TEI Competition: The story of us (One Shot)

Tashan-E-Ishq :The Author Recognition Competation
The story of us.

Twinkle, Yuvraaj and Kunj were friends. Twinkle and Kunj were married. They had a daughter, Jasmin.
One day,
Jasmin: Mumma, Rhea told her parents met at the Eiffel Tower. Where did you and papa Meet?
Twinkle: Bacha. I’ll tell u some other day. Now go, Tuffy (Pet dog) is calling you.
Jasmin: Okay, but remember you have to tell me how you Met? Okay?
Twinkle: Okay, mera Bacha.

Jasmin leaves. Twinkle walks to the store room and takes out a diary from there. The diary was covered with dust and spiderweb. She took the diary to her room n dusted it with a cloth. The cover of the diary read -‘FOREVER IN OUR MINDS-MEMORIES’ and there were solo pics and group photos of TwiNj, YuHi, Alisha, Chinki, Tahir.
She turned the page. The first page had a photo of two lovely people, along with some lines – WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF DREAMS with Yuvraaj Luthra And Twinkle Taneja.
Yes, they were childhood besties. Headstrong. Bold. Beautiful. Tanejas n Luthras counted in the richest families of Amritsar n thus, ruled over the city. So, Twinkle n Yuvraaj were in same class, same section, same pre school n even same school. People teased them over being an item, but only did they knew what they were to each other – BFFEs – Best friends forever and ever.
Twinkle was smiling all over the whole recalling those days. Yuvi was an aspiring photographer n thus he clicked many of Twinkle and his’ photos. Twinkle’s birthday where she had cake all over; both lying in their family park holding hands (Yuvi had a handycam, then, so it was easy to click his own pics, too). They had pics with eating one chocolate bar from both the sides when they were 15. Also, a pic where Twinkle n Yuvi were posing with their bodyguards, pretending as bodyguards with uniform and headset. Yuvi also clicked Twinkle’s pic when she was still sleeping in a her room at 12 Pm in the night suit on Yuvi’s 17th birthday. One pic (KNOCK KNOCK) had been clicked when Yuvraaj brought phn to school in class 11.
Twinkle came back to the real world, kept the diary aside n opened the door. She found Jasmine standing there, cheerfully.
Jasmine: Mumma, I wanna go to Nani’s place, please.
Twinkle : Sure, baby. Ask Shyam uncle (Driver) to drop u there.
Jasmine: Thankyou Mumma! I love you so much.
Twinkle : I love you too, sweetheart. Now go, Nani must b missing you.
Jasmine: Mumma, I’ll go but you know Mihika, She has a younger brother. I also want one.
Twinkle(Blushes): Okay! I’ll talk to your dad about it. Bie. Mumma loves you.
Jasmine: Biee, Mumma.

Twinkle smiles n returns to her room.
She calls Yuvi.
Twi : Yuvi, Hello.
Yuvi : Twinkle. Hii….. Jaldi bol? Ab kya Siyappa kar diya?Kunj sahi hai na? Princess ko toh kuchh ni hua? Mai ghar aau?
Twi : Shut up. Yuvi, you’re such a Dog. Happy friendship OOPS. Happy best friendships day, dumbo.
Yuvi : Oh, sorry! Happy best friendships day.
Twi : Yuvi, I need your help. Come home.
Yuvi : Ab kya Siyappa? Chal koi nii. Mai shoot complete karke aata hu. Biee
Twi : Huh, biee.

Soo, yes, Now Yuvraaj is the best photographer in India n is soon going to West.

Yuvraaj comes to Twinkle’s home.
They sit together, smiled at each other n opened the diary to the page Twinkle left. The page read – ‘THE COLLEGE DAYS’
The pic showed Twinkle changing to heels from flats in the car with door open.
Twinkle laughed seeing it and said,”That moment, changed my life. No. I got my life, then.”

The first day of college. Yuvi n Twinkle again landed in the same place. They went to the college in different cars. Yuvraaj reached first, took out his camera and started to click photographs. On the other hand, Twinkle was in her Mercedes changing to her red high heels, wearing a Red crop top and black three button jeans. The driver had opened the door many students looked there in shock seeing such a beauty. But, there was someone looking at his mobile phone, who came towards her car’s door, towards her and suddenly on her (as the door was open). He got up, saw Twinkle n was shocked.
He : Wat r u doing here? Get out of here. My pokemon. I was going to catch it, but you. You don’t know me, I think. I am the heir of sarna industries, Kunj Sarna.
Twi (attitude/tashan): Abey, chal. You are in my car n asking me to get out. You don’t know me. I’m Twinkle Taneja, heiress of Taneja industries.

Both were staring at each other, angrily, him on her.
Yuvi entered the car into driver’s seat and captured the moment.


Twinkle : I told you not to click this one.
Yuvraaj: Which One? Oh, This! Kunj and yours first kiss.
Twinkle: Yeah!


