TEI Competition: Love Status (One Shot)

Tashan-E-Ishq :The Author Recognition Competition
Love Status

I sensed my mobile vibrating in a rhythm ..b4 it cud fall I caught it!!
Its my 5th iPhone …and I can’t even guess for how LNG I can keep its parts intact..
Hehe hehe…
Im this way..and u know what, I luv being this way !
No no no ..ur taking me wrong, I don’t mean abt breaking iPhones ,I was referring to my way of justifying my acts..
And abt breaking iphones , it isn’t something I have control over jzz lyk we cant have control over LOVE

Hmm its said dat reading others persnl stuff without their knowledge is bad manners …but when u have already read this far breaking the primary rule ,do u mind breaking sum more by continue reading it…
I had always thought dat may be some day ,sum humble man or women vl read my story..so here ur..

I’m Twinkle Taneja and i hearty welcum u to my prsnl diary ,which no longer remained prsnl…

This is my life and he’s memories rule here and mind u, only he’s..
He’s my secret ,my beautiful Lil secret…

Lemme tell u…I had dreams of CLG lyf being gr8, lyk each one of us hve this fantasy in skool…we have a preoccupied perception of college..
But as the famous saying-
‘The lawn on the other side always looks greener’

Lil did I know dat CLG lyf was boring ,where with each passing second I was missing skoolies ( my skool besties)
my lovely teachers ,who wud pose me as innocent when my vice princy wud glare at me..as if she is going to blast me on any given second….

Actually CLG isn’t dat bad either, I mean u have certain advantages …and the best part of it is bunking classes and gng for movies..roaming in the malls with only thought of window shopping..
Clicking selfies in the trail room and posting it as ur whatsup dp!

But on contrary theirs nothing new each day…Everyday was same…booring lectures followed by me moving back to my pg..
I stay away from home to persue my studies in one of the best colleges of Ahmedabad…

I had joined my clgs dance team,
The only good thing I did after joining this CLG?

As I warmed up for my first session of dance…
I heard the strings of guitar coming to lyf..
I cudnt see anyone around with the guitar..
Whats guitar dng in dance practice room ?
I had no idea..
I stretched my arms wanting to loose my muscles..
Dance is my fantasy…my passion..
As I wore my wrist band and tightened the shoe lace ,yet again I heard a beautiful music soothening me…
I followed the sound which lead me to the other part of the room..
The room had a partion …and as I neared I got a clear view…..
On the other side which was sepereated by a white LNG curtain brushing the floor was my clgs music team gearing up for their practice , surrounding a boy in ripped jeans with the guitar in he’s hand..
He began playing it again..and i must say he’s really talented at it..
At the end wen he stroked the string for one last tym .. He received a loud round of applause
The end of the song gave rise to numerous whisphers and giggels among girls….

‘Hes hot na’ said one
‘Ya he’s so handsome’ replied other
‘ I’m so glad that my mom made me learn music.. I vl get more tym to spend with him…aww’ said another girl
And the giggles went on..
I saw him …I won’t blame the girls for their craziness, hes indeed hot!

That is how I saw him for the first tym..
In the following weeks I heard more girls gng crazy over him and yet again I don’t blame them..he’s worth staring for once lyf tym!

It was Saturday…
I so luv Saturdays… Its the day we only focus on the co- curricular activities..
This tym was solely dedicated to my dance practice..
I made sure I went early to the prac room..
The wheatr had shown unbelievable changes today….after the severe heat dat took us on a roller coaster ride ,the clouds were slowly getting accumulated ..it was gloomy,a bit chilly too..
…I felt a tickle as the cold breeze brushed my face softly..
I looked as if it cud rain any moment..
Since I was b4 tym ,I was alone in the room

I closed the windows hurriedly and started drawing the curtains ..I saw a pair of hands drawing the curtains too…
I looked up to c who’s it?
He smiled at me..I smiled back..
I turned the other side and trust me I cud feel my cheeks turning blush pink..
They may have named the color based on girls itself I thought trying to be humorous.
With him standing so close to me I cudnt think straight any longer…

‘Hey ‘ he said
‘Hii’ I replied
‘I’m kunj ‘ he said giving dat million dollar smile ☺

Trust me ,any one cud have fallen for he’s sweet smile accompanied my he’s gentleman gesture..and I’m no different !
I knew he’s name…but still pretended as if I got to know now..

