TEI Competition: Who are you to me?? (One Shot)

Tashan-E-Ishq: The Author Recognition Competition
Who are you to me??

I woke up with a charm on my face as I knew it is the day which will lead me to what I dream to be. Yeah being a Punjabi Patakha is easy but being an actress is way too difficult. I stretched out my hands out as I jumped out of the bed lazily, as I looked at the mirror I said with a snap, “So Miss.Bhasin be ready to enter the world of glamour. Glamour Queen ;)” As I rushed in the bathroom and walked out dressed in a black silk sleevless  shirt with a white shrug and white cigarette pants. I curled my eye-lashes as I applied mascara over them and a thick layer of eye-liner giving a smoky look to my eyes, applying red lip-stick on my rosey lips and giving a touch of blush on my cheeks. I tied a diamond studded watch and looked at it as if it gave me pain, yes it indeed stabbed my heart but I have a strong relation with pain and tears so it does not effect me anymore. I walked out straight through the big mansion but the loneliness of the big walls make me starve for love! Even I had someone to look after me, to love me, to care for me. But unfortunatelty it was all a lie, which has become the biggest truth of my life. I reached the parking space and ordered the driver to take me to “XYZ Studio!!” As he nodded his head in acceptance. I was agitated and set off in fear and trepidation all this while due to the increasing nervousness as today is the new beginning of a new chapter. Reaching at the studio, I stepped out of the car and walked inside where I found my 2 friends waiting for me and waving, yeah they were more excited than me. They rushed to me and hugged me, yeah they were my cutie pies Ishani and Yashasvi. I broke the hug as I got a call as the name flashed, “Sayooooooo” I attended the call as always my elder sister Sayoooo was there to wish me all the best 🙂 They all mean a lot in my life.
I was waiting for my turn to come for the audition while Yashu and Ishu were busy munching and gulping chips, I was just looking at them as they ate like hungry dogs 😉

“Want some??” Asked Ishu, as I nodded my head in disaggreement.

The next question was, “You are thinking about him??” as Yashu asked me.

A drop of water fell from my eye-lid as those screams, the confession, the face and the accident  flashed in my mind.

Yashu and Ishu came beside me and placed their hand on my respective shoulders and said, “Jas it was your past. Forget it and move on!!”

I passed a faint smile as I knew they want to help me but that is of no use as for the person whom I am thinking must have forgot that I ever existed in his life but for me my love was self-less.

“It does not matter to me any more!!” I said.

A voice came from back, “But it does matters to me!!”

Yashu,Ishu and I turned back and were left shocked to see a 28 year able-bodied figure dressed in white tee and blue denims with red sneekers and messy hair. Looking him I felt like grabbing his collar and ask him why on earth he did this to me?? But before I could do anything Yashu stepped ahead and slapped him tight and pity him that the next cheek of him faced a hard slap by Ishu as she shouted, “You bl**dy ba***rd!! How dare you to play with my friend’s emotion! You cheapo!!” The 2 continued bashing him and alleging him but he did not utter a single word from his mouth as he looked at me with pain and helplessness in his eyes where I tried to avoid eye-contact with him as his one sight may make my heart drool over him once again and this time if my heart breaks I know I will be shattered completely.

As Ishu and Yashu’s abusing reached to an extent (I know my both friends are so sweet but TRUE FRIENDS are always over protective so……) I shouted, “Stop!!!!!!!!!!” The 2 turned towards me and glared me questioningly when Ishu asked me, “Jasmin today you won’t stop either of us, this man should listen that what mistake he has done by giving you pain!!”

He said, “I know it is the biggest mistake of my life but…”

Yashu shouted before he could complete, “Oye do this acting somewhere else okay?? And listen (she said snapping her finger) our Jasmin have her besties and sister with her so you better be aware od us! We will not let you play with her once again!!”

