TEI: Author Recognition Competition

The Author Recognition Competition

Hello everyone! It’s Ria and Kruti. We’re here with the list of participants. Thank you everyone who participated as well as the ones who supported us. We’re really glad with the response we received.

Well, we’ve privately messaged many of you. The message that we’ve given you is only for the three days we’re conducting this competition, 28th to 30th. Till 27th and from 31st things will be/set back to normal.

So, here’s the names of authors participating..

• Adya
• Affaa
• Angita
• Anushka
• Ayu
• Bulbul
• Chiku
• Fatarajo
• Jasmin
• Kruti
• Laddoo
• Maggi
• Manu
• Meeta
• Monica
• Paavu
• Ria
• Roshni
• Sara
• Sidmin
• Sriya
• Trisha
• Yashasvi
• Zuha

We hope we haven’t missed out on anyone.
Sorry if we did and please let us know your names through your comments below. Anyone else willing to participate can surely join us. Everyone participating please start sending us your story names on our mail ID.

Please, try sending us your stories by 27th so that we can work upon all the articles and then start submitting each of them.

Our mail ID:
[email protected]

Cover pic credits: Laddoo

Best regards,
Ria and Kruti

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  1. Tvfan1

    Can anyone tell me what’s it about?

    1. OneShots_Space

      Well, this is a competition being conducted by the two of us. You can just check out this article to find out about the competition. Here’s the link below:


      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  2. Siddhi

    I am interested to participate

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Siddhi,
      We’ve counted you. Do let us know if the decision changes by 25th and if you’re participating then, mail us the story name.

      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  3. Sameera

    Best of luck to all the authors ?????
    Eagerly waiting for the competition to start…..nice idea ria n kruti ????

  4. Sayeeda

    All the best to all the participants…..do well …..???….

    Looking forward to the competition…..??

  5. Best of luck to all the participants… Egarly waiting for the competition… Nd again all the best guys…

  6. Hey…i will also paryicipate ..m Aamu only m npt able to login…m using my sis phone ao had not login…
    I will participate….
    I hav a problem…i dont hav account on gmail…my accpunt is on yahoo…

    1. OneShots_Space

      U can mail us thru that account only….thts not a prblm

  7. Jasmin

    Hey dii..first of all i have send the os to u..n secondly i guess manu has nat registered..soo…i hope u understand but i will ask her that weather she will give me the os or not..anyways..love u loads..looking forwardto see my os..

    1. Jasmin

      Oh dii..i just now read her comment and saw that she sended her os to me..so the os i send to u was of manu..i will soon be sending mine too..hope u undestand..

  8. Yogs

    Waiting for u r lovable ff

  9. Ayu

    Sweetie pies…doubt tha…clear kar lun? Authors can also guess na…khud ka obviously not but for the other writers i think its a fair deal…?
    N i am enjoying this now…love u guyz! U rock…

    Achcha biology ne pukara hai…bie

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Ayu,
      Initially we decided to keep authors out of the guessing game but, we’ll think about it again since you want to participate and let you know soon.

      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  10. Hey di jasmin had send my os to u both hope u get it soon….

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Manu,
      We thought it to be her OS but, thanks for informing it was yours. We did receive it and will surely publish it.

      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  11. Best of luck to all authors.. n guessers too??.. I’ll try my level best to guess the authors though I’m worst in guessing ??

  12. Adya

    I’ll send it soon di ….
    Actually I’m not well ri8 now……..
    Pls forgive for being late……….love u both

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Adya,
      Don’t be sorry dear. We needed your story name at the earliest and you’ve send that. Hope you get well soon. Send us when you’re fine but, the last date would be 27th.

      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  13. Ritzi

    Hey girls…can u pls explain me wht exactly is happening…. Actually I didn’t visited tu since a week…pls let me knw na

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Ritzi,
      Well, just being brief we’re having a competition wherein the author needs to send us an article through mail and when we publish it from our account, the readers need to guess the author. For further details and the basic idea, check out this article:


      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  14. Sanjanadivya

    hey im willing to participate dear can i

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Sanjana,
      Ofcourse you can join us. We’d be too happy to have you as a participant.

      Please, check out this article for the dates and idea of the competition:


      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  15. Hello kruti and ria di,
    I also want to participate in it and will u pls tell me last date of submitting articles to you … pls and ur ffs are just…….i am speechless

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Ariya,
      Nice to see you commenting dear. Well, you need to tell is your story name by the 25th and your stories shall be sent to us by the 27th.. If you want, have a look at this article:


      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  16. Baby

    Kruti di n ria dear I wll als I luv 2 participate in dis bt ll try 2 snd my stry at any cost I ll fr sure give my stry if no prbs so cn I snd d pics n sm1 cn typ it fr me I ll ryt a shrt 1 di tell me soon luv u all n m missing u all vry mch ll try 2 cm bck soon I no u all r nt missing me iss bche ki yaad nhi aa rhi bt yeh baby ko bhot aa rhi hai c u soon I ll participate …..

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Baby,
      We did miss you. Don’t say like this na.. Well, we’d surely be too happy if you join us. If you want to have a look at the basic idea, here’s the article stating everything:


      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  17. Best of luck everyone…I m gonna be in reader’s team…Hope I guess the author’s name right

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