TEI- Buddhu sa mann (episode 3)


hai all..
kase ho?
vase its puh and crazy both..

CAUTION-to much of bak bak..and toooooo muchhhh f pagalpanti in the episode..
sorry for pakuu jokes

msg fom puh here to all u guys…
Guys tq so much..
i know i just posted a small update and u guys did such showing f love on me..
but just cant continue it guys..
crazy is buzy n her studies & her shoot..and then her never ending classes of dance and zomba…
so she cant make time now..
actually v used to meet daily..
but now as exams are comencing its really difficult for her to cm and meet me…
n that ff of me..to say truth was not mine..
actually crazy just deictated and i wrote..it and that mad girl said me to put forth my name..
so i did..but ur appreciation actually must go to her..
any way..
Buddhu sa maan ff will now be posted by me (puh)+crazy..
coz ek se bhale doo…

actually crazy is good in bringing suspence and thrills and twists..and comedy obvio and a big zero n romance..
i hope u guys have already noticed it..
but she thinks i m good at romance so from now now..
this ff will be from both the sides…
i hope u all..will support this dicision f ours…
coz sometimes she might not be able to upload ff..
and me tho khali pukat beti hun…
so i can upload it…

Msg from Crazy-
hai all..
hows u?majama ne?me tho masstttt bindas..
any way d charm f TEi z no more..but dont worry n my ff..it ll alwys last for every long..
vase puh have said u all the full ramayana and mahabharat f the ff an our dicision i guess..
just wana say that..
trust us..
u ll enjoy this jugalbandi much more…
now i think ur BP z raising…
coz f overflowing bakbak..
lets move to episode now..

A short Recap-
Twinkle taneja..
a bubly naughty prankster..
studying her 12th..
Kunj sarna..
Eng student..a fun loving caring guy loves his mom and dad a lot..
L-Beta getup fast..dont u wanna go to school..after all only 3 months are left challo fast hurry up..
if u dont get up then i ll cm their..did u hear me
T-two mins mom..
L-from past 1 hour ur saying so..
c my chinki might have becm ready..too

T-then y dont u adopt her and lev me to choti maas house..
u know she loves me soooo much..
L-are u ready..
or shall i cm…
leela forcefully pushes twinkle in washroom..
“mere dushman ho kya”shouts twinkle from inside..

later she gets ready in two pony tails..
with a blue skirt and white shirt and a blue tie..
takes her bag..and comes down..

Twinkle comes forwward and says good morning..handsome..
RT-goodmorning my princess..
L-fine fine..now here finish it fast and yeah no pranks,,got it..
RT-offooo..y r u scolding my daughter..
she dont wanted to play prank on them..they automatically becm prey to it..
T-han handsom..
L-stop calling that..last time in parents meet u called him handsome..
n home its oky..but out too..?
T-are u jelous..
L-ruk..tu i ll tell u who is jelous n whos not..
RT-leela..lev na..
and c ur hubby also sometimes..

leela blushes..
Rt signs twinkle to go..
twinkle slowly goes tip toe..
and passes from their..
and shouts bye maa..bye handsme..
L-aww..c coz f u again she escaped.

In school..
Chinki-twinkle ki bachhi..u cm today i wont spare u at all..
u always be late n i have to wait for u..
u first cm then i ll c u..
and this sara ..
iski toh kher nahi..yesterday she din pick my call..

just then she sees twinkle and sara cm their laughing..

T-hai chinki
S-hai wts up..
dont u have eyes..
T-ufff…u guys know na..
today v shd teach that bas***d a lesson..
S-s..v shd..
C-yeah but twinkle ki bachhi u say me y u were late..
and sara tu ruk isse nipatlun
then i ll say u..
T-wait first tell me..
meri bacchi kab huvi..

sara and twinkle give hifi..
nd chinki chases them…

later all 3 get tired and sit on their bench and start laughing..
suddenly their laugh turns to serious tone..
as they watch boys their..

T-issska kuch socha hai meine
T-lets move to canteen first
S-oo..they ll again snatch wt v were eating..
C-yeah..n u na i cant share my food with any one..
T-today u share from tommo u wont..

in canteen..
they sit on their table..
and were about to have their food..
just then a boy comes to them..

veeru-dont u know wt u must do..
veeru-u chipkali move..
S-how dare u call me chipkali
T-hai guys no use of fighting with him..cm
veeru-c learn from this chuvvi
T-just gives a evil smilewhich is obvio noticed by Chira(chinki+sara))

just then veeru eats the dish and starts screaming..
and takes the water kept on the table..
and drinks it,..
but just splashes out of his mouth…
he goes to next table and drinks and again splashes..

