TEI Competition: Illusion (One Shot)


This world is an Illusion…..a fantasy….a fairyland…..a nightmare…
Everyone here is living a fake life….a life beyond their happiness….I life beyond their desires….
So let’s get into reality overcoming this illusion
Let’s be single faced….let’s be the one we want to…


“Yay..!! Finally I got someone….thank u so much Babaji for this” she yelled jumping on her heels.
But this was embarrassing enough for a  her as many pairs of eyes were mocking her with weird expressions.
“Oops sorry” she says hesitantly.
“Twinkle control it’s a library. But how can I after all I was waiting for this since months…..finally no one will call bing….I will also live a life like others….filled with colours… Omg I am gonna die in happiness.”

“Umm twinkle are you okay?” Asked a voice beside her
“Ye… yeah…I am fine Mahi.” She says hesitantly
A silence of nano second was spread with awkwardness.
“Umm…if you don’t mind twinkle can I ask you something?” Said Mahi meekly

Twinkle didn’t reply for a moment

“It’s it’s completely ok if you don’t want me to ask….sorry” saying this Mahi was about to leave
“You can.” Said twinkle making her stop
“Actually I was wondering twinkle that it’s been 15 years since we know each other I mean right from kindergarten till university….I mean it’s a long span to time to make a bond…I hope you are understanding….but we don’t share any….not only us but there is no one with whom you are close….is there any specific reason ?” 
On hearing this a mild smile captures her lips. She sat straight….a way to make a comforting position with her fingers playing with each other.
“There is no specific reason as such…..but I like to be with myself…that’s it.” 
“Aahaa it’s cool but… Why don’t you join us. You know we have Kunj….Kunj Sarna in our gang and I bet that you will never get bored in his company.Hey you might be knowing him….we were in same school. He is a packet to drama, love, liveliness, ambition, humour and what not. So what say!!”

“Hmm…I know Kunj Sarna. But I don’t like him….I find him a bit flirty types. So sorry will join you some other time.” She says ignoring her gaze

“Okay..!! As you wish. I’ll catch you later. Bye.” Mahi says….an urge of getting out from here was visible on her face

“I know you won’t?” says twinkle sarcastically

This brought a sudden frown on Mahis face but she managed to smile and left.

“Bad manners twinkle. You have become naughty now a days.” She says within smiling.?

“Ahem Ahem….kisi mahan insaan ne kaha hai ki Pyaar karna kayaro ka kaam hai,
Asli jigar to flirt karne me hota hai janeman?” says a boy sitting next to twinkle.

“Excuse me” she says making a weird face.

“Ohh sorry aapko nahi samjha…aapke bhasha me bole to….
(Ohh sorry u didn’t understand….in your language it means..)


Twinkle started looking here and there as she knew he heard her words
Finally with hesitation she spoke up

“Lis…listen Kunj I…I didn’t mean that way….I mean….I m sorry… It wasn’t intentional….”

“Relax miss relax…..you don’t need to be sorry…” He says comforting her which made her grin.

“I think I should leave now…” She says gathering her stuffs.

“Listen miss….” He says stopping her midway
“Do you really don’t like me?” He asks innocently

Hearing this she leaves a soft giggle.
“Aareee what are you thinking….say na…was that true?”

“Umm….mai bus soch rahi hu jhooth bolu ki sach” a sarcastic reply form her side.
(Umm….I was just thinking that should I say truth or lie)

“I think lie is a better option?” he replies

both of them started laughing.
And she left.

“Interesting girl..!!” He speaks within.


Twinkle was in the same corner of the library but she wasn’t reading….Instead she was fighting with her thoughts.
“Will green look good on me? Nahhh!!! I know I m eco friendly but to this extend….I dont think I am….so red? Bad idea twinkle…it will be way too bold to handle…. urgh!! I hate all this…Baba ji please help me…”

“Kis sundari ne Hume yaad kiya…” Says someone taking his seat beside her

“Ohh you….Hi” she replies seeing him…

“Hey miss…long time no seen….by the way why were you so confused….may I help you” askes kunj.

