TEI–a diff story(epi 11)


Hellooo everyone… I’m back but m so sorry for being late as my boards gonna start soon..so today I won’t waste any more time & go directly to d epi but make sure that u comment below…?

Scene 1
Twinkle’s balcony-

T: here take it( passing a cup of hot coffee to kunj )

K: what? Oh,,so u got coffee for me…but lemme think whether I’ll have it or not…(acts like thinking deeply knocking his forehead)

K: okay,,d weather is cool as it’s so windy & seems like it’ll rain soon & most importantly I got married with d gr8 siyappa queen..so I deserve a cup of hot coffee…

T: oh plz,,get a grip on urself..mom(usha) told me that u luv coffee & it’s ur childhood habit…& dare u call me siyappa queen ever again..u khadoose sarna…

K: uhh mom…OK fine,,let’s not fight..this coffee is to celebrate our new weird friendship.. Bol,,qubool hai??(forwarding his hand)

T: ummmmmm…chalo,tum bhi kya yaad rakkho ge..qubool hai & winks( giving her hand into his)

Then kunj starts cracking jokes & tells her abt pranks he played & what not…twinkle looks at him lovingly while he talks…(sajna ve plays in bg)

Scene 2
Twinkle’s room-

Kunj had gone to washroom to change into night clothes & all this while twinkle kept thinking abt their moments.. d friendship, d cute fights,d care & everything… She decided to tell him that she is d twinkle with whom he used to chat in tu..she decided that she would tell him how much she loved him & she wanted to start her married life with truth…so when kunj came out of washroom-

K: kya hua,aise kyun baithi hai? U wanna say smthing?

T: will u go to d garden with me?

K: at this hour u wanna go to garden,,tu ulloo hai kya,soti nahi raat ko?

T: c’mon..plzz chalo na…

K: OK..( and they go downstairs in d garden )

K: so,now what to do??

T: I wanna tell u smthing,,plz don’t be mad at me & hear me out..promise me u won’t interrupt

K: is it serious, any problem twinkle? (Being concerned)

T: ohho,,u promise na..

K: ok,fine.. Tell me what is it & I will hear u..

T: kunj I know abt ur tu frnd twinkle cz that’s me..(and tells him everything that how she understood abt kunj,how she got bounded by Leela’s promise to marry,why didn’t she reply to his texts,why couldn’t she meet him in d park)

Kunj was stunned to hear that and he turned red in anger but stood quietly…

T: plz say smthing kunj,yell at me,slap me but don’t stay numb..m dying.. Plzz( holding his arm )

[ It started to rain heavily ]

K: ( jerking her away ) don’t u say a single word anymore twinkle.. Do u have any idea what m I going through,do u know how much did I wait for ur reply,u know how I missed u, do u know how did I control my emotions, how I thought to start life with u afresh..DO U EVEN CARE TO KNOW???( teardrops falling from his eyes )

[ tujhe bhula diya plays ]

Naina lagiya barisha..te sukhe sukhe sapne bhi bhij gayi
Naina lagiya baarisha..rove palkan de kone vich neende meri…
har pal har lamha main kaise sehta hoon
Har pal har lamha main khud se
ye kehta rehta noon…
Tujhe bhula diya ooo..tujhe bhula diya
Phir kyun Teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya oo..muje rula diya. ]

T: I endured the pain too kunj,,but I couldn’t tell u b4 as maa fixed my wedding & even I was stunned to see u as my husband…plz lis-(kunj cuts her off)

K: just let it be & cm to d room..it’s raining & maa(leela) will be tensed if she gets to know abt us being out of room..

T: but plz listen to me once.. Or I won’t go in room

K: fine,be here & get sick,,I don’t need to care..( and goes inside )

Twinkle stands there still & doesn’t even move a bit…

In room-
Kunj was thinking in his mind– why did u do this twinkle, we started coming close & u had to ruin it…( but he also gets worried as d rainfall increased & he saw twinkle sitting on ground crying her heart out & drenching in rain & couldn’t stop himself anymore )

Scene 3

Twinkle saw kunj coming like a storm & b4 she could understand anything she found herself in his arms…
kunj carried twinkle in his arms & stopped only when they reached twinkle’s room & placed her on d sofa..(sajna ve plays in bg )

Screen freezes on twinkle’s face looking at kunj with pain in her eyes…

PRECAP: luv confession & patch up….

Guys d next epi will be d last of my ff…so plz comment if u like it & even if u don’t.. Every sort of comment is welcomed… Luv u all to d moon and back..??

Credit to: prapti

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  1. oh no . i liked it veryyyyy much ..

    1. Tnx chandra

  2. Wow yar Awsome

    1. Tnx dheemahee…i luv ur name

    1. Ohh ritzi…tnx dear..?

  3. Wow so cute yar..I juz lovz d Jodi Kunj n twinki..Tashn wala Ishq..juz LovZ it..lkd lot

    1. Tnx RumZz…yaar u cmntd for d first time & m soooo happy for that..tnx again..

  4. awesome episode ….. loved it …. wtng fr d nxt one

    1. Thank u Panchi for giving support always…

  5. Superb , awesome, fanyastic prapti
    U have no idea as to how much I missed it ff. .luv u

    1. U have no idea how many times I tried to post it & how much I missed ur cmnts…luv u too..u r truly a gr8 fend?

  6. Anisha (Phycho)

    U can’t be serious Prapti…..
    How can u just end ur ff…..no ways prapti…..
    Ok fine…..but plzzzz tell me u gonna start a new ff please yaar….

    And this epi was FAB dear….
    Loved it to the core of my heart….
    N woow luv confession….cool can’t wait for it
    I want the nxt ASAP…. *greedy me*

    1. Mmm…ya I’ll write if smthing new comes up in my mind but that will be possible when my boards get over…btw anisha,,,tysm…

  7. Where were u prapti
    I missed ur ff
    See for u i became no more silent reader
    Well u r amazing writer
    I dont know about others bt i expect from u alot
    Keep writing

    1. Meri mannat tu..tujhko hai rab se maanga….
      it’s so good to see u cmmtng that’s too on my ff..tnx for speaking up at last..luving u for that…

  8. Prapti its amazing yr… Y r u ending this ff…??? Plz dnt end it

    1. Tysm ruchi..but now I have to end it as my exam schedule is two months long & I can’t post it b4 that…but tnx for ur support… Muahh

  9. Prapti i missed ur ff alot!!! Btw epi is fantastic superb as usual!!! Loved itt!! ?????????????????????????????

    1. Suu Suu & dear Suu…ty ty ty so much…I missed ur cmnts too cz ull have become an integral part of my life…luv ya & miss me…hehe?

    2. lol..suu why did u put fullstops??/

  10. ooooooooo noooooooooooooooo…reading the precap i was superb excited….bt after reading the next few lines my heart broke…..i knw its very bad to say this everytime..bt what to do..ur story was so unique..that i dont want it to end…anyways..all the best for ur xams…nd come back soon

    1. Tnx tara …but dear u make my goodbye even harder by cmntng soooo sweetly always… Even I hope to cm back soon…

  11. Osm prapti…very amazing ff….luv u dear…..plzzzzz cont sooonn………..

    1. Thank u zikra…luv u too

  12. I just luv ur ff dont end it pls!!!!!!!!! U r just fab dear ! Ur ff made me a commenter frm a silent rdr!!:-D

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