TEI–a diff story(epi 7)


thank u guys for ur support… plz keep commenting….here it goes-

scene 1
sarna house

black shirt & a dark purple blazer…yeah it’d be perfect–kunj decided his attire for his frnd’s wedding ceremony as it was d day of wedding….when he was opening d shopping bags he found a blue dupatta & got surprised but later he recalled d mall incident & he felt something weird yet pleasant- it was a strange feeling & he kept it carefully in d closet-

taneja house

twinkle’s day started wid chinki’s call…
T: kya yaar chinki,,subah subah disturbe kyun karti rehti hai tu??

C: yeah..its so early morning na twinkle,,,sirf 11 hi toh baje hai…

T: what? it’s 11?? ohho…that’s why maa got so irritated while calling me!! chal ab bol…

C: wake up & I’m coming.. aunty called me & asked me to go along with u all…

T: oh..but where?

scene 2
at night 8 pm-

“come on kunj- get her & my shoes”- Rohan(kunj’s friend- it was his wedding) screamed from back as kunj was running d stairs after a girl-she stole rohan’s shoes as per d wedding tradition…

the girl is shown running.. she is wearing a peach lehenga with heavy embroidery & matching earrings & maangteeka…her shiney open hair is shown..her beautiful lips,twinkling eyes,her smile…but she couldn’t handle her lehenga & fall on d floor….along with her kunj also fall on her as he was chasing her to get d shoes….kunj just couldn’t take his eyes off her, he was stunned to see her beauty…they had an eyelock ( aankho mein teri plays in bg )…but a few seconds later they came to their senses,composed themselves & made a super irritated face…

K: I don’t believe this…u came here also!!

d girl: why? only u hav rights to attend weddings…( finally her face is shown & she’s none other than twinkle )

K: look, I know I’m very handsome & dashing & u might have a crush on me but that doesn’t mean u’ll go wherever I go…

T: hold ur horses…it’s our relative’s wedding… d bride’s family is our family friends & that’s why m here..but what r u doing here?? following me??

[FB shows-
chinki came taneja house & leela reminded twinkle that d wedding of taneja’s family friend’s daughter- Ruhi was today night– FB ends]

K: I have imp works to do…d groom is my friend…but forget all these & gimme d shoes….

T: shoes!! what r u talking abt? idk anything abt any shoes..

K: oh really!! how will u know?? u r so naive,na??

T: ya,,that’s what I’m saying also( making a childish face )
{ kunj was abt to say smthing when chinki called twinkle from downstairs }

C: twinkle,,niche aaja

T: yeah,,m coming ( she pushes kunj & runs from there showing d shoes she hid)

kunj thinks-oh god!! even her name is twinkle but she’s so diff from my tu frnd twinkle…whatever, I’ll take d shoes at any cost!!

scene 3
at d marriage hall-
d wedding is complete & d bride & groom were taking blessings from all…

suddenly some song started playing on d other side of d hall & everyone moved towards there-

kunj was singing d song GF-BF & flirting with twinkle…?
throughout d song he made poor faces & requested her to b his gf (just as girish does in d main song)…& in d end he made twinkle fall in his arms & held her by waist..at that point twinkle was saying IT’S NOT THAT EASY ( like Jacqueline )..just when kunj stopped singing & shouted-BUT I MADE IT EASY ( winking at her ) & showed d groom’s shoes to her –

[FB shows-
twinkle was hiding d shoes in her waist covering by dupatta,,kunj saw this & made this plan to flirt & get d shoes- FB ends]..

all d girls along with twinkle made sad faces as they wouldn’t get money as d shoes r gone & Ruhi(Bride) also got sad for her sisters & frndz…but seeing her sad Rohan(groom) gave them 80000 rs & they all got happy…

then bidaai was done & after that everybody & twinj returned their respective homes…but this day none of them had d energy to enter tu page & they went to rest,,,but both of them recalled d wedding moments (specially d flirting part)…this tym kunj thought that-d girl is not that bad & actually cute..
and twinkle felt that she knew him somehow as if they had talked before….but both of ’em were surprised at their own thoughts & went to bed…

PRECAP–a new twist is abt to come…

guyz plz cmnt…plzz plzz plzzzzzzzz…luv u all?

Credit to: prapti

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  1. U r awesome! !!!!
    prapti I m in love with ur ff
    I am eagerly waiting for the next

    1. tnx sanam for supporting always…

  2. Good episode. Cant wait to know twist.

    1. tnx dear

  3. omg…..prapti its awesome but who is this crorepati groom giving 80000 rs to his sister in laws……not bad……!!!! lol!!! btw epis short and sweet and cute and interesting and fantabulous and awesomsauce…!!!! is anything left if yes then that too…..

    1. hehe…actually I put 80 cz I wanna have d same amount as we r 8 cousins(younger than my Di)?…& ur overflowing praising words drowned me…though I know its not worth it…still tnx from d core of my heart…

  4. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Interesting episode. Keep your idea popping.

    1. tnx star

  5. aww prapti just awesome..i just love u…

    1. tnx Tara..it means a lotttt to me & luv u too…

  6. Prapti love you!! Awesome episode … Fantastic.. Update the next one early… Just amazing!!!

    1. thank u aarti…luv u too

  7. Too good prapti….well done

    1. tnx aarti….?

  8. wow…prapti it’s soooo good…i just loved it..waiting fot next update…

    1. tysm gopika,,,ur ff is awsommme too

  9. prapti very nice update
    seriously flirting part was just awesome
    update soon

    1. tnx srija…I also enjoyed writing that part…

  10. Awsum prapti … just love it…

  11. thank u ruchi..m happy that u liked it..

  12. it was AWESOME di
    Plz update the nxt part sooon!!!

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