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thank u so much guys for liking my ff & for ur hearty support… my spcl tnx to Haya,Mann,Tannu & Barbie for commenting for d first tym…& komal,sunaina where r u guys?? I miss u & ur cmnts…OK,enough of my blabbering… it starts—

scene 1
twinkle’s in laws(in their room)

twinkle heard her hubby saying Aarohi & others to listen to him but of course they don’t pay a heed to him & just ran from there locking d door…
finding no other way he(hubby) decided to face d awkward situation & so did our heroine…
but she felt a big wave of chills running down her spine when she saw those hands coming closer to her face to lift d veil & she clutched on d bed-sheet thinking what will happen now & she opened her eyes to hear…OH FREAK!!!!
of course it was none other than Kunj (u all were correct guys,,,how cd I separate my twinj?)

She took a few seconds to understand d matter & when she did- her joys knew no bounds & she ended up hugging him tight…but kunj not knowing that she was his awaited dream girl got a shock & jerked her off slowly….

[ FB shows:
Manohar saying to kunj that he had found a perfect match for kunj & whether he wants or not he has to marry cz guruji confirmed that this girl was lucky for d family & business..when kunj wanted to see d girl his dad said it was inauspicious to see her b4 marriage… kunj then tried to contact twinkle on tu but getting no response he had to agree for it…
FB ends ]

K: so u knew that u r marrying me??

T: no,I swear I didn’t…

K: then why r u so excited & hugging me for what?

T:(stammering) wo…wo..i..I was nervous & thought what will happen if u turn out to b an ugly face & fat one but u don’t look so bad..so I just got excited…

K: what?? u thought I’d be lyk that??!!!

T: I hadn’t seen u na..isiliye…(funny tune plays)

K: but what now?? what will we do with each other??? mujhe to tum ek min bhi bardasht nahi ho…

T: huhh!! as if I’m dying to be with u…but what to do if I’m so ill fated( making a crying face )

K: u must be very hpy..as u got such a dashing & cool guy but I m doomed cz u r so irritating… ufff!!

Twinkle remained silent…(suddenly she remembered leela & started thinking-u got really whom I wanted maa,,I luv u & I miss u so much…tears dropped from her eyes…)

K: (thinking- oh god,why do I talk so rubbish… I made her cry & it’s not her fault if I don’t luv her & even she didn’t marry me knowingly ) I’m sorry,plz don’t cry…I was just kidding,,in fact u r a sweet girl & we will get along well…

T: what? r u saying this!!

K: ya,don’t worry…I guess we fight so much cz we met in a wrong way probably,,so it’ll be fine..

[ kunj’s thought: now that I’m married to her I can’t let her down,,I’ll perform every duty of mine & I will have to forget twinkle (tu) cz I guess my luv was one-sided for her but I just wanna know why she didn’t reply to me…]

T: OK,I’ll try to make this work also…

[ twinkle’s thought: I know u’ll be very happy to know that I’m ur that twinkle with whom u can talk for hours & who loves u….I’ll tell u tomorrow itself & she blushes….]

then they went to sleep letting go d fight… kunj slept on d couch & twinkle on bed

scene 2
d next day—

kunj as usual got up early & checked in tu page as per his habit…but then he saw d sleeping twinkle & remembered everything..so he decided to not visit tu again when he saw that finally twinkle had replied-

T: I know u must b angry wid me..but I was too busy so couldn’t reply…btw,,can we meet today at 12 pm in shadow garden?

Kunj(thinking- so finally she got tym to reply…but I’m just gonna meet her & end this today…I know it will hurt a lot but i have to control my emotions as I’m not single anymore) & so he replied-

K: OK,I’ll meet u today at 12 sharp…I’ll be in black & coffee combination & u wear chocolate color…

he got ready & went out…twinkle got up hurriedly as soon as he was gone cz she was up before him…she thought she’d get ready quickly & perform d remaining rituals & then go to meet him…

screen freezes on her excited face

PRECAP: confession or a big fight??what do u think??

**************************************I know it was short so m sorry for that…but I got exams coming… plz comment everyone…I luv u all

Credit to: prapti

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  1. amaging.very nice epi

    1. tysm vidushi…

  2. Nooo
    Plz update a longer one …
    Epi was gud
    Actually i was waiting eagerly for it even today when i was writing myexam , I was just thinking about the cute nok jhok and the cute moments b/w them .
    Thank you so much for updating as it cheered me up as i was feeling down ..
    Thanku so much prapti .love u loadzz..
    Update the next part ASAP. Plz

    1. well I feel honored yashika & thank u sooo much for that…I felt so good to hear that it could cheer u up!!!