and suddenly he goes twoards the tap outside..
as he opens the tap..
a pachhak..!
all water on him and he becomes wet…
he angrily goes towrds the parking are..
as hes wet and must change now..
he sits on his bike and pachhak….
a egg falls on him..
he closes his eyes..as if hes accepting it as a god shower..
he then tries getting down his nbike..
but couldnt..
he moves too and fro
voice’s are heard..
here our 3 heroines are laughing out loud..
V-u din do good..
S-abe oye..first make ur self proper..
dressing secne nahi hai kya?
suddenly twinkle makes a noice “durr durr durr”
C-chii i think his stomach is also not good..
T-han exactly after having a red hot hot..
chilly burger and salty water..

whos stomach ll be good..
all three girls give hifi..
and enjoy their day..
T-hai mr..never ever try to mess with Twinkle Taneja..
got that..
n uski frnds ke upar tho akkn rakna bhi mana hai
the day..goes on as usual..with trio enjoying and still laughing at their antics..

all trio were chiting and chatting..
when twinkle gaze fall on a guy whos watching them..
twinkle makes and excuse..
and goes towards him..
he crosses him..and moves forward..
and looks n same direction in which hes looking..
she notices that hes watching sara..
just then a funny idea strikes her mind..
she goes and taps him..

T-oyee mister?
yaha kaha?
Boy-kaha yahan,,
T-look mr..b n limit oky..and wt r u watching han..u r watching my frnd i wont lev u..
Boy-wait wait wait..first f all myself kunj…and i m not eyeing any girl..i m here as i(twinkle cuts him off)
T-tum kunj ho ya funj..
wt shd i do..
just better get lost..
K-how dare u call me that..
T-aww…mein bandriya tho tum kya Prince Charls ho..
udo mat..
donkey looks cute than u..
K-how dare u..(before he could say further he notices many ‘students gazing at him..
at first he feels a bit strange..
then shofs off thing that they were doig so coz f their fight..
but when he sees many gigling..
he gets suspicious..

he but too goes and sits n his car..
and our twinkle once he disappers burst out into laughter..

on the otherhand..when kunj sits n car..
he feels something stick to his back..
he runs his hand..around his back and sees that a paper is stick to it..
he removes it..and there something is written
lets c wts it
“Mein duniyaka sabse bada ghada hun”
K-urrhh this girl..i wont lev her..at all..
kunj sarna se panga mehenga padega tuze mis Attitude..

Here twinkle comes inside laughing gigling inside the class..
chinki and sara ask for the same..
twinkle explains everything to her..
and trio burst into gangs of laughters..

T-now cm lets go..
C-hey wt abt the treat
S-hmm..so whos treat
T-challo ajj mere treat..
C-fine lets go then..but only v three han no others..
T-not fare i m gona call my hot guy,my prince there
C-no u r not
T-s i m
S-are are..chinki u know na she ll cm with him only
C-but these two are over shaitans…
ek kam tha jo dursre ka bulava aagaya
T-ek se bhale do u know
C-shut ur dramebazze
twinkle pouts..
chinki and sara burst in laughter

K-han yar..that girl ..i just want my revenge..
K-kya humm humm han?u tell me u ll help me or no
u-oky yar..v shall go their tommo and teach them a lesson..
oky..now cm here and say me..which shirt looks good..
white or black..?
K-kyun kiske sath date hai?
U-hahaahaha!..oyee in date atlest i may were any of my kind..
but u know na..

today with whom i m going shes very special..
high fashion sence..u c..
n upar se ajj tho uss chiki ko bhi satana hai..
u know my princess is the best..
K-abe yar..na kbhi photo dikaye ko kabhi asli namm bataya bass princess ka japp kar tu..
any way i ll lev now..
i shd go sara may be waiting..
i shd drop her to her frnds house..
i guess its with chinki only..
wase black or white..
U-oky..thankyou so much budddy..
(he hugs him and kisses on his cheeks)
K-oyee..izzat pe hath mat dal sale..
abb kya mera balatkar karega
n they have goos laughing time

(remember 3Idiotsguys..
and that techers day speech..and this dialogue->
“St*an hota sabke pass hai par deta koi ni..lekin iss maha purush ne..apna St*an iss balatkari ko diya..”)

uv,twinkle and chinki are sitting in a corner table..and waiting for sara..
Uv-uff…did u not get any other frnd to make..that u made a late latif as ur frnd..
T-uff ho my hot prince dont worry..she said she must cm with her brother so he might have done late..
C-han..but i m hungry..
U-lo..jagaya kumkaran..iske anndar
T-vase me too..a little bit hungry yar
U-ooo..then wait han..wt say v shall get a icecream spouce..ek round hogaye..?
T-han y not wt say chinki..?
C-u idiot monkey donkey..when i said buklagi hai..
tho mein kumkaran..
n when twinki said..
(mimics)”lets have a ice cream spouce ek round hojaye”
Uv pours a whole glass of water on chinki
C-wt d hell uv
U-u were getting hot..na
so to cool u down..
saying this he runs whole cafe..

and chinki behind him..
just then sara enters and asks twinkle wts all this..
Twinle explains her everything..
T-anyway u watch this live movie..i ll order something and cm..

