TEI Competition: That One Fight (One Shot)

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That One Fight

Sea Shore, Bonfire people sitting around the bonfire were Yelling “Pls Twinkle Pls tell us your complete Love story….hum bhi toh sunne humari feeling less tom boy ko pyaar kaise hua”…
“Guys we are here to cherish our school days not to discuss my love story” said Twinkle who was one among the people sitting around the bonfire
“Twinkle pls tell na…mere liye pls…Kunj jiju u only ask her to tell” said a girl . Twinkle turned to see Kunj sitting beside her with a ‘Its Ok Say It’ look….”Ok fine I’ll tell it”

Twinkle’s POV

As I started narrating my story all eyes were stuck upon me

“So as you All know I have always been a girl who shares the minimum amount of her feelings with anyone let it be my family, friends or my enemies….Life has always been a mystery to me….and as many of u know Love was something I never believed in.

I have always enjoyed my life to its maximum without bothering about what the so called society thinks….I was happy with everything in life I was happy to keep my feelings to myself….days and years pass by I finally entered into University…..Just within a few days I found a friend named Mahi who was a sweet charming bubbly girl.

I always liked to spend my leasure time with her….whereas Mahi loved to spend her leasures with Yuvraj….the one whom she considered to b her soulmate…the duo had been dating eachother since almost a year…..not that Mahi dint like to spend time with me….may be that was the reason why I had to always accompany her to meet Yuvraj at a park which was not too far from our University

Interfering between a personal talk verbally or even by your actions was something I thought and still think is the worst habit.So I always restricted myself at a distance from the two lovebirds. For a few days Yuvraj came alone to d park but after a few days a friend of his accompanied him. May be he too had some similar thoughts as I did and that could be the soul reason that he too stayed away from them.

I often sat on a bench in the park away from the Lovebirds all engrossed in my phone.The park being not to far from the university was the favourite spot of all the lovebirds of the university. I always complained to Mahi about me getting bored at the park all alone and that I wouldnt accompany her anymore. And d only reply I always got was ” Pleas Twinkle you have to come with me…and why would u get bored u can speak to Kunj….KUNJ, Yuvraj’s friend and the person who sat at the opposite end of the same park bench as of mine and I dint even know his name until Mahi said it to me….This was only because of a mere fact that I dont interact with unknown people very easily

With no choice left I had to accompany Mahi to the park and get bored. It had almost been Six Months of me accompanying Mahk to the park, getting bored, not talking to anyone and always being engrossed in my only partner…..my phone. The only different thing that wasn’t happening six months ago and was happening now were the short smiles that me and Kunj shared when we spoted eachother

One day it was just 15min that we had entered into the park….Mahi came to me and dragged me out from there…All I could sense was there was something wrong between the two lovebirds….After requesting. interrogating and blackmailing her I finally found that the two had fought for a silly reason that Yuvraj hadn’t been replying to her calls or messages

The next day Mahi was absent and the reason was Just the sadness of fighting with her boyfriend. The whole day I was all alone. During the resses I sat alone on one of the canteen tableshaving my lunch. The canteen was a place which was no less than a fish market during the resses.

After a couple of minutes I heard a voice “Can I take a sear here” I lifted up my head to find Kunj standing there I gave him a small smile and said “Sure”. As he took his seat I questioned him ” Where’s Yuvraj??”…..” At home all depressed but still wont let go of his ego”….” Hmmmm….Same case with Mahi…but dont you think Yuvraj was at fault” I questioned him ” No way….It was Mahi who was at fault…couldn’t she understand that Yuvi might have been busy “…..”O wait u mean that Mahi should have assumed something….and what if there was something wrong that had happened with him…” I said reverting back . ” Are we here to fight with eachother…that to our first conversation…which is more or less turning out to be a verbal fight”….”Point…can we think of a way to reunite these Lovebirds” I said trying to think of an Idea

After thinking for a few minutes we decided to clear their misunderstandings by making them realise no one was at fault and blah blah blah. We decided to meet at the park The next day along with Yuvraj and Mahi.

The next day after a lot of heated argument between the duo and after lots of our efforts of making them understand….they let go of their ego’s. Things were back to normal….everyday park meets were back on their flow….and this time I wasnt feeling bored because THAT ONE FIGHT of Mahi and Yuvraj had found me someone to speak with

Eversince then Me and Kunj started conversing with eachother whenever we met at the park….Days pass by we both were turning out to be good company to eachother. Apart from our normal conversations I found something special something unique something in his talks or in his behaviour that comforted me resulting in The Twinkle Taneja…..the one who never shared anysort of her thoughts or feelings with anyone had started to share things with him

No doubt we were turning out to be very good friends….and at some point I even felt we were something more than Just good friends…But I let go of this thought only because of another thought of mine which stated….” LOVE DOESNOT EXIST”

3 Years Later

It was our final year in the University….Kunj had been the only one with whom I had been sharing every sort of my feelings let it be sadness happiness or at a times even frustration….I seriously had no idea how my feelings use to floww out only in front of him…..But by now I was sure of one fact that…’ Love surely exists its just that you need to find the perfect one to fall in love with’.

Though we hadn’t officially confessed to eachother….we knew that we both have realised our feelings for eachother

It was our final day at the University before our finals…..we had a farewell cum prom night party at night. It was happening at the university ground itself

As I reached the University dressed up in a skin fit red dress which was just above my knees I found Mahi waiting there for me impatiently .She dragged me out from the university motioning towards d park the only thing she said was “follow me”.

Once we entered the park…I was hell scared…the park was too dark…the usual lightings to were off nothing much could be visible….I had been calling out for Mahi but I heard no reply….I was just about to turn on the torch light of my phone….when brightness surrounded the whole park….for a moment I felt it was the sun that rose suddenly….And when reality struck me…I was shocked

I found each and every tree and bush of the park decorated with tiny light bulbs…The rough path of the park was filled with layers of rose petals.Apart from this all I could see was Kunj standing on the central podium of the park which was something like a hut smiling at me

As I motioned towards him I saw the central podium decorated with balloons, red satin cloth and bright lightings. Once I reached there I was all numb…..” So Miss Twinkle Taneja…U liked it” I was standing blank with no emotions being shown on my face and neither did my mind nor my heart have any clue what to reply…”No worries if you dint like it because I know u arn’t materialistic and dont like all such things but I couldnt resist myself from doing this”. The only progress on my face after listening to these lines was a smile on my lips. Within no time I found Kunj on his knees “Miss Twinkle Taneja I have crazyly fallen in Love with u….I have no Idea when our friendship turned into love…I only know that u were the first were the first girl who made a special place for herself in my heart….and I want you to be the last one too…..The Only thing I can say is I Love U Twinkle and would Love U until the sun dies”. Listening to these lines I couldn’t control the flow of my tears. After seeing those tears in my eyes Kunj stood up and all I did was pulled him into a bone crushing hug. Once we broke the hug the only words that escaped my mouth were ” I LOVE U TOO KUNJ”….

“Omggg….such a cute story Twinkle indeed ur very lucky” stated Priya one of my school mates who was the most excited to listen to my love life
“Indeed I am” I replied resting my head on Kunj’s shoulder who was smiling at me endlessly


Hello, everyone. So, here was my One Shot. How was it? Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it. Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too. Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

Best regards,
Ria, Kruti and the author

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