TEI–a diff story(epi 8)

hey guyz,,sorry for d late update…tnx to everyone who read & commented on d previous one..& silent readers thank u so much but it’d be gr8 if u could cmnt too…
so here it is…….

scene 1
tu page-

K: hey,,r u there?? I missed u yesterday…

T: yeah,,missed u too..but I was busy so couldn’t text u…

K: hmm..I was also busy but I was busy in having Fun?

T: ohh..seems lyk u had too much of it

K: ya,,u know it was my frnd’s wedding & d thing is- I met that weird girl again,,, I hope u remember whom I’m talking abt…

T: umm..d girl u fought with, right?

K: ya,absolutely… at first we fell down colliding with each other & that tym she tricked me & left….

T: oh,so u lost?

K: no, not at all…afterwards I made her confused & flirted & when she was lost in thoughts I took d shoes away,,,oh I forgot to tell that it all started for d groom’s shoes!!

[ twinkle was shocked that whatever kunj said was just d same as previous night’s incidents happened to her & suddenly it clicked her mind ] & she asked–

T: btw,u still didn’t tell me-where do u live?? plz yaar itna bhi kya chupana!!

K: OK,,I live in Amritsar too..now don’t be mad at me cz I didn’t tell it b4…

(at this point she was hell shocked & now it was clear to her that she is d one kunj is talking abt & she remembered all their moments together but thought that she won’t tell him b4 meeting)

T: OK,now I’ll sleep,so…bye

K: arey,wt happened all of a sudden? achha,I’m sorry but plz don’t get angry yaar…

T: nothing lyk that,,I’m really sleepy & I think we shd meet if u r ok with it..

K: OK,,we’ll meet whenever u want…

T: so,we’ll talk when we meet…

K: but when will we meet?

T: I’ll think & let u know…bye

K: OK, byeee..gn

twinkle’s thought : online itna sweet banta hai aur samne aate hi jhagra karta hai…khadoose sarna( smiling)

kunj’s thought: I think she’s trustworthy & sweet too..I can definitely meet her.. oh how did I forget ki us weirdo ka naam bhi twinkle hai..but she was pretty too…hmm,,I think I’m thinking too much…& I shd sleep…

scene 2
taneja house (after five days )

d whole house is decorated beautifully & it’s full of people…kids r playing, women r singing songs & bubbly’s busy wid d other girls making plans to do lil mischiefs as it’s d MARRIAGE OF TWINKLE…

d auspicious time has come & d priest asks leela to bring d bride to d mandap…leela goes to bring twinkle…

L: come beta,finally my most awaited day & moment has come…u don’t know how happy I m today…thank u for agreeing, u’ ve given me such a relief…

Twinkle(smilingly): I’m happy to see u happy maa,let’s go…& she hides her tears under d long pallu…

[ FB shows– five days ago that night when twinj’s convo ended & twinkle was abt to sleep leela came in her room & said abt a marriage proposal… she almost begged twinkle to agree to this marriage as twinkle have already shooed away many proposals..twinkle protested first but later had to agree seeing Leela’s bad condition…]

all these days she didn’t reply to kunj’s texts & kept sobbing secretly as she had already realized her love for kunj…& on d other side kunj kept texting her & was clueless… he was too restless…

twinkle was brought to mandap..all rituals started-
they exchanged garlands,,then d pheras was done,,after that d groom made her wear mangalsutra
& filled her hairline with sindoor….d marriage was over & they were declared man & wife…then it was time for bidaai & twinkle cried bitterly hugging leela,Raman,pinni & bubbly…

scene 3
in d car–

twinkle was sobbing continuously & couldn’t stop herself…suddenly she felt a soft touch on her hand & later realized that it was her husband & she turned to find kunj sitting beside her as d groom..she got overwhelmed with joy but when she blinked her eyes she found it was her imagination…but d feel didn’t go away & she saw her husband’s hand gripping her hand & she felt–though she hadn’t seen her hubby till then but her maa surely chose possibly d best guy for her cz she could feel d depth of that grip,she could realize d person sitting beside her had been tied to her for her whole life & would surely stand by her in well & woe….

even after all these she badly wished him to be kunj & felt embarrassed at her own thought…

scene 3
at her In-laws–

it was grihapravesh time…she saw her MIL standing with aarti,,,she was welcomed in her new home & entered there by dropping d kalash gently…
after some time her SIL named Aarohi came & took her to her new room….it was decorated with flowers & little lights & was looking gorgeous… Aarohi made her sit on d bed & left saying her to wait a little & her Bhaiya would be coming soon…

twinkle was feeling too awkward & she didn’t know how to react..so she sat there covering her face nervously… after a while she heard a sound & saw sm girls pushing her hubby inside….

screen freezes on twinkle’s tensed face…

PRECAP : how will twinkle’s hubby be? will he understand her & what happens with kunj? how will twinj b united??

if u wanna know then plz stay tuned & comment guys…..I don’t mind even if u throw rotten eggs but plz say something…. luv u all to d core…

Credit to: prapti


  1. Mann

    Really loved d episode n i am dam dam n dam sure that dis person is kunj . How romantic ?love twinj ##

  2. I hope that guy is kunj…and prapti ur ff is really amazing…i love it,plz update regularly.eagerly waiting for the next episode

  3. sweetie

    OMGGGG PARAPTI my hearbeats r beating so fast…. i cant wait… wooww i really hope its kunj plzzz be kunj…. cant wait to read the next episode daamnn u rock prapti i love u for that…. :* :* :*

  4. gopika

    wow,,,,prapti it is awesome and stunning…and hoping that guy is kunj….can’t wait for next eisode

  5. phycho

    Prapti di plzzzzzzzzzz update fastttttttttttt
    I have no patience yaar u left in Cliffhanger plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    update eeeeeeeeeee sooonnnn

  6. phycho

    Yeh dekho i forgot to even comment about this epi….
    Well i loved it di…..amazing as always!
    But di plz update the nxt part soonish!

    • prapti

      now I’m on cloud nine to see u cmntng Tara..u don’t have to wait much cz I posted d next epi…luv u sooooo much…

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