teen isqhbaaziyom ki kahaani episode 5 by gangu

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shivaay was searching for om and rudy . they were near the pool talking about anika ,rudy loved anika a lot saying that what a girl a correct match for bhaiya.
shivaay entered saying that aahahh at last you understood that she is perfect girl for me
rudy – what ,yipeee that means you are not marrying ladybaba
shivaay – what i meant that tia is a perfect girl for me
om – shivaay this duffer was telling about anika ,the girl which you met near the temple
shivaay – what the wuck whoo stupid girl
om – shivaay she is my best friend
prinku – yes bhaiya she is my best friend in the world
shivaay – you guys have friends like this
om – whats the problem with her and prinku do you know that she dances well
prinku – yes bhaiya i know about this and i even know that she talks to you more than me
om smiles
rudy – why are you smiling and you will need my help
om – for what
rudy – aree riddima se breakup karke anika didi se relationship keliya
om – beating on his head and saying she is my bestfriend and i never looked her as girlfriend.and i love riddima a lot then also i never felt a commitment to riddima i dont know why?????
rudy – leave that and bhaiya tell to me that what kind of a girl you like
shivaay – she should be having money , a good bloodline, status etc
rudy – bhaiya why are you like this om – okay shivaay you love tia
shivaay – off course i love tia om – did you looked her eyes for atleast 10 min
rudy – o ,bhaiya has looked anika didi’s eyes for 10 min , he laughs giving a hifi to om
shivaay – okay stop it , lets talk about something else
om – duffer do you know about anika;s and my childhood friendship

rudy – om tell tell
om – okay, she was a cute girl , she always use share everything to me.
prinku – after , when she was 17 years old her mother and father died due to an accident
shivaay got a bit emotional
om – she never belived in surname things like that
rudy – bhaiya you are going anywhere today
shivaay – no
rudy tells that i will come now
rudy in call

rudy – hello ,is this anika
anika – yes , who is speaking
rudy – didi this is rudra om’s younger bro
anika – hi rudy ,whats up
rudy – did can you come to oberoi mansion
anika – no i am having some work
rudy – pleasr plzplzpls om and prinku is you you plz plz di
anika – ok ok i will come in 10 min
rudy came back
shivaay – whom you called
rudy – ani
shivaay ani????
rudy – romi
rudy tell in om ‘s ears that anika didi
it was rainy climate
when anika came out of the car raining started she was fully drenched she remembered her past playing with soumya and her parents
anika started dancing infront of oberoi mansion ,rudra and om saw it through window and came down . prinku and shivaay followed thaem
rudra ran to anika and started dancing . om also
shivaay – these people are mad
prinku heard this ran towards them
then they all enterded oberoi mansion
shivaay looking anika they had a eyelock. water were falling fron anika ‘s dress due to this she fall down then our hero came and caught her .
shivaays hands were around anika’s waist and anika catch shivaay’s shirt
shivaay was memerised by her beauty . her her wet hair . her lips they were very close as anika’s dress was drenched shivaay’s also dress was drenched
anika tried to get up breaking their eyelock.shivaay let her go
anika’s hands were wet in her hands there were still water in her hands. she just sprinkled water on shivaay’s face .they start their fight

sorry guys i dont have time thats why i will continue .as soon as possible

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