TEI- Buddhu sa mann (episode 2)


Hey all..thanku so much for the support heres the second episode enjoy oky..
and do read my bak bak at the last..
and theirs a msg from puh to u aall..
do read that too..


the day..goes on as usual..with trio enjoying and still laughing at their antics..

all trio were chiting and chatting..
when twinkle gaze fall on a guy whos watching them..
twinkle makes and excuse..
and goes towards him..
he crosses him..and moves forward..
and looks n same direction in which hes looking..
she notices that hes watching sara..
just then a funny idea strikes her mind..
she goes and taps him..
T-oyee mister?
yaha kaha?
Boy-kaha yahan,,
T-look mr..b n limit oky..and wt r u watching han..u r watching my frnd i wont lev u..
Boy-wait wait wait..first f all myself kunj…and i m not eyeing any girl..i m here as i(twinkle cuts him off)
T-tum kunj ho ya funj..
wt shd i do..
just better get lost..
K-how dare u call me that..
T-aww…mein bandriya tho tum kya Prince Charls ho..
udo mat..
donkey looks cute than u..
K-how dare u..(before he could say further he notices many ‘students gazing at him..
at first he feels a bit strange..
then shofs off thing that they were doig so coz f their fight..
but when he sees many gigling..
he gets suspicious..

he but too goes and sits n his car..
and our twinkle once he disappers burst out into laughter..

on the otherhand..when kunj sits n car..
he feels something stick to his back..
he runs his hand..around his back and sees that a paper is stick to it..
he removes it..and there something is written
lets c wts it
“Mein duniyaka sabse bada ghada hun”
K-urrhh this girl..i wont lev her..at all..
kunj sarna se panga mehenga padega tuze mis Attitude..

Here twinkle comes inside laughing gigling inside the class..
chinki and sara ask for the same..
twinkle explains everything to her..
and trio burst into gangs of laughters..

T-now cm lets go..
C-hey wt abt the treat
S-hmm..so whos treat
T-challo ajj mere treat..
C-fine lets go then..but only v three han no others..
T-not fare i m gona call my hot guy,my prince there
C-no u r not
T-s i m
S-are are..chinki u know na she ll cm with him only
C-but these two are over shaitans…
ek kam tha jo dursre ka bulava aagaya
T-ek se bhale do u know
C-shut ur dramebazze
twinkle pouts..
chinki and sara burst in laughter

K-han yar..that girl ..i just want my revenge..
K-kya humm humm han?u tell me u ll help me or no
u-oky yar..v shall go their tommo and teach them a lesson..
oky..now cm here and say me..which shirt looks good..
white or black..?
K-kyun kiske sath date hai?
U-hahaahaha!..oyee in date atlest i may were any of my kind..
but u know na..
today with whom i m going shes very special..
high fashion sence..u c..
n upar se ajj tho uss chiki ko bhi satana hai..
u know my princess is he best..
K-abe yar..na kbhi photo dikaye ko kabhi asli namm bataya bass princess ka japp kar tu..
any way i ll lev now..
i shd go sara may be waiting..
i shd drop her to her frnds house..
i guess its with chinki only..
wase black or white..
U-oky..thankyou so much budddy..
(he hugs him and kisses on his cheeks)
K-oyee..izzat pe hath mat dal sale..
abb kya mera balatkar karega
n they have goos laughing time

(remember 3Idiotsguys..
and that techers day speech..and this dialogue->
“St*an hota sabke pass hai par deta koi ni..lekin iss maha purush ne..apna St*an iss balatkari ko diya..”)

uv,twinkle and chinki are sitting in a corner table..and waiting for sara..
Uv-uff…did u not get any other frnd to make..that u made a late latif as ur frnd..
T-uff ho my hot prince dont worry..she said she must cm with her brother so he might have done late..
C-han..but i m hungry..
U-lo..jagaya kumkaran..iske anndar
T-vase me too..a little bit hungry yar
U-ooo..then wait han..wt say v shall get a icecream spouce..ek round hogaye..?
T-han y not wt say chinki..?
C-u idiot monkey donkey..when i said buklagi hai..
tho mein kumkaran..
n when twinki said..
(mimics)”lets have a ice cream spouce ek round hojaye”
Uv pours a whole glass of water on chinki
C-wt d hell uv
U-u were getting hot..na
so to cool u down..
saying this he runs whole cafe..
and chinki behind him..
just then sara enters and asks twinkle wts all this..
Twinle explains her everything..
T-anyway u watch this live movie..i ll order something and cm..

WHile twinkle was on counter kunj sees her..


precap-kunjs evil plan..
twinkles evil reply on kunjs evil plan..
one sided love blooms..
(guess who twinkle?Kunj?Chinki?UV?Sara?)


So this was it..
kase laga..?
sorry han i used many words..
but its necessary man..
apne lang ka touch ki feeling..
english mein kaha?
any way jokes apart,..
tell me guys did u all loved the episode?
and do tell me if their are any new pranks in ur head..i would love to pput them n Ff..
and i need changes feel free to tell..
if any questions arrise feel free to ask!


Hope u enjoyed ur stay!


message from Puh!
hai guys..hello sorry han i stopped my ff..actually crazy was very buzy these days..
she was the one who used to say me line to line story..
but since 2 weeks madam dint cm to meet me..and so no further story..
but plz dont worry..
i nono v means me and crazy have a sttory..
v ll surly try to implement it..
hope u guys ll support us..!
anyway the story ll be posted by crazy only..
Sorry for inconvience
Stay Positive..Spread Positiveness…

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  1. Kruti

    Amazing epi crazy… eagerly waiting fr d next one

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  4. Hllo crazy di love you nice episode like always and I know you don’t know me by my name lover so I will like to tell that I am your fan.I hope you remember me and if you get time then do read my first ff prank played by destiny beyond our thinking.

  5. Shatakshi

    Hey crazy
    Yaar yeh twinkle nahi sudhregi…
    But the episode was superb…
    Loved it??

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    Crazy di loved it osum

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    Hey crazy the episode was fab…..twinkle prank made me smile….one sided love awesome to read further….

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    I guess Kunj is going to be developing a one sided love. And loved ur episode as always, I love the character of Twinkle

  11. Apoorwa

    hi i am fiona aka Apoorwa
    epi was awesome blosom
    will give ideas by tommorow

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