TEI Competition: Impossible love story (One Shot)

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Impossible love story

The sky was blue.The chirping of birds were making the atmosphere pleasant.It feeled that the day should never end.

A court room is shown.Judge was sitting when he told

Judge:Public prosecutor Mr Kunj Sarna do you want to say something?

The public prosecutor was Kunj.

Kunj:Your honour I just want to say that Mr Tanish Taneja took many life of innocent people.And he is also the biggest don of Mumbai.

Judge:Lawyer of accused do you want to tell something?

Mr Mehra:Your honour I plead not guilty.We need sometime.

Judge:Okay then the hearing will be next week.Court dismiss.

Everyone leaves from there.Kunj was having some tears in his eyes.He turned and saw a girl.She was passing him angry glares.She left from there.Kunj followed her.

Kunj:Wait please wait

The girl stops and turns

Girl:Don’t show your face to me.

Kunj:See I know Twinkle that he is your father but he is wrong.He is a criminal and a don.

Twinkle:Before a criminal and don he is my father because of whom I am in this world.

Kunj:See I really love and I am doing this all for you only.

Twinkle:I can’t live without my father and will never live with you if my father has been jailed.I hate you Kunj.

She goes from there.Kunj was sad and was having tears in his eyes.He leaves for home.While travelling in car he thought

Kunj:I was knowing that the love between a lawyer and daughter of Don will be impossible love story.

Kunj removes his small purse from his pocket and opens it and caress Twinkle’s photo.He always keeps her photo with him.

Kunj:I really love you Twinkle.

Here in other side Twinkle was too travelling in car.

Twinkle:Kunj I can die for you as I love you more then myself but I also love my father.

She have tears in her eyes.

Next day Kunj was finding some information in Internet about Tanish Taneja.

Kunj:From the age of 17 he started killing and doing theft etc…….!Twinkle should never stay with this man.

Kunj was in laptop when someone kept hand on his shoulder.Kunj turned and saw

Kunj:Arun bhai

He was Arun.He is Kunj’s best friend.

Arun:I am sure that you will win this case.

Kunj:Yeah I will win but then also I will loose.

Arun:But how?

Kunj:If I will win this case then I will loose my Twinkle and if I will loose this case then I can win Twinkle.

Kunj sits on sofa when he sees a photo and takes it in his hand.That photo was of his beloved family.He caresses the photo and starts crying.He hugged the photo.

Arun tried to console him.

Twinkle was in her room.She remembered the moment she speeded with Kunj.


Kunj and Twinkle went to a hotel.They first decided to spend a night with each other.

They went for a candle light dinner.

Kunj pushed the chair gently for Twinkle to sit.

Twinkle:Thank you Kunj.

The food came when both drank the water.

Twinkle:Wow it’s my favourite but how did you know that I like it?

Kunj:I love you so it’s simple to tell what you like and whom you like. (He says romantically)

Twinkle blushes.After sometime Kunj asks her for a dance.

They both dance romantically on song Jab Tak.They get romantic and Kunj takes her in his arm.They both enter the room.

Kunj kisses her on forehead then kisses her all over her face and finally he kisses her on lips.

Flashback over

Twinkle:Kunj have changed very much.I will not marry him.

Twinkle goes to Tanish.

Twinkle:Papa don’t worry you will be out of this jail soon.You were right papa that Kunj not worthy of me.He doesn’t love me.

Tanish:If first you would listen to me then today I would not be in jail but it’s okay I will be out soon.

Tanish softly pulls her cheeks.Twinkle leaves from there.Tanish sits on the seat in jail.He smiles evily.

Tanish:How dare that Kunj tried to put me in jail just for the people I killed.That people are nothing just a germ for me.

He laughs evily.

The day before the hearing of court.

Kunj was all ready with proof he was going to give tomorrow.Arun was also happy as tomorrow his brother like best friend is going to win the case.

Kunj was having a heavy heart as the proof made him sad.

Arun and Kunj listened a bang on door.Arun quickly opened the door.

Twinkle was there on the door.She pushed Arun and came to Kunj.

Twinkle:Why are you doing this kunj? (She asked with tears)

Kunj:Just to give justice to everyone who were killed by your father.

Twinkle catches his collar but still she was having love and tears in his eyes for him.

Twinkle:But they don’t seem to be your relative.

Arun was seeing this all and was knowing that Kunj was very sad and heartbroken.

He went inside his room.Arun came to Twinkle and said

Arun:Leave from here as because of you my brother is heart broken.You said know that the people who were killed by your father were my best friend’s relative.you also told that kunj doesn’t loves you but your father have did very much bad with him and he has done this much bad that till Kunj have killed your father but he loves you that is why he is quiet.

Twinkle was shocked.

Twinkle:What are you saying?My father killed Kunj’s family but he told his family died in a car accident.

Arun:He told lie because he was knowing that if he will tell this to you then you will feel guilty and kunj dint wanted that.

Twinkle was shocked and was having tears in her eyes.

She leaved from there without uttering a word still having a expression of shock.

She remembered that she once slapped Kunj and he dint told anything to her and left from there.

She reached at home and locked her self in he room and started crying.

The day of hearing finally came.

Judge:So Mr Mehra did you have any proof of you client is not guilty?

Mr Mehra:Yes your honour.I want to ask Mr Kunj Sarna that is he having any proof that my client killed anyone.

Kunj stand from his place.Twinkle was praying to and was crossing her fingers so that Kunj wins the case.

Kunj:Your honour I want your permission to show the proof.

Judge:Permission granted.

Kunj shows everyone a video.In the video a sweet and happy family was shown.There was someone’s birthday party.They all were celebrating when some men came with knife in their hand and killed anyone.After everyone died Tanish came there and opened the locker and took the money and went of.

Twinkle as very much shocked to see this.Tanish was tensed.

Judge:Mr Sarna but whose video it is.

Kunj was saying utility he was having a heavy saying this.

Kunj:Your honour it was my family who were killed by Tanish Taneja.That birthday party was for me.I was making the video.I went out for sometime and when I came back I saw everyone dead.There was blood everywhere.Then I saw my camera which was having the recording.I was just 13 years old and from that day to this date and I kept it carefully.

Kunj was very much sad and started crying.The judge felt bad for him and came to him and consoled him.He went back to his place and said

Judge:The decision is that Mr Tanish Taneja is guilty

The police takes him to jail.Arun gets happy and comes running and hugs Kunj.Twinkle too gets happy.

They all come out of the court room.

Arun:Congratulations Kunj you won the case.


Kunj was still lost in something when he hears a voice.He turns and sees Twinkle.Twinkle quickly hugs him.

Twinkle:I am really sorry Kunj.

Kunj:It’s okay

Kunj hugs her back.Arun gets happy.Kunj breaks the hug and kneels down and stretches his hand in front of Twinkle.

Kunj:Twinkle Taneja will you like to be Mrs Sarna.

Twinkle gets happy and keeps her hand his hand and says

Twinkle:Yes I will marry you

The day shifts to the wedding day.Kunj and Twinkle were sitting in mandap and stands to take phereas.They take all the seven phereas.Kunj makes Twinkle wear the mangal sutra and applies sindoor on her maang.

After all the function they both go to a isolated place.

Kunj:Twinkle let’s promise each other hat we will never leave each other whether earthquake also comes.

They both promise each other and finally they kiss each other on lips.

The End…..


Hello,everyone.So,here was my one shot.How was it?Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it.Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too.Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

Best Regards,
Ria,Kruti and the author

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  1. Can’t guess the author!
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    But it was awesome.

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