TEI- Buddhu sa mann (intro and episode 1)

Hai..everyone..missed me?
hahhaha! this is a lol like question isnt it?
after all i m not a celebrity that u miss me..
but guys i missed u all a lot..

Any way did u guys notice the changes of TU..i just liked it..
though it gave a bit promblm during email verfication..
but later all was well..

now u guys may be thinking..
kuon hai yar yeh ladki whos doing such faltu bak bak..
are obvio i m ur bak bak queen..
i just love this name tq for giving..

now lets cm up for a intro..
Sorry no intro available..

as characters are same..
ut dont u dare think kunj as any other guy..he is sid only..
n other characters are same asusual..

well ths new story starts from the childhood..or mid teenage..
so the story is of mid teenage..
n its basically a comedy love story..
i just hope that i ll be able to get good views..indeed,,
and and a good response too..

lets get through the character sketch..
Twinkle taneja..
a bubly naughty prankster..
studying her 12th..

well guys let me tell u..
this story is of mumbai,maharastra
in south after 10th i.e 11 n 12th v call it as clg itself..
but in maharastra v say it school only..

shes daughter of a senoiur grade lecturer leela Taneja and a businessmen RT,

UV and chinki ,are twinkles cousins..
they are the childrens of Rt’s younger brother..Ravi & Raunak(Uv sn of Ravi and chinki daughter of Raunak)

Kunj sarna..
Eng student..a fun loving caring guy loves his mom and dad a lot..

Sara Sarna..sister of Kunj friend of twinkle..partner of twinkle in pranks..

Usha and manohar are parents of Kunj and mahi..
usha is also a senior grade lecturer in same clg..as of leela..
manohar is owner of sarna group of hotels..

Mahi sarna..cousin of kunj..
stays n london..is an orpan
usha and manohar are her lifeline..
doent mingle much with kunj and sara..
just hii bye typegirl..
Boleto apne kam se kam rakne wali chori

lets move to the episode now..
Buddhu sa mann:Episode-1

L-Beta getup fast..dont u wanna go to school..after all only 3 months are left challo fast hurry up..
if u dont get up then i ll cm their..did u hear me
T-two mins mom..
L-from past 1 hour ur saying so..
c my chinki might have becm ready..too
T-then y dont u adopt her and lev me to choti maas house..
u know she loves me soooo much..
L-are u ready..
or shall i cm…
leela forcefully pushes twinkle in washroom..
“mere dushman ho kya”shouts twinkle from inside..

later she gets ready in two pony tails..
with a blue skirt and white shirt and a blue tie..
takes her bag..and comes down..

Twinkle comes forwward and says good morning..handsome..
RT-goodmorning my princess..
L-fine fine..now here finish it fast and yeah no pranks,,got it..
RT-offooo..y r u scolding my daughter..
she dont wanted to play prank on them..they automatically becm prey to it..
T-han handsom..
L-stop calling that..last time in parents meet u called him handsome..
n home its oky..but out too..?
T-are u jelous..
L-ruk..tu i ll tell u who is jelous n whos not..
RT-leela..lev na..
and c ur hubby also sometimes..
leela blushes..
Rt signs twinkle to go..
twinkle slowly goes tip toe..
and passes from their..
and shouts bye maa..bye handsme..
L-aww..c coz f u again she escaped.

In school..
Chinki-twinkle ki bachhi..u cm today i wont spare u at all..
u always be late n i have to wait for u..
u first cm then i ll c u..
and this sara ..
iski toh kher nahi..yesterday she din pick my call..

just then she sees twinkle and sara cm their laughing..

T-hai chinki
S-hai wts up..
dont u have eyes..
T-ufff…u guys know na..
today v shd teach that bas***d a lesson..
S-s..v shd..
C-yeah but twinkle ki bachhi u say me y u were late..
and sara tu ruk isse nipatlun
then i ll say u..
T-wait first tell me..
meri bacchi kab huvi..

sara and twinkle give hifi..
nd chinki chases them…

later all 3 get tired and sit on their bench and start laughing..
suddenly their laugh turns to serious tone..
as they watch boys their..

