TEI–a diff story (epi 4)

hlw u lovely ppl…I’m back wid d 4th epi of my ff & I really hope that m not boring u…plzz lemme know if u lyk it & also if u don’t…

scene 1
next day–
kunj was angry & upset as well for d incident of d previous day…so this day he didn’t even lyk d idea of visiting tu page…but inside his heart he was feeling restless….

taneja house–
twinkle also woke up wid a bad mood for d same reason….she wanted to check if there was any response from him but she hesitated & went to freshen up…

after a while leela came & saw twinkle upset & tried to cheer her up but in vain… so she called chinki & told her to take twinkle shopping as it always worked as a therapy for her…..

scene 2
shopping mall–
twinkle was checking out some dresses,,she wanted to show it to chinki but couldn’t find her near herself..so she started looking for her…she had gone only a few steps when she collided wid a guy & fall over him…[ it’s none other than kunj himself ]
they shared an eyelock for some moments…(sajna ve plays in bg)
kunj broke d eyelock pushing twinkle up saying–

K: oh hello…uthneka iraada hai?

T: (getting up)that was just a mistake… I’m sorry for that..

K: yeah,,I know…u girls r expert in making such mistakes…u just need a handsome guy & u readily make mistakes…

T: wait,what??? how can u b so mean? u r just talking nonsense as I’m not saying anything…

K: listen,I know what I’m saying

T: btw,,who told u that u r handsome?? I think u have sm problem in ur eyesight & that’s why u don’t see ur face properly….

K: u go & get a checkup done…I’m d most eligible guy…girls are & have always been crazy for me…

T: oh really!! I guess then u haven’t met any girl till date who is not blind…& stop talking abt being eligible cz u r talking to me…miss Amritsar…

K: is that so? then I think all d judges were blind or bribed…humphhh!!!

T: u boys r just d same…u always say whatever u lyk without even knowing d proper reason,, I told u that I’m sorry..& it happened unknowingly but u r making it such a big issue…(she says remembering abt her tu frnd kunj)

K: u girls r no less,,, first u make problems & then u expect us to understand handle them..( he was also saying this remembering his online fight )
[unknowingly they r talking abt each other & arguing]

{ twinkle was abt to say something when chinki came & stopped her }

C: stop it,yaar…what r u doing? see,ppl r getting so irritated hearing ur fights..

T: don’t tell me,,he started this fight only(pointing at kunj)

K: listen I did nothing,, u started this all,remember??

C: ohh..shut up u both (she pulls twinkle from there)

Twinkle to chinki– did u see him? he was so rude!! m feeling lyk killing him..

Chinki–what’s wrong wid u,yaar?? he was soo cute..I wish he was my boyfriend?

Twinkle: don’t worry..I’ll never let u have such a grumpy bf…khadoos kahika…

scene 3
at night–
returning home kunj thought over there fight again(online) & he realized that it was not twinkle’s fault if her cousin said bad things to him..so he decided to patch up with twinkle…
later,before sleep twinkle couldn’t resist herself anymore & checked for a reply of him…(on tu page) she got really happy seeing this–

K: ummm…twinkle, I don’t know how to say this but I realized that it was not ur fault..& I kinda overreacted.. so can we forget abt this & start afresh??

T: oh god!! thank u soo..much,,yeah even I want to forget this & take our friendship ahead..

K: thank u & m sry for whatever I said…so, good night & we will talk tmrw na?

T: ya,sure….good night
( this night they both went to bed peacefully )

PRECAP–some sweet moments as well as nok-jhok

so guys,,tell me if u lyk this idea of online patch up & real life fight…plzz cmnt,,luv u all?

Credit to: prapti


  1. Ff reader

    Its really good dear. Keep writing in the same way… waiting for your next episode.
    Hope so you upload faster

    • prapti

      tysm ff reader…l’ll try to upload faster but can’t promise as my boards r knocking at d door…plzz keep reading & tnx again

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