WHile twinkle was on counter kunj sees her..


Kunj sees twinkle…and a evil plan comes to his mind..
afterall badla bhi tho lena hai..
are guys dont worry..
this kunj of my ff is sid..whos bada intelligent..
not like that f the present TEI..
who is bhuddhu who z not able to understand abt his siyappa queen..
wana know what was his plan..

then lets go on…

K-accha miss atitude is here..hmmm..grt..
abb badla tho mein lekerahunga
(now it my revenge time…which i ll surely take from her)

he sees here and their..and then see’s something on the wall..and smirks..
K-its revenge time Miss Atitude..
(in full too dramebazzi voice)”abb tho bandariya nachegiii..!!”

kunj slowly walks tip toes inn..and puts something in front of twinkle…seeing it twinkle…is shoked
(note-twinkle is neaar the counter..waiting for her icecream…kunj is facing her back..)
she first is shoked and then screams loudly..

hering her all looks at her..
and hearing her cry…and shhout..
comes their..
twinkle hearing his voice..
immediately..goes and hugs him..and starts sobbing…
none notice kunj yet…
U-suhhh!…chup chup..nothing has happened..c i m here…chinki monkey donkey is also here..and look late latif too is here..
v r here only…
u know na…pushpa i hate tears..
C-han yar..
hamari sherni agar esse asu bhayegii tho ..(if our lioness crys this way it wont look good)
its not good..
persnality doent suite
S-par..wt happened that u scremd in such way..
C-are…v dnt have whole day..
wait let me guess…
hmmm..u want chips…n its not available..ri8?
twinkle and uv and sara throws draggers through her..

C-i m joking…so that she can laugh..
S-tu bata..what happned
T-han..its soooo big one…
their was a pin drop silence for a couple of seconds…
just then they heard a giggling sound…
guess who s..it was our kunj..
laughing and rolling on the ground..

all look at him..
and suddenly trio…uv chinki and sara too burt into laughter..
twinkle pouts and says-i hate hate hate u…
(trying to supress his laugh)
K-whos dieing to love u..that u r screaming i hate u
twinkle runs fom their…crying…

actually all the members in cafe..were too laughing..
when kunj notices this he feels bad for her..
K(to all the custmers f cafe)-kya…
hogaya movie…
dekli na muft mein..
challo go now..
(wt?..movie is finished…saw na in free..now go)

U-yar..i think now v shd move to make her mood good..
but how did that chipkali cm here..
K-u remeber i said u..abt a girl v..
U-wt u mean shes the girl n so that chipkali u..
S-how mean bhai..
c coz f u..now her mood went off..
S-are hes only my bhai kunj sarna..
K-hii chinki…
n guys dont worry i ll convince her any how..
U-han…immpossible…let her stay alone for sometime..
till then i ll make arrangements for her mood to lighten up..
u dont know kunj..
princess is very sturbon..
K-ohh tho shes ur princess..
U-han wahi hai meri princess…

(nautaki type voice)aur use tune rulaya..
mera dost hai ya dushman..
hayyy abb tho full poket money gayiii..
C-jaooo prince jake apni princess k manooo..
all d best..
last time tho 68 rs bachh gaye the na pocket mein..
iss bar vo bhi nahi bachenge…
(go prince go…go and convince ur princess…
all the best..
last time 68 rs..very left in ur pocket n now..
i think..
that also ll not be remaining…
chinki and sara gave hifi to each other..

U-vase where is kunj…
C-i think he really took our talks serious..
U-wow…i m so happy..
abb kunj’s pocket ll b empty not mine..
S-dont dream…
bhai n shopping..on his own pocket money..
next to impossible…
C-vase c’ing his consern for swara i m feeling that something new might crook up among us..
wt do u say..
suddwnly Uv starts laughing loud..
U-i’m sorry..but seriously chinki u feel so..

that princess and love..
are like north and south pole..

next secne
twinkle is sitting on a bench..and leaning her head on to the tree..
kunj thinks something..
he calls her..
(guys dont worry his lil sister is her best frnd..
and uv is his best frnd..
num asani se miljayega)
he texts her through his cell..
(now dont think…ll she know abt his number..
she dont have intrest..but he had..so he took
hope u r clear with it)




hope u liked it..
thats it…for now..meet u soon..

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    1. Crazy

      Tq dear..
      Btwn Twinj love strategy na..
      Vo suspense wali story thi…
      Btwn missed u took

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    Awesome episode…. Loved it crazy…. a

    1. Crazy

      Tq dear

  3. Kruti

    Finally crazy is back after a looooong tym
    Fabulous epi …..chipkali se itna darti hai twinkle waise main bhi darti hun
    One question to u whether vamp diary is also gonna be taken over by u and puh together…?????
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