  3. I am dead with happiness . Plz unite twinj . Plz… I m a silent reader so u ll definitely wont recognize me . So go on .

    1. plz don’t die dear cz I don’t wanna lose a frnd whether known or unknown….?? & ya tnx chandra

  4. Oh dear ur ff is just fab and i think a confession and if not plz make it confession…

    1. thank u muskan

  5. prapti prapti and prapti
    u r chig chig boom
    Ma favourite Mudassar’s dialogue 4 u
    loved it soooooooooo much

    1. oh sanam…u r such a dear…luv u ?

  6. i think so big fight nic episode prapti thanks for ur comments fr my ffs

    1. Tnx sanjana…

  7. Please post the next part soon

    1. Mmmm…ya twinki,i’ll try to post soon

  8. M in luv wid ur ff prapati . N thanku sooo so so much for updating today itself. I would love a confession not a fight n if fight thn it should end up fast and lead to d confession. ##I jus love twinj. Now cant wait for d next episode. Toooo exited. Love u prapati . I believe silent readers r more then how many of d ppl comment.

    1. I believe wht u believe is true,mann…& tysm

  9. confession and please sweet moments between them
    ur update is just awesome

    1. Tnx srija & i lyk ur name…

  10. Big fight !
    Because it will add spice to your story.
    Don’t make them confess so soon.
    Make them feel the love.

    1. Missed u yesterday & seems that u lyk spice…

  11. Confession plzzzzzz diiiiii n yah plzzzzz update the nxt part sooonishhhhh!!!
    Plzzzzzzzzzz diiiiiiiiiii!

  12. And the update was FAB di…………loved ittttt!!!!

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  14. its becoming more instresting.. love it..

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  15. What will happen?????

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  16. Tanvi (tannu)

    vry nice .. and maya is right.. please update next part soon ..

    1. Tnx tannu…

  17. Your ff is just too amazing..I’m a silent reader and never commented before but I must tell you that I’m in love with your ff ??❤

    1. Thank u sana,it means a lottt…

  18. plzz make it…confession…..
    it is becoming interesting day by day…loved it…
    love ur ff sooo much prapti…..

    1. Tnx & m so glad…

  19. now where is my comment..sorry prapti idk y my comment didnt got posted..bt i loved it yaar..nd can’t wait for twinj meeting..

    1. I know..same thing happens to me also & no need of sry…& ty sooooo much…

  20. Hey Prapti!! I m so so sorry fr not cmnting on ur previous epis actually i was a bit bzy nd main thing tht there r new nd other ffs too so i got confused bcoz i ffrgot ur ffs title i m so sryy once again!!! Btw epi’s awesome i lvd it nd yes ur previous r also.awesome. Luv them yr . Precap’s interesting waiting eagerly fr the epi..

    1. its OK, u don’t have to be sry…thank u sooo much suu…

  21. Prapti, i guess you are bigger than me so i’ll call you di, its very nice, keep it up ?

    1. well I’m 18 & thank u aiman…

  22. Meenat Abubakar

    pls make confession prapti. nice epi luv it!

    1. tnx meenat….

  23. Hey prapti is anything left to say ur ff says everything my heart thinks of Nd btw why did u end in climax….this time I m dying for ur next part!!!??????

    1. wo actually rakshita,,I thought that I’d end it in d next epi but now I think I’ll try to write sm more but can’t continue for long as my boards r dancing above my head…ughh..I just hate examsss?? & u r praising too much dear but tnx

      1. hahaha..good use of the bengali phrase..”porikha mathar opor nachhe” lol…bt wt did u say?? u wanna end it?? nooooooooooooooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont do that..u can continue after ur xams we dont mind..bt plzz dont end..

  24. wow i great story and episode

  25. M really sorry prapti for not being able to reply to yr ffs m so hooked up widy exams now have i read all d parts its amazing.. u had given me lots of surprises in a day.. thanku.. so much love u ?

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    can’t wait anymore
    and all the best 4 ur exams my dear

  27. thanks komal & wlcm back…tnx Tina & sanam I’ll post it soon…

  28. tara dear…I wd luv to continue but my boards will be starting from 3rd April & will end on 31st may!!!! so I think if I upload it after 2 months almost then no one will even remember abt it…

    1. oh!! 🙁 🙁
      so then i cant force u..anyways all the best for ur xams..nd plzz do come back with another ff..

      1. of course I’ll write if any new idea comes up…hope it will

  29. Not liked it but loveeed it

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