Tei 7 shots- part 2


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This is my second part of TEI 7 SHOTS
Part 1- http://www.tellyupdates.com/tei-7-shots-part-1/

The episode starts with kunj getting up from his place and stands beside twinkle.
K- so ms.twinkle do u knw my name??
T- nods no
K- k my self kunj sarna from xyz school amritsar India..
Twinkle does not understand anything.
to clarify twinkles confusion.. He says..
K- for your information let me.tell u that during my school days there was a girl.. Jo mujhe pyaar se SADU SARNA bulati thi..( she used to call me sadu sarna with love)
Twinkle gets a billion dollar smile on her face n immediately hugs kunj…
Kunj too hugged her back with relief..

T- omg kunj.. Seriously…unbelivele.. I seriously missed u a lot… I..i…
N she starts sobbing..
K- cups her face wipes her tears- hey twinki… Tu to kyun rahi hai.. ( twinki y r u crying… ) Am der na… C v r together again…..
By dis tym tears also start flowing down kunjs cheek…
Twinkle nods.. Wipes his tears n hugs him tight… Kunj hugs her even more tight…
T(while sobbing)- kunj I missed u a lot..

K-Plz never leave me alone again.. Plz…
T- I promise u kunj i will not go anywhere leaving you…
N he kisses her forehead to calm her…
Suddenly they get disturbed by knock at door.. Both break the hug unwantedly n wipe their tears away..
It was kunks manger-

M- sir its tym for meeting
K- ya am cmng and listen no more interviews.. I’ve got my personal assistant… She ( and points towards twinkle) is my pa..
T- but kunj y haven’t even taken my interview yet..
K- I don’t need to test u twinki.. Cuz I knw u.. I trust u n I knw u r perfect for this job…
T- no kunj.. Our relation apart.. Lets b completely proffessionl ok.. So ill get my file by the time u complete ur meeting and then u decide..
K-but twinki… Okay fine..
Twinkle was about to leave…
K- twinki wer r u staying?
T- in hotel

K- y?
T- y means… I am new to London yaar I presently have nowhere to stay so..
K- get ur luggage while u return… Nd( to manager) manager say the driver to drop twinki at hotel den get her here nd her luggage to my house…
T- kya? No kunj.. It’s ok.. I’ll manage…
K- wt manage yaar twinki…. No u r staying at my house and thas it.. Or else u know how stubborn I am..so I can do anything.. So u have no choice..
Twinkle having no option left by nodding yes..
After some time twinkle returns and waits in the waiting area.. Manager comes and says..
M- man, plz come and wait inside..
T- no its ok sir, ill wait here.. Am fyn

M- man, sir has ordered to make you sit in his cabin until he comes. So plz..
T- to herself- offo.. Ye kunj bhi na..( offi..this kunj also na!!) she goes in feeling awkward…
She sits in his cabin.. She feels bored nd she starts pacing here and there.. Suddenly she finds a small.photo fram on kunjs desk.. She sees it and gets teary eyed..
It was the childhood photo of a girl in middle and 2 boys at her either side giving side hug to each other..
She remembers a flashback….

The same 3 children are seen playing hide and seek on terrace of a big mansion with SARNAS written on it.. at night…
Guy1- bhai.. Kaha hai Tu??? Aana bahar( bro where r u.. Cm out na) n emotionally black mails guy 2 to come out..

Girl- aise kaise?? It’s hide n seek so u shud find us.. Kunj y don’t come out.. This UV na he always does this to win.. This time u wont..
( so guys guy 1 is UV nd guy 2 is kunj nd d girl is twinkle.. UV nd kunj are twin brothers nd all.3 study in the same class a d are best friends forever… They r very much close to each other….)
But kunj being an emotionally weak person came out and got caught..
Twinkle got very much angry on UV and she pulled his hair very tightly…
UV screamed very loudly…

Nd he ran behind her to pull her hair too..
All family members came up listening to the scream… They came up and found twiraj running and kunj laughing his heart out… Suddenly near the edge UV slipped and fell on the wall.. Due to sudden jerk he lost balance and fell.down from the terrace…
Everyone shouted UV…….
He died….( sorry zain fans ) police closed the case on the statement of family members…
But twinkle lost her life.. She was like a dead person even she was alive… She thought herself guilty… She lost the charm in her… Leela and rt could not see her like that so they took her away from amritsar.. No one knew where they went…

Tears roll down her cheeks n she murmurs- sorry UV… And cries silently holding the photo to her heart…
She feels a hand on her shoulder.. She identifies the touch nd immediately hugs the person.. He is non other than kunj..
K- shhh.. Shh…shhh….
After a while he calms twinkle down..
K- ahem.. So ms twinkle( by taking his seat in his chair) show me ur file…
Twinkle gives it kunj.. He gets impressed on seing her performance and achievements..
U r appointed.. Says kunj..
But twinkle was lost in UV…

Kunj gets her into senses and says.. Impressive.. U r appointed… Bt still no response… He was on verge of crying when twinkle saw his sad face with teary eyes so she smiled wide which fake and was caught by kunj… So to cheer her up he went to her and started tickling her… She started laughing like hell… Soon kunj was tired but twinkle came Into form nd she moved towards him with a grin on her face.. Seeing that kunj said no twinki.. Noooo and started running in his cabin.. Both forgot that they were in office and started shouting..
T- kunj.. Tu ruk.jaa then ill say u who twinkle Taneja is.. U… U wait there…
K( breathing heavily while running) ahahaha… Wt do u think twinki am I a fool to listen to u.. Never ever… Catch me if u can baby…
T( in between breathes still running) -(kunjjjj)… U knw.. I hate such cheesy words…. Stop saying me baby… Or else..
K( running)- or else?….. Or else what BABYYYY…
T- kunjjjjjjj.. ND she thrown a pillow from the couch in cabin on kunj..
Kunj bends..
Again she takes another pillow and shouts ouchhhhh…. Ahhh.. My hand… Ahh.. Kunj.. I guess it got sprained.. Ahhh…
Kunj hurriedly comes to her and starts asking

where twinki r u fyn……
Twinkle smirks and starts hitting him the pillow…
Kunj tries to stop her by snatching the pillow and it tears and all feathers come out.. Both r surprised n look at each other n burst out into laughter….. They sit down by the side of sofa And agin start laughing at thier childishness….

SHOT 3 PROMO- awkward movement for twinj at office…Twinkle at kunjs house… Usha not so happy… Twinkle cries alot… Kunj cheers her… Twinkles first day at office… Twinkle faces trouble at office from her colleagues… Kunj a saviour and twinj day out…

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Credit to: Lara

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