He just said, “I want to talk to Jasmin for once then…”

Ishu said cutting him, “Then what? You will say sorry and THE END!! No Mister this is not a serial or story going on that your one sorry will mend everything! Do hell with your sorry!!”

I don’t know why but my heart said to listen to him once but I feared that again if my heart ditches me again but I said, “Ishu, Yashu I understand your concern but let him say what he wants to!!”

A smile appeared on his face as I said so. He looked at Ishu and Yashu and said, “Can we talk privately!!” I looked at the 2 who turned red with his statement but I requested them to leave as they left saying, “If he tries giving you any harm just tell us!!” I nodded and said OKAY!! And they left,   now both of us were there, we looked at each other with pain, intensity, love but both of us had tears in our eyes…

[Agar tum saath ho…..

  Pal bhar tehar jao
  Dil yeh sambhal jaye
  Kaise tumhe roka karun
  Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
  Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
  Bin bole baatein tum se kahun

Gar tum saath ho…..]

I stepped a step forward but slipped due to the heels, closing my eyes due to fear of fall but I realized two strong hands tightly holding me in its embrace, as I slowly opened my eyes I found myself in the arms of him, as he eyed me painfully.

[Teri nazron mein hain tere sapne
Tere sapnon mein hain naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho
Kya fark hai
Be dard thi zindagi
Be dard hai….

Gar tum saath ho….]

We composed as we shared an awkward moment.

We both lookee at each other and avoided eye-contact.

“Shall I speak??” I thought.

I thought that let him say but the guilt was visible there on his face but still that day etch in my mind, how can he do this to me.

“Jasmin!!” Was the only word which he uttered all this while ; when I looked at him with anger, pain, tears but love existed there!

He continued, “Jasmin I know what I did was wrong but I want to sort out everything and also by that we can give a chance to our relationship!”

I was amused as he said!

“Do you think after sorting out everything with you will I accept you, forgetting the pain and betrayal you have given to me??” I said with a painful voice.

“Jas I can…” he said but I cut him off.

“Excuse me! This name can only be called by those who love me not by any betrayer!” I said sternly, controlling over my emotions.
A pain was easily visible in his eyes but neither it will melt me nor I will be trapped this time.

“Okay! Jasmin that night….” he continued but I again cut him offf.

“Whatever happened that night showed me your reality Mister SIDDHANT GUPTA!!” I shouted, “You used me for your career!” As tears gushed down my eyes.


Jasmin is hurriedly walking, in a red top with white embosed patterns and black denims, with a smotth liner and pink gloss, looking simple yet stunning with the curls in her silky hair which were left open. She attended a call and said, “Yeah Sid I am coming! Ha baba!”

She left her apartement in an auto.

She reached a hotel, and after paying the auto driver she left for he hotel. Reaching the receptionist she asked, “There is a booking by the name Siddhant Gupta! Can you please tell me the room no.”
Receptionist replied, “Okay mam! (After checking the records) Mam room no. 110!!”
Jasmin replied, “Thanks!!”

She walked upto the first floor and reached room no.110, she was about to knock when she realized that the door was slightly open, and voices are heard. She peeped to know what is going on. She saw two shadows (of men) in the dark room.

Voice 1: Do you really think I love that cheap girl! No she is just a way to gain lime light and buzz over the industry. I used her for my success. Even if not JASMIN BHASIN then some other girl.

Jasmin was shocked listening to the words and  was not able to believe  the words of her LOVE!!

Voice 2 (Yuvraaj) Good Siddhant! Nice knowing that this was just a fake love. Well I am here with a proposal for you. I would want that you marry my sister after she returns from US after 3 months.

These words shattered Jasmin more.

Voice 1(Sid): Yuvi I will think and decide but the offer is not bad!!

Jasmin was broken completely and weeped. She was appalled facing such a betrayal.

Voice 1(Sid): Now I shall leave!!

As Siddhant walked out, he was shocked to find Jasmin there.

