TEI Competition: Ajab Kunj Ki Gajab Kahani (One Shot)

Tashan-E-Ishq: The Author Recognition Competation
Ajab kunj ki gajab kahani..

A couple r shown sitting in the bed with the blanksheet till thier knees..then two girls come n sit on the laps of each..they starts asking questions to them..
Girl 1: plz tell us na how they met..
Girl 2: huh anaya they will not tell us..
Girl 1/anaya: why they will not tell us shanaya..they have to tell us..
Girl 2/shanaya: u noe na anaya they r very kanjoos..they will not tell us..huh..
Anaya: yep..thats true..huh..
N they both a cute pout..n the couple laughs..
Lady: uv..i guess we have to tell them the story of the love birds..
Men/uv aka yuvraj: yep mahi..we have to tell them..
So the couple r none other than uhi..
Uv: it was my last year of college n ur mother’s second last..i actually studied abroad n ur mother din wanted to come there so she studied here only..it was e time when mom called me n i came here..n then
Flashback starts..
A boy is seen entering a college n wen he enters the capus a girl sees him n ran to him n hugged him tightly..the boy was uv..
Uv: oh my god…twinkle u have putted on ur wait or wat.. see the whole campis is staring us..just get of…oh god..ahh ahh ahh..aree dont beat me yaar..
The girl gets off him..n is revealed to be twinkle..
Twinkle: huh..i will not talk to u..u r very bad..
Uv:oh really..n pulls her n hugs her tightly..she smiles n hugs him back…
There was a pair of eyes that was burning like hell..he/she was just bashing uv but don know the reason..
Boy: how dare he..how dare that mr.What so ever To touch my twinkle..(means he/she is he i mean a boy)i will kill him if he will go near her..n dekho toh isse..kese chipak rahi h usse(n see her..how she is sticking with him)
Suddenly a voice hits his ears..
Voice: aree kunj vaha kya kar rahe ho..idhar aao..jaldi aao..mujhe tumhe kisi se introduce karna h(oh kunh y r u standing there..come here..come fast..i want to introduce u to some1)
Boy/kunj:(to himself) kunj idhar aao..kisi se introduce karna h(kunj come here..wanna introduce u to some1) {mimicing the voice}(to the source of voice) coming twinkle..
N he runs to the place where twinkle n uv were stnading..
So the voice was of twinkle..
Twinkle: kunj..see he is uv..my…she was saying but got a phone call n went to attend it…
Uv: hey bro..m uv aka yuvraj but u can call me uv..u r kunj rite..(kunj nods in yes) twinkle talks a lot about u..u r her best buddy..n i..he was about to say but twinkle came n brokw the conversation in between..
Twinkle: ok uv..enough of talking first u talk to maa..u dint went to her na..she is very angry with u..goo..
Uv went to talk to her mom…
Kunj: who is he..?
Twinkle:oh he dint told u..he..he is the best person after my maa..i keep u him n maa at first place..maa is maa..u r my bestest buddy n he is…
Kunj(very eager to know):n he is..
Twinkle senses this n thinks to tease him
Twinkle:y..y r u so eager to know that..i will tell u some other day..
Saying this she left…kunj was just speechless..he thought to ask uv only but..he dint. Days went like that..kunj had a soft corner for twinkle but was left broken from inside seeing the bond of twinkle and uv which he took as a bond of girlfriend and boyfriend..he dint let any1 to know about it by putting a plaster smile on his face…but he stopped that long night talks that twinkle n kunj used to do..twinkle was somewhat shocked to see his behaviour towards her..but then thought that something might be disturbing him…n she brushed the thoughts away..one day the news came that uv proposed some1 in the college..she was mahi twinkles best friend..kunj was very happy but at the time sad that the person whom his love loved the most ditched her..he went to the place where uv was n started to beat him blue n black..uv was shocked..it was all of a sudden that he dint got time to protect him..here mahi n twinkle were coming n saw kunj beating uv..they both were also shocked..they went to him n tried to stop him..n atlast after many tries twinkle pulled him towards her..due to the sudden pulling he left uv..mahi went to uv n started crying..uv was injured but nat that much..here on the other side twinkle was hell angry with kunj..
Twinkle: kunj r u out of ur mind..y the hell r u beating him..do u want to take part in wrestling..wat the hell r u doing..
Kunj: oh really twinkle…wat the m i doing..wat the hell r u doing..r u happy with this..he proposed ur best friend twinkle..he proposed her i front of u n u as a great audience was clapping as if u r the worlds most
Happiest person..(twinkle was shocked..she was about to speak but kunj cutted her off)..wait..m speaking now na..keep ur mouth shut..n tell me wats the quality thats in him n not in me..he is handsome..yes he is..but m also..he is hot..yes he is..but m also..u r happy to be with him..but r u not happy to be with me..? I always loved u but u never..i dint contacted u from a long period but u din bothered about it..all u wanted was uv uv uv..dint u once called me n asked me y m i upset..no..if u got time from ur so called BOYFRIEND then u will come to me na..i loved u like hell..but leave it..

