Teen love Part-6


All characters and events in this article are fictional

Aryan,Suhana and his friends are packing up to go to India.None of them know that Manahil is also going to India.They all set off to the airport.Manahil is on the phone to her sister Amelia.

Manahil:Hi di,guess what
Manahil:I’m coming to India
Amelia:What sach mein
Manahil:No jhoot
Amelia:OMG Im soo happy,whens your flight for
Manahil:In like an hour,do you want anything
Amelia:Yeh,you know those notebooks get me those
Manahil:OK don’t tell mom and bhai I want to surprise them
Amelia:When you come you’ll be surprised too

Amelia:You’ll see
Manahil:OK bye i’m going to get your notebooks
Amelia:OK bye love you
Manahil:Love you too

Manahil goes off to the shop and little does she know Aryan is in the same shop with Suhana.

Aryan:Hurry up Suhana
Suhana:You go I’ll come in a bit
Aryan:No because if you get lost then ma will kill me
Suhana:Well then wait
Aryan:OK im looking on that side hurry up

He walks backwards and bumps into Manahil.They bend down to pick up and bump their heads together.He looks up and sees it’s Manahil.she’s rubbing her head.Aryan helps her

Manahil:Apology not accepted.Stupid
Aryan:Oh hello Madam have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately
Manahil:Yes this morning actually
Aryan:Whatever!I dont have the time to fight with you
Manahil:That’s good cos neither do I

Suhana shouts:Bhai chale
Aryan goes to the checkout and so does Manahil.They all pay and go.Aryan goes to collect tickets and so does Manahil

Aryan:Why do you keep following me(Manahil goes in front of him)
Manahil:Why do you keep following me
Aryan smiles and says:Where are you going
Manahil:India,surprising mom and bhai
Aryan:You have a brother?
Manahil:yeh Asim and sister called Amelia
Aryan:Well i have a younger brother born through surrogacy hes 2
Aryan:Ayan and younger sister Suhana
Manahil:So you’re the oldest

Manahil:WOW!I feel sorry for your siblings
Aryan:Yes come to my house for a week and you’ll see
Manahil smiles:Thanks but no thanks
Aryan:No come,now you scared your going to be proved wrong
Manahil:Me scared and that too cos of you as if
Aryan:So your coming

They go to collect tickets and board the flight.They reach India

PRECAP:Home Sweet Home

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  1. Awesome episode, loved their cute fight …how smartly he made her accept her to come his house….nice….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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