Sid: Jasmin!!??!!
Jasmin: Just shut up!! Don’t you dare to utter a single word!! I know everything!
Sid: So it is good that you know everything and I don’t need to act any more!
Jasmin:Such a big lie!! Thanks for making me know where I stand in your life! Who am I to you?? I am leaving from here and from your life forever!!!!!!!!

She leaves….

***Flashback Ends***

I continued, “You yourself told me my  value in your life!”
Siddhant said, “You know only the half part of the story the other half…”
I said sternly, “The other half will be a lie as well!!”
Siddhant pleaded, “Jasmin just listen  to me once!! Please!”
I said with tears, “It is too late Siddhant…Too late!! I am getting married the next month!”

He felt down on the ground pleading me not to leave but I turned away controlling over my emotions, letting out tears flow from my eyes as Siddhant held my hand, “Please don’t  go!!”
I let go my hand with a jerk and said, “I have to leave Siddhant!!”

[Paas aaye Dooriyan phir bhi kam na hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Aasman ko zammen yeh zarooro nahi
Ja mile…Jaa mile…
Rang the noor tha
Jab qareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha yeh jahan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chod gaya tu kahan….
Hamari adhuri kahani…. (×2)]

***Siddhant’s voice is introduced***

(Note for the readers:Siddhant’s voice is introduced for some time whereas the story further will be also in Jasmin’s voice once her voice is reintroduced…Till then enjoy the story in Siddhant’s voice!! Hoping that the story is not stretching and boring you guys!)

“Why Jasmin?? Why?? Just listen to me once….” my heart said.

You only know what you have heard and seen which is just a blurred picture of a story the real story is what I know.

As Jasmin leaves a drop of tear falls from Siddhant’s voice when Yuvraaj comes and pats over his shoulder and says, “Good job Siddhant!!”

Siddhant’s eyes turn red due to nuisance and anger.

Siddhant: I did what you say Yuvraaj now just mark my words if you try to cause any harm to my Jasmin I will kill you!!

Yuvraaj: Oh really Siddhant Gupta!! Now Jasmin is mine, you are out of her way and you will marry my sister or else the whole world will know that you killed Jasmin’s parents.

Siddhant: I did not kill her parents!!

Yuvraaj: But bro everything points towards you!! Just think when the truth is out how much Jasmin will hate you!!

Siddhant: Yuvraaajjjjjjjjj!!

Yuvraaj: Don’t shout even I can shout!!

Siddhant: What do you want? Just tell me I will give everything to you!!

Yuvraaj: I want Jasmin which I have got. Now you will marry my sister Alisha and then you will be in my captive forever!!!

Yuvraaj leaves from there smirking while Siddhant looks on helplessly!!

***Flashback ends***

Jasmin your Siddhant still loves you, and will love you till his last breath…But I am helpless to do what Yuvraaj says or else you will be in trouble but I promise I will not let anything happen to you! Your respect is my utmost priority and I will not let Yuvraaj harm you!!

***Jasmin’s voice introduced***
Why babaji? Why? Now what will happen if Siddhant…No Siddhant is a liar why shall I listen to him? Jasmin don’t forget you are engaged and to a big politician and his respect is your utmost priority!!
I was busy thinking all this when I  heard a voice, “Hey baby doll!!” I turned to find my so called better half standing right in front of me, who pulled me in his embrace making me feel uncomfortable. I broke the hug being uneasy and passed a faint smile to him.

“Don’t worry Baby doll!” He said looking at me, “You are YUVRAAJ LUTHRA’s fiancěe and you will be the star cast of the film!!”

“Yuvraaj I want to talk to you!” Said I.

(Note for the readers:Jasmin is unaware of the fact that, that night the second person with Siddhant was Yuvraaj.)

“Yeah baby doll!” He said.

“Yuvraaj I want to our marraige to happen this weak instead of the next month!” I said with fear of the increasing proximity between Siddhant and I.