One day, everyone decided to play blindfold game. Twinkle was blindfolded, first . The rule of the game stated That one whom the player catches, the player(if girl) has to kiss if he is a boy and slap if a girl and other way round if a boy. Twinkle was roaming in the college, blindfolded. Kunj was passing by, wearing a black shirt with red pants and three of his shirt’s three buttons open. Twinkle caught him. She felt his abs, and got to know, she caught a boy. She got close to him and shared a lip lock. This happened so quickly, Kunj stood shocked. Yuvi clicked this blissful moment, once again.


Twinkle : Oh, God! The first kiss.
Yuvi: Hmm. I clicked.
Twinkle : Ikr.
Yuvi: Well, Remember. When Kunj proposed you?
Where’s the Pic? N yaa, don’t give clicking credits. Tere liye kuchh b.
Twinkle : Whatever!

The pic showed Kunj holding a plastic ring and kneeling. His hand was bleeding. Twinkle stood In front of him, mouth wide open.


One day, in the canteen, Arnav proposed Twinkle. Till then, there had been closeness in Twinj’s meets. They had started to feel for each other. When Kunj saw Arnav close to Twinkle with a ring, he lost his temper. He got up and started beating Arnav.
Kunj: How dare you? How could You? Tumhari himmat kaise hui?
Twinkle, somehow, managed to stop Kunj from beating Arnav, more, who was already half bleeding.
Twinkle ( cries ) : What was this, Kunj? What he did to you? Kya bigada tha usne tumhara?
Kunj: Twinkle, you were going to accept his proposal? M bhul gayi hamari pehli meet m hamari Closeness? Our accidently first Kiss? Our so many Hugs?
Twinkle : Why did you feel that I’ll accept his proposal? Aur Tumhe isse kya farak padta h? Huh? Kunj, Why? Why?
Kunj : Because, I love you, Mayhem! Siyappo ki dukaan. Siyappa Queen. Meri Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle : Inni der kyo Lagi? I love you too, Arrogant Sarna! Mere Sadu Sarna.
Kunj took a plastic bottle kept on a nearby table and broke it’s seal.
Kunj: Twinkle! I know it’s unreal. But, soon, I’ll go you a diamond one. Will you marry Me?
Twinkle nods. They hug.


Yuvi: Twinkle Aur kunj ka alag Milan. Hahaha.
Twinkle: Sach m. I never knew, I would fall in love with this Sadu.
Yuvi: Let’s check other pics.
Twinkle : Hmm.

#1 Kunj lifting Twinkle on their wedding day and taking her to Mandap.

#2 Twinkle and Kunj at Eiffel Tower, kissing.
Twinkle: You didn’t click this one.
Yuvraaj: Wo, I didn’t want to spoil your honeymoon, na.

#3 Twinkle with a baby bump and Kunj kissing her bump.

#4 Twinkle on hospital bed, crying and Kunj holding her hand.

#5 Jasmin, at 1, in Twinkle’s arm and Kunj kissing her.

#6 Jasmin with Twinj’s friends and family.

The rest pictures were of Twinkle and Kunj.

Twinkle: Yuvi, mujhe pata h, yeh diary hamari thi, par ab meri h. Aur isse m Kunj ko gift karne wali hu. Tu iski copy se kaam chala liyo.
Yuvi : Haa. Haa. Whatever…..Waise m getting late. I’ve to leave.
Twinkle : Chal. M neeche tak chalti hu.
They reach on the door.
Yuvi: Twinkle, tu kuchh bhul toh nii rhi?
Twinkle : Kya, kuchh b toh Nii?
Yuvi: I thought, tu mujhse chocolates legi. (Showing a box)
Twinkle: Yuviiiii.
Yuvi: Haa, na. Tere liye hi h.
Twinkle (Hugs him): Thankyou, I love you.
Yuvi: Waise toh I love you too. Par mujhe Doosra Arnav nii banna.
Twinkle: Chal re.
Yuvi : Biee.
Twinkle : Biee.
They hug, Yuvi leaves.

Kunj comes back home.
Kunj: Aaj, toh m very tired. Waise Princess kaha H?
Twinkle (taking his coat off): Nani’s house.
Kunj: Ohh.
Twinkle: Kunj.
Kunj: Hmm
Twinkle(hugs him and pecks his lips): Happy Friendships Day.
Kunj: Ohh, I forgot, Bestfriend💞.
Twinkle : Never mind. This is for you. (HANDS HIM A GIFT WRAPPED).
Kunj : What’s This? (He opens it, to find a diary, the same diary.)
Twinkle : THE STORY OF US.
Both smile.
They share a hug followed by a passionate kiss.


Hello, everyone. So, here was my One Shot. How was it? Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it. Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too. Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

Best regards,
Ria, Kruti and the author

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