“N..no…nothing….I…I wasn’t confused….” She says stammering

“Now I have decided. I won’t be talking to you…you never say anything?” He says with a frown

“Gosh it’s the memorable day of my life…?” She says with a smile

“So mean okay?…. But you know people like you are very interesting….”

“But I find myself the most boring person on this entire universe…..even every dog has its day….but not me….whenever it seems that I can do something interesting….it gets spoilt completely” she says sadly

There was a complete silence….

“People like you have a perfect life….no tension….no worries… Popularity…..u won’t be knowing but girls die on  your looks….but it’s not in my case…look you don’t even know my name after sharing same school, college and now university….” She says with some kind of hidden pain in her voice.

“You don’t know anything twinkle….the things you know is lot more complicated than I show….this world is an Illusion…you are not the one you want to be…why did you think I haven’t noticed that to what extent you want to mingle with people…you are interesting but in your own way…. You don’t like this loneliness yet you are afraid to try something new….but I must say….this idea of online dating was so dumb….like seriously twinkle….you were going to meet an unknown guy…..just to try something new….this is so foolish of you girl..!!” He says

“So what should I do….when ever I look around I find people hanging out with friends….partners and just look at me…who will date me in real life….the same gloomy face….pale skin….boring books….creepy cloths with no fashion…”

Kunj stood up and sat on his knees….
“Will you like to date me….Miss Twinkle Taneja?”

For once she couldn’t believe her ears….but the next second she got furious

“What the hell Kunj Sarna…what do you really think of yourself? You blo*dy moron….I should have known that guys like you don’t know anything….you just know to make fun of a dumb girl like me…” 
Saying this she ran out weeping….and entered an empty classroom.

“Why was it so shocking for you twinkle?” Asks kunj standing at the entrance.

“Just get lost…..I don’t want to see your face….” She yells

He held her by her shoulders…
“Just look at me twinkle….you will have to listen me now ….I just want us to date….so that I can prove you wrong…. You are wrong twinkle….you are wrong….you have so much of negativity in you about yourself…..what you thought that I never noticed a first bencher who was excellent in every damn thing which I could never imagine….who was the favourite student of the teacher who used to hate me like hell becoz I was flirting with her daughter?….who held a big wall of fame and medals….and here look at me….I have just one and that too a participation certificate… Still you idiot think that you are so dumb….” he say with tears

She just kept staring him for a minute….it was something she never knew about herself…. It was time for her to leave this illusion and live in reality

“I am ready” was the word she said…..it was a confident one…

“For what?” He asked a bit confused
“To date you” she replies
On hearing this his mouth was wide open….?
“Twinkle…..like seriously….you are ready….!!!”

“Yes I am…”

“I promise you….you won’t regret your decision….aur kya pata aase he tumhe mujhse pyaar bhi ho jai?” he says naughtily
(And you never know….when u will start loving me?)

“Ohh Really Mr Sarna”
“Ohh yeah Miss Taneja” he replies with same sarcasm

Days were passing by….and here kunj and twinkle started bearing a great bond….
She started interacting with people which she earlier used to ignore …..
She started loving this new world….
And yes it was her love which made her think the way she does now…
She loved kunj…..

One fine day…
“Twinkle you know Tia proposed me….” Says kunj excitedly

Twinkle kept on looking him.
“You know I used to like her so much….and see now she finally proposed me…” He continues

Her eyes started gathering tears at the rim

“It’s good na kunj….I am so happy for you….I mean see you proved me wrong….now I can live a normal life and all thanks to you….so what is the need of this relationship now….” Saying this she left hiding her tears

But here kunj was smiling…


There was hullabaloo all around….students were hooting….the stage was on fire….
Here kunj was present with tia in the crowd….
the host announced the next performance…..which was to be done by twinkle
She came on the stage with her guitar….
But it wasn’t her…. It was a bold twinkle standing before….

