TEI–a diff story (epi 3)

hlw everyone…sry for updating late….guyz plz cmnt-it’s a request cz I can’t understand if u lyk it or not…so here it goes….

scene 1

the next day-
twinkle just checked in tu page & was about to start their chat on cmnts but just then bubbly entered…
B: good morning, Di..

T: morning little sis..koyi kam tha kya?

B: ya,,actually mom is calling u…unke make-up mein help ke liye & u hv to go now

T: OK ok …m going but lemme get out of tu page

B: no problem Di..I’ll do that. U go fast

[ twinkle went to help pinni & meanwhile when bubbly thought to turn d data off & come out of tu page she accidentally noticed twinj’s previous chats…& then she decided to reply kunj roughly as he was not telling about his address….]
so bubbly wrote(though bubbly wrote these things but it got posted by twinkle’s name as d laptop was her) & it got posted lyk–

T: hey mister,why r u behaving so weirdly? u even told ur name after asking & now u can’t even say where u live…so why did u ask my Di so many questions,ha?? now leave this attitude cz no one really cares about it…

scene 2
that day when kunj read twinkle’s cmnt (written by bubbly)he got astonished as well as angry…

Kunj’s thought:
[ what d hell…this girl seems to have lost it…she was being so sweet & now she replied so rudely & why is she talking about her Di? I don’t even understand ] & so he replied saying-

K: r u mad or what? u were being so sweet & suddenly u started this bakwas…I don’t understand anything of it & how can I ask question to ur Di? l don’t even know u & u r talking about my attitude so I have a free advice- get ur brain checked asap…

scene 3
now when twinkle came & saw all these cmnts she just didn’t know what to do…as bubbly had put her newly made friendship at stake…she rapidly replied saying–

T: I’m really sorry kunj. I never wrote these things but I don’t know how to make u understand…it was my cousin…she saw our chats accidentally & said all those harsh words to u…plz forgive me…

(kunj’s reply)-

K: oh c’mon..u want me to believe all these… u know what, just stop talking to me,ok? & even if it’s true then I’d teach a lesson to d person…

T: I know she did wrong but it wasn’t intentional,, plz understand

K: u know what,just forget it…

twinkle couldn’t persuade him so she became very sad….on d other side kunj was also sad but he just couldn’t control his anger…twinkle cried thinking abt this…{bahe naina plays in bg}

kyun na bole mo se mohan
kyun hai ruthe ruthe mohan
kyun,kaise manaau…haaye
kaise manaau…………………..
bahe naina bhare more naina
jhare more nainaaa..haay
more naina sune nahi kehna
bahe more naina

screen freezes on their sad faces…

PRECAP–what will happen??will d fight come to an end or it will get bigger??hey, how abt a patch up & a fight together??
if u wanna find out then plz stay tuned & cmnt plzz if possible..& btw,was that long enough??

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  1. wow….nice prapti…

    1. tnx gopika

  2. I think a patch nd a fight together will do.. well its amazing bus keep yr ff a bit longer its too short

    1. tnx komal & I’ll try to make it longer but plz keep cmnting as they r my strength

  3. awesome prapti

    1. tnx tammana…keep commenting

  4. awesome prapti

    1. thank u sanam…ur’s is also nice

  5. Prapti nice epi but one req. can u make the nxt epi a longer one if possible…

    1. I’ll try to make it longer ruchi & tnx 4 ur support

  6. Superb

    1. thank u sabanana

  7. u knw i commented bt dnt knw y it neva got posted…
    anyways i loved this epi..and u may do as u wish..fight or patch up..bt don’t drag anything for too long..hehe

    1. don’t worry Tara,,even I hate dragging things…& of course thank u…

  8. Wow prapti lovely yrr

    1. thank u sanu & plz keep reading

    1. thank u akankhya…?????

  9. Anything that make awesome …keep it up yaar…love it…

    1. thank u harna & let’s see what happens…

  10. Woww itss amazingg yaar !! But can u plzz make the nxt epi a bit longer plzz

    1. yeah sunaina,I’ll try to make it longer.. thank u…m glad that u liked it

  11. lovely and very nice

    1. tnx yaar Tina…

  12. Its lovely Prapti!! Keep Writing! 🙂

    1. tysm shanaya….feeling inspired 2 hear that u want me to keep writing…?

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