Teen Love Part-8


All characters and events in this article are fictional

Manahil comes down to eat and sits on the chair.They all begin eating

Manahil:Is Aryan not eating

Suhana:Bring him out of his room on the first day back first

Manahil:Ok which way is his room

Suhana:Up the stairs and to the left

Manahil gets up and goes to Aryans room.She goes in and Aryan is changing.Aryan turns around and covers his body and Manahil turns around and covers her eyes.

Aryan:What are you doing in my room

Manahil:Oh hello i havent been here an hour and your fighting with me

Aryan:Whatever.What do you want

Manahil:ARe you not going to eat with your family



Aryan:Why do you want me to

Manahil:Because it’s really awkward downstairs

Aryan:Fine wait i’m coming

Aryan and Manahil come down together.A man comes and sits at the head of table.Manahil and Aryan sit down.The man looks up.

Man:And who’s this
Manahil:Hi i’m Manahil,Aryan’s friend(she forward her hand to shake ,Aryan pulls it down)
Man:Oh hi so your Aryan’s friend
Manahil:I can speak for my self i’ve got a mouth.
Aryans mom:Ok Aryan
Mom:You take Manahil and Suhana shopping
Aryan:What Why me
AM:Because I said so(she gives a death glare)
Aryan:Fine(He gets up)Hurry up and get ready you girls take an hour
Manahil:We don’t need you to take us we can go yourself
AM:But aren’t yous scared
Manahil(smiles):Of what me and my sister always go by yourself
AM:Oh OK but still take Aryan with you .

Everyone gets ready and they set off.Manahil is showing pictures of a girl to Suhana from instagram.

Suhana:Her dress is so nice
Manahil:i know right
Suhana:send it to me i’m gonna show it to my mom and well wear it together to a party
Aryan:Let me see(Manahil shows it to him)Its not even that nice
Manahil and Suhana:Shut up its better than your face

Aryan puts headphones in his ear and Manahil is showing pictures to Suhana.They arrive at the mall.

Aryan:Uncle give me the keys ill drive back home.
Driver gives the keys.
Aryan:You two go im staying here
Manahil:Hello your menat to be taking care of us idiot
Aryan:Do I look like it bodyguard
Suhana:No but you look like my brother so chal(she drags him)
Aryan:Hurry up
Suhana:Shut up we haven’t started shopping yet
Manahil:hey let’s go there.(they pick up some dresses and try them)
Aryan:You both look very nice now can we go
Manahil: No we still have to take pictures in them together then I need to send them to my sister and
Suhana:I need to send them to mama.
Aryan:O God u girls and shopping

They both take pictures and send them.Finally they are done with their shopping and are eating at subway.A few girls come

Girls:OMG look it’s Aryan khanna with his sister
Manahil:Great here come your fans
Aryan gets up and walks to them:Hi
Girls:Hi can we take a selfie
Manahil also goes up to them: No sorry we got shopping to do so sorry and bye(she drags Aryan)Chal Suhana
Aryan:Why did you do that for
Manahil:Because me and Suhana need to go pick up our dress before it gets sold out.Now come

They get into the car and drive to the shop.They approach a large boutique..

Manahil:Stop here come Suhana(and they go in)
Aryan follows them(mumbles)God these girls will make me mad
Suhana: did you say something
Manahil:Suhana come here look it’s the same dress from the photo
Suhana:yh I’m coming,let’s see
They buy dresses
Aryan:Can we go now

All arrive at Aryans home.

Am:Finished shopping
Suhana:yh mama look at all we got
AM:OK it’s all good you and manahil wear it for tomorrow’s party
Aryan:Anything else you want me to do
Am:no you’ve done a lot of work today

Aryan goes up to his room whilst manahil and Suhana are in one room.

Manahil:Do you mind if I ask a question
Suhana:No go on
Manahil:Do you get to do anything like a normal teen
Suhana:Normal like
Manahil:Like I dunno anything without the media following you
Suhana:yh at home but out no
Manahil:oh hey what if. We have a girls night in me and you what say
Suhana:yh that’ll be fun

Manahil and Suhana smile

Precap:girls night in

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