teenage : true friends (SS) 1

Hii this diksha with a ss this is about teenager girls bestiie. so lets start the os.
Ragini : tejaswi prakash wyangkar
Geet : drashti dhami
Khushi : sanaya irani
Anjali : Chandani bhagwanani
A girl is sitting near the window and drinking coffe she has worn baby pink crop top and blue jeans. When she hear knock on her room she open the door and she is surprise to see her school time bestii group. Khushi, geet and anjali they all r regular in touch even after school. They enter inside.
Khushi : happy b’day to u
Geet : party time

Anjali : hii happy b’day senorita.
Ragini : y not yr we will party i will order and u will pay what say.
Khushi : oye no chance chhoti mam.
Ragini : stop pulling my leg yr.
Geet : ragini we were thinking to gift u the cycle and the trio high five and laugh.
Ragini : u
Geet start running and ragini start chasing her. After sometime they sit.
Anjali : oye stop ur tom and jerry atleast ask us to sit yr.
Ragini : yr from where this formality come inbetween us sit.
Khushi : are yr i m feeling hungry atleast took smthng to eat.
Ragini : bhukhdo lets go to the restron and we will have momos
Khushi : lets go
Geet : I’ll have samosa’s
Anjali : ya ur fvrt

Ragini : u all r coming or I’ll cancel the plane.
They all leave and have their choice food and they enjoy. They talk about what they did in school and what is going in their life they were pulling each other legs. They come back to home.
Khushi : yr today is ur b’day and how party will end with out ur dance perfomance and songs.
Ragini : ok I’ll dance u play song.
Ragini dance on chhittiyan kalaiya we. After dance
Geet : yr thus is ur 19 birthday u had plane smthng for b’day at night or not.
Ragini : lets see yr.
Khushi : hey now next momth is my b’day dare u all forget and u all habe to come understand.
Anjali : understand mam lovely sigh will report at time.
Khushi : thats like gud bodyguard.
Geet : hey now we r getting late lets leave yr.
Ragini : yr waite for some more minutes
Tri : yr we have to go by but we will meet na
Ragini : by,
All leave.

Ragini went to bed take her diary and right about their todays day and she just read some incidents.
Ragini pov
Today i became 19 year old people says girl hides their age but i didnt. I dont understand y people think like this lets leave this lets come to my life as i say now i m 19 its really a rooler coaster ride and i learn so much in this time. I m a bit senstive type in my 14 i get hurt easily i remember geet, anjali and khushi had played an prank on me actually i m a bit insecure about my hight and my face look they just give me a fake trick and i did that. Next day i tell them that i did that they say my skin is looking gud and when get to know this is a prank i cried i actually cried for more than 1/2 hour and i even scold them they said sorry to me but i m really hurt i think after two or three day i forgave them.
She turn the pages.

Its of my starting day of class. I was popular in my class. First me and khushi became frend actually if i say best frends than it will be right than take entry our geet she start sitting on our sit and we both means me and khushi don’t like this this we argue with her and smtime we even place her bag at back bench but geet is so stunbern that we have to accept our defeat and she start sitting together. And she became our best frend. Anjali became our frend afterward in 9th because she has fight with her frends and we r somewhat like frends so she start sitting with us and slowly she also become part of our group but we both anjali and me fight on small small issue and geet and khushi solve them. first two benches are reserved for we four. We all r popular for study anjali only for study and we trio are all rounder. Anjali is monitor of class her voice is loud she just make class silent in one shout but she sometime do that as she also busy with us. As i was a voly ball player in my high school and when we do practise my bestiies get orked to me because whenever i saw student practising i always run to play ground.
She again turn the pages

In class 9th our class teacher name anand sir had given us assignment and i had made it with so much effert but as anand sir give me less marks than geet at that time i feel as if he did this because she is his fvrt student and i complained sir that y he give geet extra marks when my file is much better than her. Sir got angry and in free perioud he cane to oir class and stand all popular student of class nearly 10 and start asking randomly que from social science and most of us are just able to give just 3 or 4 ans he scold us and says he take test of histry next day of last chapter. when he left maximum of us were crying and geet says me y i did like this than khushi and anjali says lets learn the chapter and show sir we r not foolish and we did that next day when sir come we give his every question answer even befor the que end. Now i understand he scold us for our well beig only.
She turn the page

She start laughing even befor. We all are playing truth and dare and i choose the truth they ask me about my funniest secret. I said but u will not tease me. They said they will not tease me. Than i tell them that on time i think of cycling so i took my cycle and sit at him and i start cycling after sometime i start cycling by standing but when next time i sit on cycle i scream actually my aycle seat was loose when i stand that time sit fell at ground and i sit on pointed part. And as u know “hr ek frend kamina hota h” They start laughing and after that they tease me even today they did so. And on khushi b’day we celebrate in school till first class we didn’t wish her even we didn’t go near her and after prayer we celebrate her birthday we ate all things and at last we open the coco cola bottle it open like shampain and it went a bit on us and all on floor than we have to clean the floor befor teacher coming.
She again turn the pages her face expression change to serious one.
The hard time of my life when our group splits. Our school is to the 12th but only arts and geet and anjali has chosen the science and so i so for furthr studies we have to go diffrent school. i thought i will loose my frends and will ill be able to fit in new school without them. Firstly i m not ready to leave them. Khushi study in same school because she has taken the arts. And we trion chosen the science we went to another school we trion get admission in same school. But my papa want me to go nearer and better school and i m confuse because neither i can’t hurt my parents nor i wanna leave my frends. Than anjali and geet make me understand that my father is thinking gud for me and in starting i will feel weird but than ill make frend and all will be ok and i went to another school. And i m happy i did so. But as i have studed science in hindi so its a bit hard for me but than i start understanding in class 12th i was passed with 67% i m very dissapointed by my marks and at that time my parents also scold me i feel like i m alone in this world i was really in stressed but at that time khushi boot up me and motivate me i understand that my parents are more dissapointed because they have hope to me but what can i do than i do improvement and give again 12th exam but that one year in really dissappointing for me but at that time my bestiies and my family is my support system.

So this is diksha signing off the ss it will end in next epi hope u like it. As most of people say girls can’t be gud frend but i disagree in this story i had tell u how on diffrent stages we help each other. So frends u also share ur memorable incident in comments and the best incident I’ll add in next epi.

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    Hii, its super, I had a frnd namesnamed Dhiksha & she is my childhood bestie & even nw we r in contact

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  3. I miss My all frnd.But especially Sazia..I really Miss u Sazia.

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    really nice….. i totally agree with u diksha, girl can be good frnds. i have a girl best frnd n we r childhood best frnds.:)

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  11. jasmine Rahul

    wow..Ragini,Geet,Khushi n Anjali best friends.loved their friendship scenes a lot.Remembrance of school days in Ragini’s POV was very nice.waiting 4 the next part.luv girls’ friendship stories.plz post d next part soon

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