“Hey lovely people….hope you are enjoying the event…  
Well the song I am gonna present is dedicated to someone special to my heart….the one who taught me to live life…. You know at first I thought to drop this plan of singing….but how can I forget that he used to say ‘Twinkle never hide your feelings….they will kill you everyday’ that time I used to wonder did he ever hid his feelings? But now when I see him happy…. It’s the best thing I get to see everything….so here we go..”

•.  •.  •.   •.  •.  •. 



You’re on the phone with your girlfriend
She’s upset, she’s going off about something that you said
‘Cause she doesn’t get your humor like I do.

I’m in the room, it’s a typical Tuesday night.
I’m listening to the kind of music she doesn’t like.
And she’ll never know your story like I do.

But she wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She’s cheer captain
And I’m on the bleachers
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time.

If you could see
That I’m the one
Who understands you.
Been here all along.
So, why can’t you see
You belong with me,
You belong with me.


All the time twinkle was looking at kunj… With pain…love….a desire to get him….


Walk in the streets with you in your worn out jeans
I can’t help thinking this is how it ought to be.
Laughing on a park bench thinking to myself,
“Hey, isn’t this easy?”

And you’ve got a smile
That could light up this whole town.
I haven’t seen it in a while
Since she brought you down.

You say you’re fine I know you better than that.
Hey, what you doing with a girl like that?

She wears high heels,
I wear sneakers.
She’s cheer captain,
And I’m on the bleachers.
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time.

If you could see
That I’m the one
Who understands you,
Been here all along.
So, why can’t you see
You belong with me.

Standing by and waiting at your backdoor.
All this time how could you not know, baby?
You belong with me,
You belong with me.


Suddenly kunj starts walking up on the stage…..on seeing this twinkle gave a confused look as she wasnt able to figure out his actions….


Oh, I remember you driving to my house
In the middle of the night.
I’m the one who makes you laugh
When you know you’re ’bout to cry.
I know your favorite songs,
And you tell me about your dreams.
Think I know where you belong,
Think I know it’s with me.

Can’t you see
That I’m the one
Who understands you?
Been here all along.
So, why can’t you see
You belong with me.

Standing by and waiting at your backdoor.
All this time how could you not know, baby?
You belong with me,
You belong with me.

You belong with me.

Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me?
You belong with me.

•.  •.  •.  •. •.  •.  •.

At the end of the song….twinkle started crying….looking down….
All the clappings gathered the room.

All of a sudden she felt warmth around herself…
And yes it was his embrace….
“Kunj” she whispered.
“8 saal laga diye bolne me” (you took 8 long years to speak up) he whispered back

“You are seriously a dumb head….” He says breaking the hug…

“What are you saying kunj….?” She asks getting a slight hint
“That I love Tia…” He replied back
“So what’s new in this” she says sadly
“Idiot….I love you…..since our school days… But look at this girl….” He says with a pout
“Stop kidding me okay…” She says in disbelief

“If you think that I am joking….so it’s ok….I am going with tia..” he says dramatically

“Hey stop…are you serious?”

On hearing this he made a what the hell type of look….
This made her smile….?

Without wasting a second she jumped on him and hugged him tightly

“1432 kunj” 
“1432?…Ohh lemme guess…..we are going to play question question right??” He says jokingly

She hits him on hearing this….
“Well yeah…u need to de code it” she replies

1 – I
4 – Love 
3 – You
2 – Too
Ooooooo…..I love you too right??” He yells in happiness

“Nope….it’s I hate you….” She says faking anger.
“Ohh Really..Miss Taneja” he says arching his eyebrows

“Ohh yeah Mr Sarna” she replies back

And both of them burst into laughter


Hello, everyone. So, here was my One Shot. How was it? Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it. Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too. Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

Best regards,
Ria, Kruti and the author

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