He looked at me confused and said after a pause, “What happened Baby doll? Any issue?”

I said with much strength, “Nothing  just that I want to be called Mrs.Luthra ASAP!!”

“Oh so someone is impatient!” He said with a grin on his face making me feel awkward.
“Anyways if you want then I have no problem after all one day or the other we have to be one so I have no issue! But Alisha is coming from US tomorrow and I have selected a groom for her!”

“Oh that is a great news!” I said.

Well I was called for the audition and after giving my best in the audition I marched to Yuvraaj, Yashu and Ishu who were waiting for me.

Ishu and Yashu asked how was the audition and I smiled and said it was good while Yuvraaj did not pay any heed and was busy on his phone.

Ishu and Yashu waved us (JasRaaj) bye as they left.

Yuvraaj asked me after getting rid of his mobile, “Let’s go out for coffee, you must be tired and also I will make you meet Alisha’s to be fiancěe! What say??”

I agreed and we reached a cafe and there we proceeded towards a table booked for us, there a man was already seated whereas 2 chairs were emptied.

Yuvraaj placed a hand over the man’s shoulder as he turned and much to my shock it was none other than Siddhant!!!!

***Siddhant’s voice is introduced***
I was shocked to find Jasmin with Yuvraaj.

My heart stabbed as Yuvraaj held Jasmin by her waist and said, “Meet my loving fiancěe Jasmin Bhasin! Jasmin Siddhant!!”

I was entirely shocked at the circumstances and realized that it was Yuvraaj’s game plan!!
God knows what Jasmin will be thinking about me!!

***Jasmin’s voice is introduced***
Wow!! Sometime before he was acting that he is mad for me and now I am getting to know that he is engaged! Wow Siddhant Gupta! Wow!

Yuvraaj said, “Siddhant Jasmin and I are planning to get married this week also Alisha is coming tomorrow so why not the 4 of us get married the same day on Sunday, 5 days from now?”

Siddhant just nodded as he was busy looking at me while I was avoiding eye-contact.

Yuvraaj got a call and after attending it he said, “I am so sorry guys, I have to leave for something urgent! Siddhant can you drop Jasmin to her home??”

Both of us (Sidmin) looked at each other awkwardly but before any one of us would reply Yuvraaj said, “Thank you so much Siddhant!!” And he left from there hurriedly. Both of us looked at each other and resisted eye-contact and after a minute of silence, Siddhant asked, “Shall we??” I just nodded in yes! And we moved. We reached where the car was parked and as I opened the door leading towards the back seat Siddhant asked, “Am I a chaffuer??”
I looked at him as he opened the front door for me with elegance as I sat there. He also sat afterwards.
The car drove, there was silence all around, none of use dared to talk and avoided eye-contact when Siddhant played the Radio. But what sh*t was playing? Stupid old songs and Siddhant loves them, that I know very well, but I get bored with it so I changed it, when Siddhant exclaimed, “What’s wrong with you??”
I said, “Excuse me?”
He shouted, “You are excused, look let the song play.” As he changed back to the old song. I with much frustration changed it again and said, “I don’t like such old songs! Okay?”
He said, “This is my car so my choice! And if you have much problem get down the car! Why on earth you sat here?”
I shouted, “As if I asked you?”
He replied back, “Indeed you did not but your to-be-husband asked me!”

I changed the channel but as he was about to change our hands met and touched each other making us feel awkward and both of us pulled our hands back and let what is being played.

Radio song plays……
(Note:Old songs channel is not being played!!)

Khamoshiyan awaaz hain
Tum sunne toh aao kabhi
Chu kar tumhein khil jayen gi
Ghar inke bulao kabhi
Bekarar hai baat karne ko kehne do in ko zara….
Khamoshiyan….Teri meri khamoshiyan….
Khamoshiyan…Lipti hui khamoshiyan…

*We eyed each other awkwardly*

Kya uss glai mein tera jaana hua
Jahan se zamane ko guzre zamana hua
Mera samay toh wahin pe hai thera hua
Bataun tumhe kya meray saath kya kya hua.

