiting for ur ff Aakanksha… 🙂
    Nd Tara u should continue ur ff after ur exams… 😉
    Luv u both… ??

    1. luv u too

  8. That mahi always get into my nerves how can she be so bhanji type……she has her own brains use it dam it
    She can have so much hatred for her sister just because of one stupid love that also one freaking dumb fake love I seriously hate her so much if she was my sister I swear I have already kill her
    Rt should get the award of being the worse father living on earth…….he is just so stupid
    Anita she should get olympic award for being the worse mom on earth
    Yuvi what should I say about him does this type of guy excise in this world he is just so mean how can he play with the felling of a woman I mean what the……… But zain is cute I must say
    Kunj is the best among all…another one more doubt that this type of guys do excise or just in dramas.lol…he has the best character….so caring and loving this what I call love
    Plus he is hot.hahahah

  9. I also agree akanksha …..wtx the need for another negative character??? N why yuvi is succeeding in his evil plans…..my heart feeling pain to see twinj problems….

  10. Tara don’t end ur ff…but if u want to start a be one then good …but plzz continue this too….plzzz plzzz ..its a request…plzzz don’t end this ff

  11. Guys wait i have a good news in d new zee tv promo they showed next whole is victory of love for all d serials nd by seeing the new insta update of jasmin about the dancing night it seems like kunj is supporting twinkle wid d competition coz its gonna be a couple dance nd also they would unite

    1. I too saw that post…hope that is how it is…excited !!!!

  12. Yes u r right Aakansha so many negative role but today’s episode will be nice And tara plse don’t end ur ff its awesome

    1. todays episode….????. will there be an epi today aswell

  13. maahi was too much i think there is no need to talk about her not only twinj even twiraj fans hate her from core just dumb and ya rt he is just disguesting he have no morals at all and forgetting people who helped him but about new negtive character i think she will not be toooo negative as she will leave after mrs amrithsir (may be a participant or judge) not bothering too much about her

  14. Preety sid bieber

    Hey akanksha u r alwys r8.
    Rt is nt prfect for a fathar of two child i know ki he dnt knw about twinkls nature bt as a fathar he coulnt do that type of behavior with twnkle..btw twikle didnt cncntrte her marige life..
    N uv is such factry of poison.. he didnt care about anyone even he didnt care about his mom also..n MMF……
    Btw tara plz plz dont stop ur ff ok..keep writing..u r vry tlentd writer bt eak bat yaad rakhna tara god sob aaisi telent nahi dete

    1. I am glad u agree with me

  15. he i am new here . i am totally agree with Aakansha & Tara please don’t. end the ff & it is one of my favorite ff. i read it but this is my 1st time when i gonna to comment. you may write it after exam but don’t stop it

    1. hey sonali welcome to tei fan page

  16. can someone tell me what is going on..why they are not taking any new articles till wednesday..??

    1. idk man that’s what smc commented on her ff

  17. that she has written next epi but she cant post it as they are not accepting till wednesday

  18. What is MMS, Tara n akanksha

    1. that was not shown I guess….I also cudnt watch the episode

    2. twinkle got an mms in her phone from an unknwn no. for which she was forced to go to the mrs amritsar venue..
      what was in that mms is not shown although bt i guess smthng regarding mahi,,and obviously done by uv..

  19. Thanx Tara n akanksha

  20. Hi Aakanksha!
    I totally agree with your point of view dear. I seriously hate Maahi! I mean how dumb can anyone be? And even RT!!?? He was dying to talk to Twinkle and now when Twinkle has accepted him, He just doesn’t care about her daughter!

    1. thanx Shanaya…u hav a beautiful name 😉

      1. yup i agree..its really a beautiful name

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