TEI Author Recognition Competition: The Matches


TEI Author Recognition Competition: The Matches

Well, we’re extremely sorry for uploading this so late but, Kruti has been really busy with her tests and I, Ria have been trying to catch up with my classes.

Okay, before we start with this I and Kruti would really like to thank all of you for making this competition a huge success. We both are really glad that you all liked this competition and enjoyed it as well.

Also, many among the ones who wanted to participate couldn’t because of their schedule. I am not blaming you all for even once because I know these schools are really a headache.?

Anyways, there’s a person who deserves a standing ovation from my side. This idea of the competition was mine and on the first article I randomly mentioned Kruti’s name. Believe me, I didn’t even for once tell her anything and she talked to me regarding how we would be managing the competition properly. The private messages you all received, all replies to your queries and also, the uploads on the last day were all managed by Kruti. I was out of station at that time and she told me to enjoy, she’d sit back and do everything. Thank you so so much Kruti! Only because of you I didn’t even for once have to worry about all these and the competition really wouldn’t have been managed so well without you.

Well, coming to the most awaited part. Here are the matches.

• Will You Marry Me?
Author – Ayu
Correct guesses made by – Sushmitha, Adya

• Can’t Forget You
Author – Adya
Correct guesses made by – Baby, Maggi, Chiku, Sushmitha, SidVee, Zakiyah, Sidhanshi, Manu, Jisha di, Aaku, Roshini, Ayu

• The Hearts Meet Which Are Made For Each Other By Hook Or Crook
Author – Aamu
Correct guesses made by – Adya, SidVee

• That Single Step Lead Me Towards My Love
Author – Paavu
Correct guesses made by – —

• Jasmin and Sidhant Were Not Perfect But SidMin is
Author – Yashasvi
Correct guesses made by – Rochika, Paavu, Pooja_B, Adya, Zuha, Jisha di, Meeta, Baby, Sidhanshi, SidVee, Chandra

• ‘In Love And Arguments❤’
Author – Laddoo
Correct guesses made by – Affa

• I’m blessed to have you Mr. Husband
Author – Ria
Correct guesses made by – Shatakshi, SidVee, Sara, Twinjfan.tamanna, Sidhanshi, Pooja_B, Affa, Chiku, Maggi, TwinjSidMin, SidMin, Jisha di

• Illusion ??
Author – Shatakshi
Correct guesses made by – SidVee, Baby, Sana

• Impossible Love Story
Author – Siddhi
Correct guesses made by – —

• Crush Wala Love
Author – Baby
Correct guesses made by – —

• Her Voice – My Only Reason To Love Her
Author – Sanjana
Correct guesses made by – Jonakanksha, Apurva, Pooja_B, SidMin, Tahu, SidVee, Meeta, Ayu, Jisha di

• Our Love is Too Late
Author – Manu
Correct guesses made by – —

• Tashan or Love
Author – Sriya
Correct guesses made by – —

• Love Amidst Our Hatred
Author – Monica
Correct guesses made by – Twinjfan.tamanna, Meeta, Jisha di

• You and I
Author – Chiku
Correct guesses made by – SidVee, TwinjSidMin, Sidhanshi, Komal123, Ramya, Roshini, Meeta, Ayu, Affa, Twinjfan.tamanna

• I was wrong
Author – RanaBulbul
Correct guesses made by – Pooja_B

• Intazaar
Author – Roshini
Correct guesses made by – —

• Ajab Kunj ki Gajab Kahani
Author – Jasmine
Correct guesses made by – Manu

• Love Status
Author – Maggi
Correct guesses made by – Manvi, Ammu, TwinjSidMin, Alex, Alex, Paavu, Twinjfan.tamanna, SidVee

• The Story of Us
Author – Meeta
Correct guesses made by – Pooja_B

• Tum Hi Ho
Author – Affa
Correct guesses made by – SidMin, Pooja_B, silnt readr nly of afa’s stry, Sidhanshi, Ufaaq

• She Stole My Heart – A Halloween Special
Author – Sara
Correct guesses made by – —

• That One Fight
Author – Kruti
Correct guesses made by – —

• Who are you to me??
Author – Zuha Fatima
Correct guesses made by – SidMin, Pooja_B, Aaku, Sidhanshi, Twinjfan.tamanna, Baby, SidVee, Ruchi

Well, if any of the authors want to reply to the comments on your articles individually you all are most welcome to do so.

Thank you once again! Let us know your final views on this competition for the last time.

Best regards,
Ria and Kruti

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  1. Baby

    hey yr aplauds for kruti di n ria
    yr u both were amazing n srsly was happy dat is competitonn got success
    enjoyed alot throughout d cmpetition
    it was my pleasure dat i was able to participate in d competition
    n loved all d os altough no one was able to guess me
    well itna acha likha bhi nhi tha mene ki tarif ke phool khilte hahahaa
    loved all srsly i made guess crct some of dem heheehee
    n sorry to dose whom i was nt able to make guess bcoz itne saare os ek sath pdke
    i was quyt confused 😛
    but osm amazing fabulous time spent wid dese beautiful one shots
    u both did splendous job…. 😀 😀

  2. Twinjfan.tamanna

    yeppi… mere 5 answers crrt hai… patha hai sirf five hi hai but firbi…
    thanks for conducting this competition… I thoroughly enjoyed it…

  3. Aksa_Nikoria

    Dint Anushka take part in this competition??

