Tei 7 shots- part 1


Hey guys am Lara again…
Presently I have been writing ff on twinj name Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega and another ff on kaisi yeh yariyaan name KYY season 3 different ff ….
So this is my first 7 shots…

A flight lands in the London airport.
A girl of nearly 25 gets down wearing denims, shoes and a black sleeveless top.
Her face is not shown.
She moves and gets into a cab.
She reaches a hotel and checks in.
Everyone in the lobby just stare her including girls.
She gets into her room and opens the curtains of the room and a wide area of the London city can be seen through the big glass windows.
Her hypnotic eyes are shown which are sparkling with the light of the London city in the dark night.
Her lips are shown when she says- get ready my dear London city for the torture u gonna bear cuz here is ms.amritsar- the twinkle Taneja.
The housekeeping comes and says mam ur lugaage.
Twinkle turns back and her butiful face is shown.
“keep it there. Thank you. N here is ur tip.” Says she by handing over some euros to the house keeping.
H.k thanks and leaves.
She changes into a night suit and sleeps n she prays- babaji kal mera interview hai plz mujhe naukri dila Dena. Plz babaji. Mai khud ke pairo par khada hona chahti hu babaji. Plz. I love u babaji.
(god tomorrow I have an interview. Plz get me the job. I wanna stand on my own legs god. Plz. I love u god.)
She dozes off into sleep.
Next day she wore a formal white sleveless shirt and a black waist coat and dark blue jeans upon black flat sandals along with her hair tied up into a pony with a puff.
She left for the interview in a cab.
She got down from the cab in front of a huge building with YUNJ AND CO. written on it. She once again prayed to her babaji(god) and went inside. She sat in the waiting area , after some time her name was called ms.twinkle Taneja.
She went towards a room,
T- may I come in sir? ( by knocking at the door)
A guy was sitting in chair turned backwards.
Guy- yes come in.
Twinkle comes in.
G- plz b seated.
T- thank u sir ( n she sits)
G- ur name
T- sir twinkle Taneja.
Suddenly something strikes to his mind and the guy turns. He is revealed to b kunj.
He thinks- is she the Same one?! Yes her dimples, her eyes… Bt wait.. Why on earth wud she b in London… Of course she’s nt the same.

T- excuse me sir!!
K- ha… S..
T- am here Fr my interview..
K- ha.. So show me ur file.
Twinkle searches for it near by her bt she does not find it.. She sparks to her self- syappa!!! Bhul gai…
T- sir actually.. Aa…
K- can u make it fast ms.twinkle
T- sir.actually I…forgot..my…file..
K- wt?
T- actually sir I was so tensed and nervous, it is my first interview so I forgot in a hurry.. Sorry sir.. I’ll get in 10 min..
K- sry ms twinkle. But I have a meeting in the next 10 min..and for ur kind information today is the last day for interview.. I already have few ppl in stand.. So I can appoint them..
T-sir no.. Plz.. Plz don do that.. Hmmm..okay u ask me anything to analyze me.. I’ll answer.. If u feel I am worth this job then…
K-ok ok. I don have much tym…
Firstly from where r u?
T- sir am from Amritsar, India.
K thinks- damn.. She is from amritsar.. Is she the same one??!
K- hmm.. Which school were u?
T-school? Sir bt y do u need my school name?
K- c ms twinkle, I am.d boss so I have d right to qstn.. Not u.. So answer fast or else u can leave..
T thinks- hoho.. Tevar to dekho iske.. Sadu khaika..
T- sir xyz school.
K thinks- freak…. She was in xyz school… Am damn sure now… She is the same…
K- do u knw my name?
T- no sir…
K- ok.. My self sadu sarna.. Alias kunj sarna.. From xyz school Amritsar…
Twinkle didnt understand anything for a second bt d nxt min she got a million dollar smile on her face…
Screen freezes on her extremely happy face.

Hey guys.. So hw is my part 1?? Hope u like it…
Plz say if u shud continue or not…
It’s firts part so no precap.. Nxt part ill give Fr sure….
Plz comment…. Luv u guys….
Take care ?

Credit to: Lara

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