TEI–a diff story(epi 10)


hlw everyone,, I’m back wid d 10th episode & I m soooo happy wid ur response & immense support… thank u from d core of my heart….
it starts–

scene 1
twinj’s room-

twinkle came out of d washroom after a shower & saw bebe sitting on d bed…

T: good morning, bebe…when did u come?

B: just now puttar,,I came to see if u woke up but u r ready also…wah!!

T: aaj pata nahi kaise jaldi uth gayi waise to I wake up late…

B: ok,fine…now that u’ve taken shower get ready soon..& make sure u wear this(hand overing a beautiful dark blue lehenga & accessories)

T: OK bebe…(bebe leaves)

twinkle thinks– I’ll check if my khadoos but cuteee hubby has replied on tu…she sees his text & thinks( oh babaji, its already 10 am,how am I gonna meet him at 12?? but for now I’ll get ready for mooh deekhai )

at 11:15–
twinkle is sitting in d hall covering her face as d rituals have started… she is constantly thinking of a way to get out but soon understands it won’t be possible to leave from here b4 1pm at least…

scene 2
at 11:56–

here kunj had been waiting eagerly in d garden for abt half an hour & walking impatiently..but he couldn’t find anyone to be marked as twinkle.. so he checked in tu to see if there was any text & seeing it he lost his temper & hurriedly drove off to his home…

reaching sarna house kunj found twinkle amidst the crowd when twinkle turned to find him nd smiled at him…kunj climbed up d stairs making his way & stormed into his room…he sat on his yellow chair & wondered by himself that how can a person turn from a promise so easily when it’s such a hard situation…

scene 3
taneja house–

(in my ff tanejas & sarnas r not neighbors but d houses r not too far also)
it was evening 7 pm & twinj were sitting in twinkle’s balcony… both were silent as they didn’t find anything to talk abt…suddenly twinkle’s eyes meet kunj’s & she passes him a smile..kunj after a lot of trying smiles back to her awkwardly…{ khamoshiyan awaaz hai- plays in bg }

[ FB shows–

at noon after kunj reached home bebe came to his room with twinkle & asked him to get ready & go with her to taneja house as they had to stay there for a night cz it was a ritual
FB ends ]

twinkle thinks seeing kunj- oh,,toh ab khadoose sarna good hubby wale mission pe hai,,,he’s so angry & hurt but still trying to be sweet to me…bechare ko smile bhi zabardasti se karna pad raha hai,,,very bad twinkle..u should have told him..no problem, u can tell tomorrow…

kunj’s thinking- god plz gimme strength & patience… I’ve to fulfill my duties towards her..no matter how hurt I m but it’s not her fault so I’ll be nice to her…

[ FB shows–

at park when kunj checked tu he saw a text of twinkle saying that she can’t meet him so soon as she’s not sure if he can be trusted & said she needs tym for this…
on d other hand twinkle is shown thinking that she wants to see how he reacts if she doesn’t agree to meet nd decided
to send that text to him….
FB ends ] now as kunj decided to be nice to her he thought to be frndz with her…

K: umm..twinkle..I know we’ve fought a lot but let’s end this… umm..cd we be frnds??(forwarding his hand)

Twinkle puts a finger on her forehead and knocks it..then gives her hand too saying-

T: okay..but u don’t have to change ur behavior & attitude bcz of me…u can fight with me as much as u want but only after being my bestie & we can call it tashan-e-dosti,,,deal??

K: done,siyappa queen…(shaking hands & smiling genuinely)

T: u r khadoose sarna(making face)

screen freezes on their smiling faces

PRECAP—twinj cute moments


plzz comment guys & if u don’t like it then u r welcomed to criticize even…luv u all…:-*

Credit to: prapti

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  1. nyc episode….

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    Update the nxt part soonish!!!

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  5. Amazingg epii Prapti ☺?

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  6. Hey..misha here..I loved the update..you have great writing skills for good than me..love you so much and keep writing ????

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    Splendid! Loved It

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  11. Amazing episode!!!! What is tu?? I have used it 2-3 times I couldn’t get its meaning pls tell

    1. TU is the short form of Telly Updates…i.e, this page..

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    love it soooooooooo much. ..★★★★★

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