  4. Aamu

    hey on my article…..sameera had also guessed…..!
    i had read so…
    do check..
    coz i saw sidvee n sameera only..not adya

    1. Adya

      Idiot….ja wapis check kr….buddhu kahiki

      1. Aamu

        Lekin galti se Maine hi tuje bataadiya tha…yaad kar??

  5. Thank you so much guys for arranging this competition it was Mindblowing and I came across such beautiful love stories I’m happy that I guessed two authors right and a big sorry to the other authors for not guessing you right but ur stories were amazing continue ur great works

  6. Rashiverma2199

    Hy everyone….. I’m really sorry I didn’t wrote the name of authors I guessed…… But I guessed Ria’s and shatakshi’s ff…..all the is were lovely…..
    Sara even u were amazing…. It was really new…..
    I still have many os saved on my phone…..
    Thankful to ria and kruti for organizing this competition…..
    Enjoyed reading all the os…..
    Diwali and post diwali days were best to read the os…..

  7. Hey everyone! Thankuu for the huge pile of comments on my page! Though only Affa di could guess me right, yet I am really very happy that you liked my one shot. And for all readers out there, I am the same Pooja_B who has guessed maximum of the articles correct.
    Tha ku once again!

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey stupid, where are u lost?? Yaar missing u so much…kahan gayab ho?? Love u♡♡♡♡

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

      1. Hey Stupid part 2, I have deleted my account and stopped vissitting TU forever. Gayab ho gayi hu aur abb seriously waapas nhi aaungi..aayi hu toh sirf isi ke liye…dhyan rakkhiyo..love u?

      2. Swarmayi

        U idiot ishani… I’ll slap u.. I’ll kill u.. u…. aah.. u r getting in my nerves

      3. Zuha Fatima

        How can you even think to do so, u stupid?? But I can understand that it will be for you betterment 🙂 But distancing from TU is okay but leaving forever 🙁 🙁 Yaar I will miss u 🙁 Rula diya re 🙁 Ishu……Loads of love and support ♡♡♡

        Keep smiling 🙂 Forever 🙂

    2. Yashasvi

      bas very good ab baat mat krna kabhi bhi mujhse bhul hi ja mujhe toh haina…… yaha me aur shalmali di pagaloon ki tarah tujhe dhoond rhe he par tu toh chod rhi he TU very good…… tu idiot he , stupid……. i hate u….. u didnt even tell me .,…..
      bahut acha gift dia tune mujhe mere b’day ka…… thank u…….. thank u very much…..

  8. Adya

    OmG Omg..omg….12 guesses ri8 !!!!! It’s like a day dream for me…thnkuuuu Thnkuuu soooooo much to all the commentators for commenting….. thank you…it really means a lot..nd yeah A BIG THANKS TO RIA ND KRUTI DI FOR ORGANIZING THIS COMPETITION ….. thank you soooooo much……nd yeah Ayu di….ur ff Nd ria di’s ff was my fav one …. honestly….nd others were also tooo gud…..
    Love u all thnkuuuu

  9. Jisha

    Huge round of applause for Kruti and Ria for organizing this competition… yippee…5 answers correct…I could guess 5 of them.. wow…

  10. Sara28

    Congrads Kruti and RIa for such a successful competition. No one could guess me…although how could they, I didn’t write like how I typically right…?

  11. Thank you Ria and Kruti for conducting this amazing competition and wow it was grand success.. really enjoyed reading all the wonderful os’s and guessing them.. and yippiee, i managed to guess 9 correct authors.. but sorry to those dear writers whose os i couldn’t guess.. trust me all of you were amazing ❤❤

  12. Paavu

    Hey yaar on my ff maggi di cimmnted I knw u can jst check it bt sachi awesome was the concept

  13. Kritika14

    Firstly, kuddos to the two of you for conducting such a great competition which truly was a success. It was a pleasure to read all the os’s. But sorry to all the os writers as I couldn’t comment cause of diwali as I really was busy but I read all the os’s. Moreover, I feel great to know that 3 could actually guess me, so thanks to the three of you! x

  14. Ramya

    Hey firstly congratulations fr dis grand success n huge aplauze ????????????
    N yipeeee Atlantic mera ek guess tho sahi nikla bt sad wali baat yeh hhai ki baki sari galat hai per koi nhi ek tho sahi nikla I’m happy fr it n congratulations fr u both

  15. Chiku

    Thanks kruti and ria for conducting this amazing competition. I really enjoyed reading all the os.
    U didn’t mention my name in my os, i also guessed it??????
    Love u ??

  16. Hey ria n kruti thank you tons for conducting this fantastic competition…all the OSs were amazing…I thoroughly enjoyed reading them…Yippeeeee I guessed there writers…

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