Teen love Part-3


All characters and events-even those based on real life are fictional .

Aryan and Manahil are still in the café

Aryan:OK whatever I needed to give you the notes.
Manahil: Thank you
Aryan:you’re not welcome (he was about to get up and sits back down)Oh and the lessons start early on Fridays
Manahil:Do they now
Aryan:Fine don’t believe me
Manahil:I never said I don’t
Aryan:I’m not lying
Manahil:I never said you were.I believe you
Manahil:No it’s bad

Aryan:Whatever;are you coming
Manahil:in a bit

Aryan with his gang sets off back to school.Manahil calls taxi and also sets off.Aryan reaches school and a girl calls him from back

Girl:Aryan wait
Aryan:Waiting now hurry up
Aryan’sAryan’s friend:Aray Aryan she’s back
Aryans friend turns to look and confirms it her the girl who Aryan dumped asnd ever since she was always trying to get back with him.
Aryan:(smiles sarcastically) Hi Harshali

Harshali:Hi Aryan I wanted to give this to you

Aryan takes it and opens it.It’s a party invitation.

Aryan:What’s this
Harshali: I’m sure you can see it’s a party invitation
Aryan:Well done Einstein.Whats the occasion
Harshali: Do we need an invitation to party.
Aryan:OK I’ll come

The principal enters and says their teacher is absent so you all have a free period.She leaves and Manahil enters.She sits in her seat and takes out her book.Behind her Harshali is talking to her gang.

Harshali:Ew look at her like her clothes, hair and makeup
Friend:I know like the maids in my house get better clothes than her
Harshali:That’s so bad Thalia but I bet my pet dog has more of an expensive closet than her
(Manahil is getting angry but doesn’t respond. She
clenches her fists tightly.)

Thalia:I know I mean look at her she clearly didn’t use the mirror in the morning.
Harshali:Yeah I mean this is Sevenoaks We do have some standards.
Manahil stands up and turns to look at them
Manahil:Listen you don’t know anything about me so don’t try to figure me out IDIOT (she walks out)

Manahil goes to the winter garden in her school and plays with the grass.Suddenly Aryan comes and sits down besides her

Aryan: What’s wrong with you
Manahil: What’s right with you
Aryan:Everything but there is something wrong with you
Aryan: Something is up
Manahil (points to the sky):that’s what’s up
Aryan:Tell me the truth
Manahil:As if! you can’t even keep a secret
Aryan:You really think I’m that sort of guy
Manahil: What? a person who is in unable to keep a secret
Aryan:yeah and sorry to disappoint you but I can keep secrets
Manahil:Fine,I feel left out here I mean everyone is so different here,oh and I don’t have any proper friends.not here at least

Aryn:You don’t have any right to complain when the one person who tried to be your friend you rejected him
Manahil:Well that’s only cos I don’t even know you
Aryan:(brings his hand forward)Hi I’m Aryan Khan.I’m 18 years old and have a younger sister Suhana.
Manahil:All that I know tell me something new
Aryan:(Thinking)Oh there will be a party tonight and because you are my new friend I’m inviting you
Manahil:Thanks but no thanks
Aryan:O hello I’m trying to make a friendship here but all your doing is rejecting it
Manahil:Fine I’ll come
Aryan:Good I’ll pick you up
Manahil and Aryan smile

Precap-Party time

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  1. Awesome episode, she found one friend at least. …love you loads

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