TEI–a diff story(epi 12) Last Episode


Goodbye day…m sad but THANK U guys for being so amazing & showering so much love..I LUV U ALL from d core of my heart

let’s get started with d epi….

Twinkle’s room-

Kunj placed twinkle on d sofa & turned to leave when he felt two arms tightly surrounding his hand from back..he told to let him go but-

T: kunj plz listen to me..at least gimme a chance to clarify

K: I don’t wanna listen to anything…m out of patience now

T: it’s hurting kunj…I feel like a dead body right now

K: I told u I don’t care

T: oh really!! So u don’t care…then why did u bring me up? Why does it matter to u if I get drenched or sick?

K: I did that for humanity & not for u but I care abt maa(leela)..she’d be worried if she saw u

T: OK,fine…u don’t go out of room..I’ll go outside & be there..u don’t need to get worried abt maa cz I’ll handle her

K: ye kya bachpana hai twinkle??

T: koyi bachpana nahi hai…u have problem with me,u don’t wanna talk to me or see my face..so I’ll go out & waise bhi u have cm to my house so I can’t let u suffer..(moved forward to go out of room)
But kunj pulls her back

K: I told u that u won’t go out..beemar padna hai,samajh nahi ataa ek bar mein koyi baat(shouting)

T: how do u care…u only told na u don’t care..it’s my life..meri marzi,main beemar padu ya mar ja(feels his fingers on her lips)

K: it’s my life also twinkle.. & dare u talk abt dying again

T: no it’s not( yelling at d top of her voice )
U have nothing to do with my life,u r my husband & I remember that..but when u don’t even wanna see my face,if my presence hurts u & if u can’t forgive me & don’t care then I don’t wish to stay here & make it worse.. Stay happy always & forgive me if possible…(trying to free herself from his grip)

K: (tightens d grip even more & pins her to d wall) u can’t have ur way always… U can’t leave me cz I haven’t allowed u to go

T: I don’t need ur permission

K: of course u need it but will nvr get it

T: achha,,tell me why? What will I do with u staying apart like this..& why r u stopping me,haan??(grabbing his collar)

K: cz I LOVE U TWINKLE… I luved u when we kept chatting on tu,I missed u everyday, I felt like dying & as if my heart was being chopped off when u didn’t make reply…I feel like i’ve known u always & that I’ve loved u always….

Twinkle stayed numb & stunned so kunj talked again

K: ab toh Maine itni lambi speech bhi de diya…kuch toh bol siyappa queen(shaking her)

T: (takes a long & hard comb from d dressing table & starts beating him up)ruko tum,,aaj tum bohot bura pitnewale ho..

K: (running all over d room) oyeee…tu jhansi ki rani kab bangayi..

T: today u r gonna see my action power..u idiot… Itni si baat bolne mein itni der lagaya tum me..aur agar itna pyaar hi tha to mujhe itna rulaaya kyun,,haan??

K: (stops & pulls her close)I realized it b4 15 mins toh how could I tell u b4..I thought with a cool mind & understood ur situation…. M sorry for hurting u but don’t leave me…& for God’s sake say something..

T: u r really a duffer…itna bhi nahi samajhte ho ki agar pyaar nahi karti tum se toh kabhi bhi sacrifice nahi karti..after all I’m the Twinkle Taneja..oops..I mean Twinkle Kunj Sarna…(kunj looks on boggled)

T: ohhhoo…I LUV U TOO Mr khadoose sarna..now don’t look so cutely or else I’ll faint looking at u…[ I luv u from bodyguard plays in bg ]

Kunj picks her up in his arms & spins her round..he then places her down making her stand & they share a bone crushing hug…
Twinj rubs their noses together…

And from here on starts a new love story which is never ending….

Screen freezes on their happy faces


Tara,Rakshita,Komal,Suu,Sanam,Muskan,Aarti,Gopika,Mannat,Akku,Anisha,RumZz,Ritzi,Panchi,Ruchi,Tammana,Misha,Aarush ( forgive me if I m missing any name)& all d silent readers–THANK U GUYS….u r soooo sweet and supporting… I luv u with all my heart…stay blessed & plzzzzz comment below…may god bless u all???

Credit to: prapti

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  1. Heyyy Prapti dear if u r ending ur ff coz of ur exams den I don’t mind but plzzz plzzz plzzz after ur exams start with a new 1 coz ur really a fenominal writer yaar….will miss ur ff alot dear

    1. Thank u soooo much Akku…yeah m ending it cz of xms as d schedule is too long..I also hope to write again & tnx a lot

  2. will miss ur ff . 🙁

    1. I will miss u too..tnx dear

  3. yes prapti u r a very good writer
    and plzz come back soon.
    i will miss ur ff very much

    1. Tysm mia,,,I’ll miss u

  4. Gonna miss it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
    Do start an new season plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … luv u

    1. Sanam dear…I’ll miss ur cmnts soooooooooo much..u hv been a gr8 frnd always.. Why don’t u join our tei whatsapp grp?

      1. Wow tysm but I can’t for the timings as I have deactivated it
        Well I am on fb

      2. So join the fb group sanam….giv me ur name on fb…I’ll send u friend request

  5. I m soooooooo sorry..I don’t know why d other names didn’t get printed…but I thank each nd everyone who have beared me n my ff for these days…u all mean a lottttt to me & u r a part of my life…luv u all & stay blessed?

  6. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    awesome… will miss u and back with a great story line

    1. Tnx tamanna…let’s hope any new idea to strike my mind…

  7. awesome epi prapti….. wl miss u and ur ff a lot ……. and pls aftr xm come wd a nw 1 ….. till thn wl miss u …. and al d bst fr ur xms …..

    1. Thank u panchi for ur wishes…wl miss u too

  8. Nice prapti going to miss u

    1. Tnx harna..miss u too

  9. Amazing… Miss u nd ur ff Prapti…
    If possible then after xam plz write a new ff… Luv u dear 🙂 😉

    1. Tysm ruchi..I’ll def write if anything comes up on mind..

    1. Thank u musu

  10. Guys one more thing & I think it’s necessary to inform that I may not be able to comment frequently on ur ffs as I hv xms but I luv all ur ffs very much…so if u don’t see my cmnt don’t think I didn’t read it…

  11. prathi nice one yaar and writ ur exams well and come back soon

    1. Tnx Di..

  12. Itss Fantastic, amazing, osum yr lik ays!!?? Bt i will really miss u nd urrr fff alott!! Cm bck wid new story!! ?????????????????

    1. Thanu u dear Suu…I’ll miss ur cmnts too..but we can chat on whatsapp?

  13. Will miss your ff!

    1. Tnx ritzi & I luv ur ff..keep writing

  14. Anisha (Phycho)

    Prapti di…..i’ll def miss ur ff….
    It’s a request di…please write another one after ur exams???
    Btw the epi was FANTASTIC di……loved it to the core of my heart…..

    Please accept my request di….i beg of u!!! *puppy face*

    1. Awwwwww anisha…tysm..I will try to write for sure if I get any new idea…tnx again?

  15. Awesome episodes i loved dat wld miss ur episodes.. ?

    1. Tnx komal for commenting & m gonna miss u too

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