T-issska kuch socha hai meine
T-lets move to canteen first
S-oo..they ll again snatch wt v were eating..
C-yeah..n u na i cant share my food with any one..
T-today u share from tommo u wont..

in canteen..
they sit on their table..
and were about to have their food..
just then a boy comes to them..

veeru-dont u know wt u must do..
veeru-u chipkali move..
S-how dare u call me chipkali
T-hai guys no use of fighting with him..cm
veeru-c learn from this chuvvi
T-just gives a evil smilewhich is obvio noticed by Chira(chinki+sara))

just then veeru eats the dish and starts screaming..
and takes the water kept on the table..
and drinks it,..
but just splashes out of his mouth…
he goes to next table and drinks and again splashes..

and suddenly he goes twoards the tap outside..
as he opens the tap..
a pachhak..!
all water on him and he becomes wet…
he angrily goes towrds the parking are..
as hes wet and must change now..
he sits on his bike and pachhak….
a egg falls on him..
he closes his eyes..as if hes accepting it as a god shower..
he then tries getting down his nbike..
but couldnt..
he moves too and fro
voice’s are heard..

here our 3 heroines are laughing out loud..
V-u din do good..
S-abe oye..first make ur self proper..
dressing secne nahi hai kya?
suddenly twinkle makes a noice “durr durr durr”
C-chii i think his stomach is also not good..
T-han exactly after having a red hot hot..
chilly burger and salty water..
whos stomach ll be good..
all three girls give hifi..
and enjoy their day..
T-hai mr..never ever try to mess with Twinkle Taneja..
got that..
n uski frnds ke upar tho akkn rakna bhi mana hai
(n to keep an eye on her frnds is equal to sin)
n mind u it was just a trailer…
if u mess more..
picture bhi dikadungi..


so how was it?
hope u liked it..
if u have any idea r some cool new pranks in ur head fedel free to msg me in TU Account..




  1. Sayeeda

    Amazing Crazy….nice pot….
    U know I guessed u with ur starting lines ….akhir itna habitual Jo hogaye hai apni bak bak queen se…..
    Just loved the pranks ….waiting for next one..

  2. Shreya

    Crazy di…muaaah…lovely.. But can u plz tell about these changes in detail..I am not getting them and plz tell .e how to add dp also….

  3. zikra

    Crazy di omgg luv u for it from d starting lines which u told kon ititna bak bak karta hai n ur bakbak Queen btw an amazing start do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  4. loveleen

    ohhh crazy dat ws so funny….nyc pranks yr…njyd it alot.. i jus wonder strting mein itna mazza aya age aur kya hoga….lol…??????

  5. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Awesome amazing fantastic…….just loved it …….crazy ke dimagh mein bohat se crazzzzy ideas invade karte hain ……….eagerly waiting fr d next epi
    Nd thank u fr making us laugh……luv u

  6. Lama

    Woooow yaar….Hilorious episode…must say u r really a writer….i m hving a lil confusion r u the same crazy which is writing Tashan e dosti to tashan e shaadi if yes plzzz update it

  7. dreamer

    Crazy di I m damn happy….ur back with ur new ff….I was dieing to read it
    Luved it di….
    U r too good at writing….
    Waiting eagerly 4 next epi

    • Crazy



      Itni izzat na do
      Btwn thankq aru
      Hope u don’t mind if I call u so
      N yeah hope u enjoyed chatting with me..
      N hope I din pakko u gegege!

  8. Sanam

    Mwaaah loved it
    U always drive me crazy by ur amazing ffs
    N ya my buddu sa man is after ur ff

  9. Rashiverma2199


    |Registered Member

    We also miss u crazy….u r not less than superstar on TU…..ur writing always drives me crazy….wow really nice story….. Loved it….

  10. bulbul

    Hey crazy di the intro very much and I was sad bcoz love staterzy is now not in tu but this made me to smile even brightly loved it so much and I can play pranks on my friends that are written by you??

  11. panchi

    wooooowww crazy ……. awesome yaar ….. so funny ….. d prank was was jst amazing yaar…… awesome start….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.