TEI–a diff story (Intro & epi 1)

guyz,,this is my 1st ever ff. So I need ur support & plzz do cmnt whether u lyk it or not…..

characters r as usual..well in my ff twinj Wl b meeting each other in an online page of tu just lyk many of us do….

scene 1

ohh,,today’s epi was awesome.. d pair looks so cute & mr.sm1 do u mind being my frnd???-TWINKLE cmnted on a written update of tu

scene 2

well..I’m an expert in making frnds…so I don’t mind befriending u– Mr.sm1 replied to twinkle’s cmnt.

(while replying to twinkle’s cmnt Mr.sm1 thought to himself—
oh god!!these girls r just mad after me…now sm twinkle wants to b my frnd..babaji,,how did u make me so handsome.. but anyways I can’t make anybody sad after all I’m d great KUNJ SARNA..:) )

on d other side twinkle was hesitant to post that befriending cmnt but she just couldn’t help her desire to know about dat Mr.sm1 as he seemed an interesting soul to her…

[today there will b no precap as I need to know if u lyk it or not]

plzz tell me whether I should update or not,,as I’m not a good writer I need ur support badly…. so plz share ur views & suggestions…..

Credit to: prapti


  1. komal

    A totally different plot i like reading ff’s if its abt twinj nd ur ff has great start kunj is so self proud i hope he fell for twinkle first

  2. tara

    wow..such a unique thinking..i mean gr8..can’t blve something like this can also happen..
    go ahead…amar just oshadharon legeche….bishon bhalo!!

  3. Rakshita

    Hey prapti….very nice episode….Nd new thinking…..tellyupdates….Nd were Twinj cmntng on themselves…like lol???…..bahu bhal cho eko episode…. Keep it up…..but bahu nan cho….thod bad banjo…..????….sorry if u don’t understand….. Actually I have praised ur ff….in my language!!!

  4. prapti

    ohho,,manne toh lage hai atthe saare bhaasaon ka sammelan ho reyo hai…lol,,,tell me if this rajasthani was correct…!

    • tara

      marhe ko toh chokho lage hai..ab atthe kauno rajhasthani na se jo manne batayga ke je thk bhi bola k nhi!
      lol..i also tried..

  5. Rakshita

    Manne to lag se ke sari Rajasthani choriyan Anne chore atthe hi jama ho Gaye ke??? Manner that I boli chokhi lagi Ab Zara manne bhi bata do Ko mai pass ho gayi ya fail…….!!! I tried too…..Nd Tara Plss Do reply my msg….!!!

  6. Rakshita

    Ami mane kari saba ba alira ekhane achena…..guys Plss tell if this is correct Bengali…I wanted to say that all Bengali’s are gathered here…!!!???

    • tara

      not bad rakshita..”ami mone kori sob bangali ra ekhane joro hoyeche” is xctly the meaning of what u wanna say..bt nice try..

    • tara

      haha..yeah..u know when i started my ffs and cmmnting i never thought i will get so many bengali ppl here..oh m feeling so happy..
      tina prapti…where do u all stay btw??

      • Rakshita

        Guys I am so sorry…..I know some Bengali as many of my frndz are Bengali…but still sorry if some one feels hurt Nd thanks Tara for correcting me….!!!

  7. prapti

    OK …now tell me guys,,,u want d next epi as an online convo or u want them to meet?? & I’m gonna put d next epi as epi 2

  8. prapti

    tnx ruchi & komal behna…paidaishi bangali hoon toh ki fadak painda?? dill toh bhangra hi paana chahta hai…?…now correct me

  9. Nobody

    Hey komal I lived in Punjab for 10 years so all my habits are similar to punjabis…..like food choice clothing choice etc….!!

  10. tara

    no i m nt surprised prapti…nd rakshita nthng to feel bad…nd komal so u r punjabi…gr8 ha…
    btw prapti dnt make them meet so early..i thnk they so nt meet each other b4 they get married..infact they shall discover it aftr the marriage tht they had been cmntng..
    if its okay wid u then u can go 4 it..else as u wish!

