Teen love Part-5


All characters and events in this article are fictional

Aryan drops Manahil to the hostel and goes off to his dorm.His friends are there.

Aryan: Why ypou all so back early
Friends:party finished after you went
Friends:Well Harshali got angry with everyone and so told everyone to get lost
Aryan:Oh that makes sense
Friends:Well that makes sense well see if the exams tommarow make sense
Aryan:Huh what we’ve got exams

Aryan:Fine OK well all revise and after the results well go to India for a trip.
Friend: Good idea,OK I’m going to my room

Aryan is revising at night.He gets up to get water when he sees a shadow. The shadow goes outside asnd Aryan follows it

Aryan:Ôi stop
The shadow runs outside and across the school grounds.It gives something to it and walks back.Aryan is hiding behind wall and he pulls the shadow.He looks at it and sees it’s Manahil.

Manahil: Yes what about me
Aryan:What were you doing
Manahil:That’s for me and you to not know
Aryan:Tell me or I’m telling off you
Manahil: Aw gonna be a snitch now too

Aryan piuts his hand on Manahils mouth and pulls her.He takes her to a lake surrounded by trees and the bright moon shining.

Manahil: This place is beautiful
It starts raining.Aryan goes under a shelter and Manahil dances in the rain. Aryan looks ast her enjoying the rain.
Manahil:Aryan join Na
Aryan:It’s fone, you get I’ll but don’t make me I’ll weoth you
Aryan pulls her under the sherlter and makes her warm.They share an eyelock.
Aryan:You gonna tell me what you were doing
Aryan:Go on I might be able to help
Manahil: You won’t be able to trust me and even if you did I don’t want your help
Aryan:At least tell me
Manahil:Well my dad’s in a private hospital,in critical stage There is no money at home and all my mom’s money has been spent on my school.So that’s why I had to pay my friend to do my shift for me at the café. I have to work 2 jobs in order to keep everything running smoothly and here you are wasting everything on stupid stuff.
Aryan: I’m sorry
Manahil: See that’s why I didn’t want to tell anyone because if they found out then they’ll pity me and I don’t want sympathy.
Aryan:Come on let’s go

They go back to school and go to their dorms.It’s morning everyone ghoes to the breakfast room,and Manahils not there.Aryan asks some students but they don’t know. Aryan goes outside and sees the same car and Manahil is going inside it.Aryan follows them.They reach a graveyard.

Aryan:Oh shit,that means her dad’s passed away
Manahil fulfills the last rites of her father and he is buried. Aryan goes up to her.

Aryan:Hey I’m sorry
Manahil:Hey don’t be now he’s a star and can look down on us everyday,every moment.

Aryan skilled and Manahil hugs him and Aryan recuperates

Manahil: Thanks you
Aryan:For everything maybe nothing
Manahil: Come on let’s go exams will start in an hour


Aryan:Finally exams are over and we can go to India
Friends:Yes road trip

They pack their stuff,say goodbye to friends and set off for India


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  1. Ahhh sad for manahil…she worked hard for her dad….keep it up …love you loads

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