‘I’m twinkle’ I replied reciprocating his smile..
‘ ya I know, ur playing the lead for the upcoming fest ryt?’ He said taking me by surprise….
He searched abt me? My mind questioned
To which my heart nodded smiling endlessly..
After all he’s the Head boy of the CLG..its he’s duty to keep track of the CLG events, poked my logical mind…
I so hate my extra intelligent brain, y it has to poke everytym showing me the brutal reality..
Yaa in luv every Lil thing against ur fanciful dream is considered brutal…

Did I jzz say luv?
Even when I’m penning this beautiful memory I’m still blushing…
I’m reliving that moment ..

Ohk I accept I had a silly crush on him!
Which girl in her senses won’t..
I said u ryt ,he is worthing staring for once lyf tym and my heart yearned for many such lyfs

Well after dat day seeing him with guitar for the first tym, many things happened, lyk
…the next week I once again felt attracted to the music..I stood behind the long white curtains which gave me cover..
As he started striking the strings, I felt him striking by inner consciousness..
I hvnt even had a single crush in my so far lyf but dat day I felt that he wud break that record…
As I slowly turned to go back to my dance floor..my hand made a short contact with the vase kept at the corner behind the curtain and it fell and exactly at that moment the wind slid the curtains towards once side , I no longer had any cover…
What a tyming !,I thought
and I knew the next second he’s eyes vl be on me, as a reflex I closed my eyes tightly turning sidewards..

I wasn’t ready to face him this early and clearly not in this kind of embarrassing situation…
I cursed my luck..
As i slowly opened my eyes, I saw him smiling at me!
He had worn white shirt and had matched up with blue jeans
Even i such condition my mind noticed hes clothing….I was shocked at my ownself
I smiled meekly ..
‘I was here to meet my frnd , sorry for the disturbance’ I made up an lame excuse and moved from their asap…I cud still feel he’s eyes starting at me….

Me ,Twinkle Taneja being one of the topper ,awsm at debate NVR had such mixed feeling…
‘Until u saw him’ my heart corrected me..

What followed was mny such cute eyelocks…
Unknowingly I wud go early to my practice
Anticipating to steal a glance at him..
Each tym he striked the guitar my heart skipped a beat and each time the curtain slid our eyes met….

I got to know he’s name, kunj! Sweet and short nai?
I searched him on all social networking sites..at last I found him on facebook..
He’s account proposed least security hence I checked ol this pics and he’s frnd list too..
There were more girls as he’s frnds than boys… My mind made a mental note to kill them if I found those girls…
I agree I felt a bit insecured…..
‘ Excuse me!! I have no ryt to feel anything for him…we are strangers’ I warned my heart…
But Lil did I know dat the stronger u try suppressing this feeling, the stronger it emerges the next tym!

The fest was nearing …hence we had longer hours of practice..
As I kick started the dance floor the power went and thus the music system went dry..
Uggh!!! Ol of us we were frustrated with it..
We hardly had any days left for the main function and here we were still stuck in our first dance…
On sumones request kunj agreed to help us..
So now I need to dance on the music he plays…
I cud c girls feeling jealous of me..
My heart smiled…
An unknown happiness took over me..
B4 starting I met he’s gaze , trust me I wud loose myself In those dark eyes….

He started striking he’s guitar playing
‘Mujhe Teri aakhon ki’ from movie Paatshala accompanied by he’s frnd singing the female lyrics…
He’s voice was as enchanting as he’s smile…
I felt lyk the he was singing it for me!
During the dance ,I hardly gave any attention to my partner…I had my eyes on kunj and I left no chance to steal glances at him…
And sumtyms wen he caught me staring , He passed dat killer smile…cuteness overloaded…..
‘Ur gr8 dancer’ he said at the end and walked away leaving me blushing..

Dat nyt I sat in front of my dressing table smiling sheepishly …
I felt some unknown feeling taking over me..I cudnt define it , sum feelings are best not to be questioned abt I said to my racing heart…

That nyt I slpt hugging my teddy tightly and unknown to me a bright smile covered my lips..
I knew it wasn’t jzz crush…it was way beyond that….a pure feeling of belonging to Some one….