Khamoshiyan ek saaz hai
Tum dhun koi laao zara
Khamoshiyaan alfaaz hai
Kabhi aa gunguna le zara

Be karar hai baat karne ko kehne do inko zara….

Khamoshiyan….Teri meri khamoshiyan…
Khamoshiyan…Lipti hui khamoshiyan…

*Siddhant looked at Jasmin painfully*

Nadiya ka pani bhi khamosh betha yahan
Khili chandni mein chippi bethi laakh khamoshiyan
Baarish ki boondon ki hoti khaan hain zaban
Sulagte dilon mein khamosh uthta dhuan

Khamoshiyan aakash hai
Tum udne toh aao zara
Khamoshiyan ehsaas hai
Tumhe mehsoos hoti hai kya

Be karar hai baat karne ko kehne do in ko zara…

Khamoshiyan…Teri meri khamoshiyan…
Khamoshiyan…Lipti hui khamoshiyan…

(Jasmin adored Sid)

The car stopped as we reached the destination but still the destination was unknown. I walked out of the door paying gratitude to him as he left….


Days passed and finally the day arrived when I was ought to get married to Yuvraaj. Though it was painful but more painful was to see your love getting married in front of your eyes.
Dressed in a blood red lehnga with heavy golden embroidery with a heavy Rajhastani dupatta of silk and a plain golden blouse with patch of worked on the sleeves with gold thread. I wore a simple neck piece, and a natni (A/N: Don’t know what we say it in English?) Heavy earrings of gold which were diamond studded fell down mt ears. My make up included a dark orange lip-stick, with a red blush on the cheeks, and a dark eye-make up with a marwari mang tika falling below and a bengali crown over it. My attire was a mix of bengali, marwari and rajhastani, as my mum was a bengali and my dad a marwari and Yuvraaj wanted out wedding to be a royal one so touch of rajhastan was added, but still one thing was missing, my smile, my happiness, my acceptance towards this relationship.

My chain of thoughts was broken as I was called downstairs for the wedding ceremony. I wanted to run away from all this but I had to face it as this was MY DECISION!! I stepped down as all eyes saw me, but the one which saw me adoringly was Siddhant, though her bride was walking next to me (Alisha) dressed in a golden lehnga, and golden blouse with a dupatta pinned to her shoulder and a golden chunni. With a light make up and heavy jewellery.

We (Alisha and Jasmin) sat on the mandap beside our respective fiancěe. Pandit ji asked us to stand for the garland exchange ceremony. I placed the garland in Yuvraaj’s neck, but as Yuvraaj was about to place the garland in my neck to voices said, “STOP!!” All the attention was diverted to the voices which were none other than Ishani and Yashasvi.

Ishani and Yashasvi said, “We thought that Sid used Jas but actually the master mind was Yuvraaj! Am I right jija ji?”

All of us were confused as what is going on while Siddhant smiled viciously.

Yuvraaj said, “What type of joke is this?”

Ishani walked towards him and said, “Oh so you are trying to act now!”
Yashasvi was the next one to speak and said, “What an acting prodigy you have Yuvraaj Luthra?”

Yuvraaj continued, “What do you mean?”

Ishani – So you will not get us like this let us say directly! Mr.Criminal!!
Yuvraaj – What rubbish??
Yashasvi – Wait and you will get what rubbish is this.

Lights are dimmed and a projection is played. It shows Alisha and Yuvraaj in a conversation.


Alisha hugged Yuvraaj and said, “Finally I am back Bhai!!”