  11. Araadhya

    jai shri krishna,mitron. hun Araadhya chu . hun gujarati chu……anne tellyupdates par navo chu…..jo pan mari bhasha samjho che aethi maari vinti che ki manne bhi tamare tashan-e-ishq parivaar na sadasya banvu che…… anne beeji vaat aiyan badho rajyo no jan shaamil hatho…to ae mero saubhagya hato ki badha jan ne saathe vaart karyu…….guys hii i am araadhya and i am a gujarati…..so lets see how many of u get it…..and plss recognize me…..though i am a rare commentor on ffs u alll know me!!!

    • tara

      okay okay..i understood what u said..although i can speak gujrati i think i can understand what u said…
      “jai shri krishna friends(the way u ppl usually greet others) ..i m araadhya.. i am a gujrathi…and am new in telly updates..all those who understand my language its my request to them that plzz include me as a member of tashan e ishq family(or i also want to be a member of tei family) and the main fact…….
      okay i understood uptil here..and then m getting pretty confused..u plzz tell m i right or wrong…
      btw do we know u..ummmmmmmm lemme guess…

    • tara

      hey..prapti..she is not new..look at her comment..bt m unable to get who she is..plzz yaar break the suspense…

  12. Araadhya

    Hey Tara……. I knw itz too much for u to guess I won’t tell it until someone is sure who really am I…..!!! I may or may not be rakshita and I may or may not be smc….!!!

    • tara

      u knw y m telling this prapti?? coz when i was chatting wid rakshita ..her answer made me feel so..even she was playing the prank wid me…

      • Araadhya

        Guys how u can be so rude wid me and that girl rakshita……..I m araadhya …..my name is araadhya Patel……!!! And I m in class 10 studying in Vadodara….!!!

    • tara

      no we are not all gujratis…we belong to diff states wid diff lang…i am a bengalee…
      u can also join us…abhi..

  13. Araadhya

    Sooty if I was rude wid anyone …..Tara I m sorry…are unsure that I m rakshita…then u r right…..hey gals this time I was trying to just lighten up ur mood…as its board time Nd its very tensening matter for all students…..so plzzz don’t mind….and this time I was able engage u for one day…not bad right???? Ohk…..now I m rakshita Nd I m not a Gujarati ……though I reside in Gujarat……..Nd thnx abhi we all r frndz so we chat here!!!

  14. prapti

    sry Araadhya if u r hurt but we didn’t mean to hurt u…plzz batado yaar kya hum tumhe jaante hai or is this a prank??

  15. Rakshita

    Prapti read the cmmt again araadhya has written….it has all your answers…….nd I purposely wrote that you were rude do that you believe that araadhya nd rakshita r not same……i jst wants def to make everybody feel relax bfore boa er ds see o that they don’t panic….???

  16. prapti

    yeah. saw it…yaar rakshita,, u’ve taken a hard job to relaxing everyone….& ruchi there’s no time limit of having fun..u r always wlcm here

  17. prapti

    tnx shanaya…btw it’s gr8 u know…sob bhasha shekha hoye jabe mone hochche?…I know many of u didn’t get it but don’t worry,.I said that m feeling lyk I’ll learn all languages here

    • tara

      haha,,amar toh mone hochche je eta kono jatio bhasar class cholche…online comments ar dara..prapti eta sottie akta onno golpo…jekhane somosto bhasar lok nijer bhasay tader montobbo rakkche…
      okay how many of u understood what i said?? rakshita wbu??

      • Rakshita

        a try: u want to say that” i think that some class of different religious languages is going on through comments……prapti u r telling truth…sorry after that i m not able to…..u go ahead and tell!!!

  18. prapti

    yupp,,r mojar byaper holo j sobai onno bhasha bojhar try korche..ei review er byaper ta na thakle aro bhalo hoto,tahole sathe sathe cmnts post hoye jeto

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.