TEI: The Author Recognition Competition

Tashan-E-Ishq: The Author Recognition Competition

Hello everyone! It’s both of us, Ria and Kruti, together again. Well, the final list of participants is here as there are many new participants joining us.

Also, please don’t post your articles on these three days from 28th to 30th of this month as it’ll be easier for the readers to catch up with the articles of the competition.

So, here’s the list..

• Affaa
• Angita
• Anushka
• Ayu
• Bulbul
• Chiku
• Fatarajo
• Jasmin
• Kruti
• Laddoo
• Maggi
• Manu
• Meeta
• Monica
• Paavu
• Ria
• Roshni
• Sara
• Sidmin
• Sriya
• Yashasvi

Hope we havnt missed out anyones name( by chance if we have pls tell us in below in d comment box)

So guys as we had informed earlier about 27th being the last day to send us your article and 25th was the last day to send us the names of the articles….we havnt recieved many of them till now .So pls send us the names of ur Os’s by today and your articles by 3pm tomorrow i.e 27th october. The articles we recieve by this time tomorrow will b d ones which would b considered for the competation

And as per Ayu’s question we decided that even the participants can take part in guessing who the author is(surely not on their own articles)

Once again a request pls dont post ur ff’s or anyother b/w 28th and 30th just for the convinience of the readers

Here’s our mail Id…
[email protected]

For any other quieries u can message us or mail us or refer our previous articles…Here are their links


Best regards
Ria and Kruti

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  1. Adya

    Diii I’ll try to send it to u. …bt don’t know will I b able to do it or not……I’ll try my level best……..love u both….

  2. Sanjanaagrawal

    Where I have to send the article on ur email – id ???? I will try to send it till tomorrow …. if not can I send it till 6pm ???

    1. OneShots_Space

      Yes to our mail ID. Well, it’d be great if you could just possibly mail us before but, if not try doing it by 6 surely.

      Beat regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  3. Baby

    hi di n ria i got my comuter today only so i would like to post my os to u by myself in written bt maybe not by 3 pm bt i wuld b late thoda sa….

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Baby,
      We’d be glad if you could possibly send us by the time specified but, if not then, maximum by 6. We’re extremely sorry for the time limit but, we both need to decide the schedule and publish it tomorrow itself.

      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

      1. Baby

        its ohk i will for surely sit n ryt it first den.. 😀

  4. Aamu

    hey…..i will send it to u today only…..
    n also will not pos my ff by dis date…
    n yay my nam is firs….

    hehe pagli hu

  5. Foreverfanoftwinj

    Hey even Shruti wants to participate ..
    I will send her is by tw.

  6. Siddhi

    I think I would not be able to send you article by email as my email Id is having some problem I can just post the article but it cannot happen.I could just post the article

  7. I won’t be participating I am sorry 🙂
    – Mili

  8. Hey Ria and kruti…
    I would for sure love to take part in this competition..but the time limit is really less as I just saw this article today… but I would also take part

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Misha,
      Well, do join us and send us your article and story name to the specified e-mail address by 3 in the evening today. By the way, is this the author of Two Shades?

      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  9. OneShots_Space

    No more participations. Please drop down your queries below and we’d try answering them soon.

    Best regards,
    Ria and Kruti

  10. Hey have u received my and jasmin’s os and the title???

    1. OneShots_Space

      Yes dear we have recieved them

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Krystal,
      You’re the last one. Well, email us your story by tomorrow afternoon or, extremely sorry but, we won’t be able to accept your article. Hope you would send us by 4 in the afternoon.

  11. Baby

    hey have you recieved mine please tell

    1. OneShots_Space


      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

      1. Baby

        ria and kruti di i hv request in end of m9 i want u 2 add smthing i forgot it i was in hurry actually my mom is in hospital she is hving stone so i was riting it sdnly a call came n frgot to mention i saw d tym it was late soo i posted it 2 u..

      2. Baby

        or leave it… bcz now ohk leave it thanks di and ria….

  12. Shatakshi

    Oye aasa na aabhi
    Mujhe nahi loge kya!!!!
    Jaao dono
    “No more participations now”
    I also want to take na…please….aapni behan ko time de do
    Pakka wala promise kal tak send kar dungi

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Shatakshi,
      We’d already counted on you. Keep calm and send us the article max by tomorrow 4 in the afternoon.

      Best regards,
      Ria and Kruti

  13. OneShots_Space

    Since, the competition starts today so, no more participations. Everyone who’ve already participated send us your articles by 4 in the afternoon today. Drop down your queries (if any) below. We’d answer them at the earliest.

    The schedule for the first day has been submitted. Do go through it.

    Best regards,
    Ria and Kruti

  14. Best of luck everyone and I just wanted to know if u two are also participating or not.

    1. OneShots_Space

      Hey Aaku,
      Yes, we both are participating too.?

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