Teen love Part-4


All characters and events in this article are fictional

Manahil is getting ready for a party. She wears and Ivory long dress simple jewellery and flats. She rates for Arian in the cafe as instructed. She orders coffee and waits. Some boys come and start teasing her.

Man:Hi hai look at her so beautiful
Manahil:hai hai look at you you’re so ugly
Man:temper temper come on let’s show her(he pulls her towards him)
Manahil:What are you doing leave me

Aryan comes.Aryan tells man in his ears that Manahil will send them to hospital like she sent others before. Aryan starts frightening the man and says Manahil is mad and ran away from mental asylum. He starts making stories. He is from mental asylum and has come to pick her. Manahil has virus in her blood and she will infect you also.The man goes away.

Manahil is staring at Aryan
Aryan: what
Manahil: nothing
Manahil:Very fine what I’m from a mental asylum,, I have a virus (she starts punching Aryan)
Aryan:OK sorry (Manahil continues punching him) Sorry man
Manahil: Apology not accepted
Aryan:Are you coming or not
Manahil:yes now wait for me

Aryan and Manahil get into the car, Manahil is not talking to him.So Aryan puts on some music.Manahil switches it off.He starts humming

Manahil:Stop it
Aryan:No why should I
Manahil: Because I said so
Aryan: Well I don’t take orders from you
Manahil:Are we nearly there
Aryan:Yes we are
Manahil:Finally,Aryan do I look alright
Aryan:Better thgan alright.You look amazing,Oh I forgot to give you this

Aryan puts a flower bracelet on Manahil
Aryan:This shows you’ve been invited by me,so none can say anything to you
Manahil smiles at Aryan.

They both go inside.Harshali is waiting for Aryan. And when he does come she goes and hugs him.Manahil pulls him back.

Harshali: Oh like how dare you pull him away from me
Manahil:I dare alright,and I don’t think you’ve seen but he’s come with me meaning he stays with me
Harshali: Like really in my party you’ll boss me about I don’t think so(she pulls Aryan to the dance floor)

Manahil goes and pulls him off her.Aryans friends are all watching this

Aryans friend: Bhai.2 girls are fighting for you.Do something
Aryan:If I join in then they’ll do something to me that’s why I ain’t joining in.
Friend:Good ideas girl fights so none intervene

Harshali goes and takes him to the dance floor and starts dancing with him.Aryan is looking at Manahil,who goes to the bar.A guy comes
and orders a drink.

Guy:1 coke please (he looks sideways at Manahil)Hi
Manahil: Hi
Guy:Want anything
Manahil: No not really, actually I’ll have water
Guy:1 water for the lady.So what’s your name.
Manahil:Manahil and what’s yours
Guy:beautiful name and mine is Rocket
Manahil:So what you doing
Rocket:Drinking coke
Manahil:(smiles,Aryan looks at her smiling and talking to Rocket)

Aryan goes up to the bar and tells Manahil we are going

Manahil: Why
Aryan:Because I said so
Rocket to Manahil: He’s a bit possessive isn’t he
Manahil: he’s not my boyfriend
Aryan:yeah I’m her brother now are you coming or not

Aryan pulls Manahil and both go.
Manahil:You don’t have any manners why did I you take me from there.I was talking to Rocket
Aryan:Dont you know anything stranger danger
Manahil:Whatever no-one told you to leave me alone did they.
Aryan:Sorry and anyways were you jealous I was dancing with Harshali
Manahil:As if and anyways you were jealous I was talking to Rocket.
Aryan:Whatever get in the car,I’ll drop you to the hostel

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