Yuvraaj: And now both of us will get what we want.
Alisha: Yes Bhai! You will get your Jasmin and I will get my Siddhant. Seriously what a game plan we played.
Yuvraaj: Yes we first killed Jasmin’s parents as they ruined our parents life. I even wanted to end their roots but unfortunately there daughter was so se*y that I fell for her.
Alisha: And Sid was my childhood love and now he is my madness. But when we got to know that the 2 are in love we separated them by framing Sid to have been killed Jasmin’s parents and then he became our puppet and that is how the story of SidMin ended and now our story will start!
Yuvraaj: This is calles “Ek teer se 2 shikaar!”
***Conversation ends***

Lights come back.

I was taken aback listening the reality and fell down. How come I can get married to a person who murdered my parents. My unstopable tears gushed down my eyes.

Ishani – So??
Yuvraaj – What the wuck??
Yashasvi – Actually you know it is said, “True love can over come any hurdle” exactly the same way Sid cam to us and asked us for help firstly we did not agree but when he started telling everything about a cheap person like you we agreed for the sake of our friend. Siddhant set a camera in your’s and Alisha’s room to get a clue and by God’s grace we got it! Now both of you (Alisha and Yuvraaj) be ready to spend your life in jail repenting for your crimes!

The cops come and tied their hands with hand cuffs as Yuvraaj shouts, “Jasmin! I love you yaar!! I will not loose over you so easily!!”

I stood up and shouted, “Wait!!” I proceeded towards Yuvraaj as he grinned hoping that I will save him but much to his shock I slapped him tight and said, “This for killing my parents” I again slapped him and said, “This for blaming Siddhant for it!!” I slapped him again and said, “This for separating Siddhant and I” I was about to slap him once again when a hand held me tightly, it was Sid as he waved his head right to left and then back indicating that I can not fall to his (Yuvi) level. I fell down shattered with the grief and guilt and said, “Take them!!!!!!”
The cops took them. Siddhant was about to leave when I held him. As he turned he found me kneeling and asking, “Mr.Siddhant Gupta, will you marry me???” He kneeled towards me, and wiping my tears said, “Yes my Siyappa Queen?” I smiled listening the word SIYAPPA QUEEN as we hugged each other tightly.

We stood up in the mandap, exchanged garlands, took the 7 rounds, the 7 vows, he applied vermillion making me complete as a woman as he dorned the mangalsutra.

***Wedding Night***

I was sitting as a royal bride with my lehnga spread over the bed and I sitting over the bed decorated with red roses. Siddhant entered the room. He came near me and kissed my forehead saying, “Good night Mrs.Jasmin Gupta”

I smiled….

(Song plays as they consumate their marriage)

[Raaton ke jaage subah milen hai]

*Siddhant kisses Jasmin’s cheek*

[Resham ke dhaage yeh silsile hai]

*Jasmin kisses Siddhant’s forehead*

[Lazmi si lagne lagi hain…Do dilon ki ab nazdekiyan…]

*Siddhant falls on top of Jasmin*

[Dikhti nahi hai par ho rahi hai nazdeekiyan]

*Siddhant pulls Jasmin’s blouse’s string*

[Do dil hi jaane lagti hain kitni mehfooz nazdeekiyan]

*Both of them share a passionate kiss and separates due to lack of oxygen*

[Zariya hain yeh aankehin zariya]

*Siddhant kisses Jasmin’s eyes*

[Chalakta hai jinse armanon ka darya]

*Jasmin starts unbottoning Siddhant’s shirt*

[Aadatein hain inki purani..Ankahi si ke de kahani]

*Siddhant kisses Jasmin’s neck and the kiss turns to be a wild one but Jasmin enjoys moaning*

[Parchaiyan do judne lagi hai…Dekho hawa mein udne lagi hain]

*Both of them get more closer to eachother*

[Pankh jaisi lagne lagi … Do dilon ki nazdeekiyan]

*Both drape themselves in the sheet/blanket as stars and moon are seeb shining, being the witness of their perpetual love*


Hello, everyone. So, here was my One Shot. How was it? Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it. Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too. Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

Best regards,
Ria, Kruti and the author

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