Teen Love Part-7


All characters and events in this article are fictional

Manahil,Aryan are in the car with his friends and Suhana behind them.Manahil is looking out of the window.Suddenly she sees someone in a shop.

Manahil:Stop the car
Manahil:Because I said so

The driver stops the car and she gets out with the notebooks in her hand.She goes to the person and puts her hand on his eyes.

Person:Hey what are you doing!let go of me
Manahil:Guess who

Manahil moves her hand off the person’s eyes and says yes.They hug.

Manahil:How are you
Person:Good and you
Manahi:Amazing Amelia I’ve got your notebooks(and she gives her the bag with the notebooks inside)

Aryan also comes out of the car when lots of girls go upto him to take selfies with him.

Aryan shouts:Manahil hurry up
Amelia whispers to Manahil:Hai Hai di youve got a boyfriend
Manahil:He’s not my boyfriend
Amelia:Good because if bhai finds out then
Manahil:Yeh I know you just don’t say anything to mom about me being in India
Amelia:OK but where are you staying
Manahil:At his house
Amelia:For how long
Manahil:A week
Aryan shouts:Manahil i’m going you come
Manahil:No wait and she runs
Amelia: alright bye

Manahil and Aryan are in the car

Manahil:What was all that about
Aryan:All what
Manahil:I Mean those girls wanting to take selfies with you I mean it’s not like you’re that good looking
Manahil:No it’s something now tell me
Aryan:Well my dad is a movie star and so all of India knows me now
Manahil:Really!You’re lucky
Aryan:Lucky!yeh right
Manahil:yeh you are lucky, you have a dad and not only that but the whole world well the whole of India knows you,and you have an unlimited supply of girls wanting to be your GF,so you really are lucky
Aryan stays quiet and doesnt reply.So Manahil breaks the silence
Manahil:Are we nearly there yet
Aryan:yeh 5 more minutes

They reach Aryans house.Aryan goes inside.A young boy runs up.Aryan picks him up and twirls him.

Aryan:Hi Champ say bhaiyya(behind him Manahil is standing)
Boy points to Manahil:Who’s that
Manahil:I’m Manahil,and who are you
Aryan:That’s my little brother Ayan(Ayan buries his head in Aryans chest)

Suhana comes in

Suhana:Hi bhai and Ayan(she sees Manahil and looks at Aryan)Hi

Aryans mom comes into the hallway.She goes to hug Aryan and Suhana.

Aryans mom:OH mere bachche(she’s kissing Aryan on his cheeks)
Aryan:Mom stop it(Manahil is smiling)
Aryans mom:(She looks at Manahil)And who’s this
Manahil:Hi I’m Manahil
Aryan:yeh mom she’s my friend and staying for a week
Aryans mom:Oh OK Suhana take her to the guest room

Suhana goes to take Manahil to the guest room

Suhana:So did bhai say sorry to you
Manahil:yeh he did(They reach the guest room)
Suhana:So thats your room for a week and I’m right opposite you,Freshen up and come down for food.

PRECAP:A day in the life of Aryan Khanna

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