And everytym I felt lyk seeing him during nyts, which I felt Ol the tyms I wud log into fb and check he’s photos , I feared sending him frnd request…

And evertym he caught me staring at him,
Which he did most of the tyms…he’s Whats up ststus changed to ‘Luv Status’…
I saw these changes in my roomies cell ,she was in the music team and hence had he’s number…
She pretty well knew dat I had feelings for him..she asked me to propose him..
Me and proposing him , no way! I thought
‘ I have no strong feelings for him yaar’ I lied to her…
It wasn’t a lie, its brutal truth, I thought
Dat day he had completely ignored me! Not even a single glance..I lnged for hes smile but I got none…
I’m no one to him I reminded my heart and dozzed off in he’s thoughts..

Now get back to the scene…me and him alone in the practice room with flying curtains…
‘ya..I’m the lead role ‘ I said..
‘Dats nyc’ he said…

There were many boys with rose in their hand waiting for me to accept them but this fellow with dat sweet smile had made me crazy lyk NVR b4….
I cudnt believe my newself..

Our hands brushed while moving the curtains and I felt electric shock being passed in me!
I was shocked at how my senses which worked efficiently for 19 years suddenly went numb at he’s single touch…
The next moment once again our hand touched and this tym it was deliberately.. He held my hand softly and I made no attempt to jerk it back..he’s touch calmed my heart..
We rested our backs to the wall, standing beside each other with hands entangled..
We smiled at each other, no words were exchanged..our eyes did ol the talking..
He pulled me into a small hug and I gave in..
He hugged me and placed a soft kiss on my forehead , I felt I was in heaven…I didn’t want to leave…but the wheatr worsend and hence I unwillingly left to my pg..
B4 leaving I asked him…
‘Y Ru ignoring me from past few days’
He smiled, ‘I vl tell u tom, i promise, tc’ he said ..

Soon it started raining…
In my pg I checkd he’s status from my roomies cell..
Once again he had changed it to luv status..
I felt lyk dancing in the raining…
My happiness knew no bounds , I went out to get wet in rain…
This feeling of luv in rain is unbeatable I thought..
‘I luv u, I luv u, I luv u kunj, lots and loads ‘
I screamed in rain feeling the droplets kissing my skin…
‘I can’t wait for tomorrow… I vl confess my feelings to u’ I screamed in excitement..

I NVR saw kunj again after that evening…..
I enquired and found dat he had to leave the city unexpectedly due to some prsnl reason…
I felt lyk a knife being sliced in my heart…
How to find him? Where to find him?
I collapsed on the ground..he had promised me dat he wud meet me today..
How cud he jzz leave alone lyk dat…
I cried till my throat was dry..
I went back to the practice room, where we had meet yesterday ,which turned out to be the last tym..
I noticed he’s cell their..
He had left he’s phone near the window….may be he was in a hurry to leave sumwhere I thought as I composed myself..
I swiped it and it asked me the password…
I tried every possible combination but it didn’t open…frustrated I typed twinkle and the lock opened…I smiled..he did luv me too…my heart jumped in happiness..

Soon I came across a file named ‘just u’ , I instantly opened it!
It had ol abt us! I cudnt believe dat he had same feelings for me which I had for him..
My heart cried in happiness…
He had sum thing written for me the previous day in the file……
He had written abt the previous evenings meet….
The last line read- my every luv status is dedicated to u my twinkling star, and only u

Behind me I heard students talking abt where kunj had moved to…
I instantly got up ,moved towards office and applied for the transfer……

And today I’m finally gng to he’s city to find the one whose luv status was dedicated to me!
Thus I choose to leave behind this diary back here…In the remembrance of our cute eyelocks, short glances and satisfied smiles…
Its my silent luv story…
Let those who read it know that their are luv stories without proposal too..
Lyk ours…
This is my Lil beautiful secret..
I trust my luv , it vl make me meet him..
Wish me luck..
Thus i updated my wassup luv status b4 leaving to airport –
” Love is me + you = us ”
My cell flashed, ‘status updated’
I smiled ☺

By the tym u finish reading it ,I vl hve met the love of my lyf…❤

‘The end………………….which vl lead to a new beginning….’
Were the last words twinkle had penned in her diary…


Hello, everyone. So, here was my One Shot. How was it? Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it. Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too. Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

Best regards,
Ria, Kruti and the author

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