Kunj started to go but twinkle made him turn with a jerk n slapped him hard..
Twinkle: have u gone mad or wat..me n uv..n that too bf gf..r u serious..my gosh..wait wait..oh god…y babaji y..y u have to send this fool to me only..huh..kunj he is not my boyfriend but my bhai..big brother..n u..my goodness..
Kunj was shocked n embarassed..by now uv came there n heard everything..he was just shocked n then looked towards mahi..her expression was also the some..n then after sometime they both burst out laughing..they both were laughing like hell..
Uv(in between of laughter): srsly kunj..u thought..me n twinkle..were…haha..hahahahaha..i mean..haha..really..
Kunj was looking down in shame..but in all this while twinkle was just recalling wat kunj said n then the thought that kunj unknowingly proposed her n that too in a very lame way..she started to beat kunj..kunj was shocked..
Twinkle: u Know wat..u r the worst person ever..u should have proposed me long ago..but u..
Kunj was shocked n suddenly twinkle hugged him tightly..
Twinkle:I LOVE U TOO KUNJ..I was waiting for u to propose me..n u..such a dumbo..i hate u..but i love u too..
Kunj was very happy n hugged her tightly..uhi saw this n thought not to disturb them n went from there..
They broke the hug..n both touched there heads with each other’s n smiled broadly…
After 3 weeks
A bedroom is shown..it was looking like the room for wedding night..the bed was decorated with rose petal which had made a design of two hearts connected with a chord n in one was written kunj n in other it was written twinkle..the room was filled with the aroma of the sweet flowers..mostly the aroma of rose..there on the side table was kept a bowl with some rose petal spread on it to make it look beautiful..candles were placed all over the room..in short the room was looking just like a newly wedded bride..a girl just then enters the room..n after sometime a boy..as he entered inside he saw his love of life standing near the window..he went to her n back hugged her..she smiled..n as u all knkw..they were our twinj..he kissed her back neck after shifting her hair to one side..she blushed..he thenmade her turn towards him n went close to her..she closed her eyes n parted her lips giving him positive response..n..
Flashbak ends when some1 enters the room..
Some1: anaya n shanaya u both r here n m searing u everywhere..
Anaya:uff… Bhaiya..we were listening to our mom dad’s story..it was very interesting..dev bhaiya if u would have came na then we would have heard the whole..leave it mamu..tell wat next..
Uv:umm..nothing..wen u will grow up u will understand..now go n play..
They went out..
Screen shifts out of the room where twinj were seen listening the whole story..n wen they heard some1 coming out they quickly went to there room..
Twinkle:srsly kunj..i still laugh sometimes thinking that u thought bhai as my bf..but frm that day i started calling him bhai..but u nke wat if i will be asked to give the title to our love story..i would love to give it as ‘AJAB KUNJ KI GAJAB KAHANI’
They smiled as the screen gets blurred..
Kunj sarna- main lead(male)..{played by sidhant gupta..}
Twinkle kunj sarna/twinkle taneja-main lead(female)..{played by jasmin bhasin..}
Uv/yuvraj taneja-brother of twinkle..{played by zain imam..}
Mahi khanna/mahi yuvraj taneja-wife of yuvraj taneja..{played by sukreeti mukharji..}
Shanaya kunj sarna-elder daughter of twinklen kunj..{played by harshali malhotra..}
Anaya kunj sarna-younger daughter of twinkle n kunj..{played by ruhanika dhawan..}
Dev yuvraj taneja-son of yuvraj n mahi..{played by faizal khan}


Hello, everyone. So, here was my One Shot. How was it? Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it. Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too. Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

Best regards,
Ria, Kruti and the author

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  1. Wowwwww the os is just amazing superb beautifully written and I think its my cutooooo jasmin and if I am wrong then I am sry but I am 99% sure its jas…

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    I guess it’s kruti… Am I correct… My finger is crossed… Whoever the write is mind blowing… Amazing, superb, awesome,… Whoever the write is ur amazing

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    I guess this os is written by my Vanu Bulbul 🙂 I hope my guess is right ekh tho right hoja 🙂
    Loved the OS Kunj na pagan hai 🙂 UV and Twinkle brother – sis and he thought bf-gf 🙂
    Loved it 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

  8. Is that Chiku? Well, it was splendid, though.

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    love u sis….. 😀

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    This is was really cute and superb….

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