TEI–a diff story (Intro & epi 1)

guyz,,this is my 1st ever ff. So I need ur support & plzz do cmnt whether u lyk it or not…..

characters r as usual..well in my ff twinj Wl b meeting each other in an online page of tu just lyk many of us do….

scene 1

ohh,,today’s epi was awesome.. d pair looks so cute & mr.sm1 do u mind being my frnd???-TWINKLE cmnted on a written update of tu

scene 2

well..I’m an expert in making frnds…so I don’t mind befriending u– Mr.sm1 replied to twinkle’s cmnt.

(while replying to twinkle’s cmnt Mr.sm1 thought to himself—
oh god!!these girls r just mad after me…now sm twinkle wants to b my frnd..babaji,,how did u make me so handsome.. but anyways I can’t make anybody sad after all I’m d great KUNJ SARNA..:) )

on d other side twinkle was hesitant to post that befriending cmnt but she just couldn’t help her desire to know about dat Mr.sm1 as he seemed an interesting soul to her…

[today there will b no precap as I need to know if u lyk it or not]

plzz tell me whether I should update or not,,as I’m not a good writer I need ur support badly…. so plz share ur views & suggestions…..

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  1. Thanks guys…for including me.But iam a malayalee..

    1. ohk thts smthng which i really dnt knw..hehe

      1. Do anyone here is a malayalee..

    2. Abhi I am a malayalee

    3. i am also a malayalee..

  2. Sorry…Amy is me don’t misunderstand..

  3. Dear, your FF has an amazing story line!!
    Keep writing!!

    I’m new here and i’m from Odisha

  4. tnx shanaya…btw it’s gr8 u know…sob bhasha shekha hoye jabe mone hochche?…I know many of u didn’t get it but don’t worry,.I said that m feeling lyk I’ll learn all languages here

    1. haha,,amar toh mone hochche je eta kono jatio bhasar class cholche…online comments ar dara..prapti eta sottie akta onno golpo…jekhane somosto bhasar lok nijer bhasay tader montobbo rakkche…
      okay how many of u understood what i said?? rakshita wbu??

      1. a try: u want to say that” i think that some class of different religious languages is going on through comments……prapti u r telling truth…sorry after that i m not able to…..u go ahead and tell!!!

  5. yupp,,r mojar byaper holo j sobai onno bhasha bojhar try korche..ei review er byaper ta na thakle aro bhalo hoto,tahole sathe sathe cmnts post hoye jeto

  6. ha majhe majhe review te eto time lage na je matha gorom hoye jay..

    1. tara ohk now i m not a bengali but i will try. u said that ur comment takes so much time to review that ur mercury shoots….i.e. ur temper bcomes high!!!

      1. perfect..

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