teen isqhbaaziyom ki kahaani episode 2 and 3 by gangu

hi guyz , i am sorry that i cant update yesterday due to my exams so i am going to my episode

Anika and soumya were going with their parents outside in their car for a long trip. They came after their long trip. Anika’s parents dropped them in their house and told that we will come now

anika’s mother – beta hum abi athe he
anika’s father – hum tumari masi se baath karke athe he

Then they gone and never returned back and their masi came and told tumari mtha pitha ki accident huyi and started crying but soumya started crying loudly and anika for a while then she told masi hum marne se nahi derthe he and she consoled soumya .Then their uncle AUNTY LOOKED AFTER their business and them and they looked after soumya and anika like their children because they don’t have children


Oberoi mansion

Shivaay is now 22 years

he started to look after their business and he become an expert on business. Half of the business is looked after by shivaay . Omkara is an artist. rudra started their collage .

In the hall

pinky – oh my matha a good news for my diamond . kapoor family wants my shivaay to marry their daughter tia. see how girls are coming behind my son ,thats why i call my son diamond .
shivaay – but mom i am not interested in marriage now . pinkys face becomes sad

tej takes personly shivaay and tell that when you marry tia we are gonna get profit because after marrying tia the profit for us is 50 crores
shivaay is really not but since he doesnt take care of himself he nooded yes . he goes to hall and say i am ready to marry tia .

dadi- shivaay billu thum ne sachmuch sochker he nirnai liya haine ye thumara senthiki ka saval he .
shivaay – ha dadi
pinky – in joy ooy mere bete diamond he

omkara – shivaay , i wanna talk to to you .Are you sure you wanna marry ,this is you life’s choice .
Rudra – app aisa nahi kar sakthe he mere bathle me tia apke sath sleep karage nahi nahi
om and shivaay – shut up rudra
shivaay- yes om i am pretty sure


Anika started to look after her business and she increased the business level . now she is very rich . soumya goes to her collage
One day when anika went to an offenage she saw a boy was crying saying that my mom and dad die anika asked to a lady what happened to that boy.
lady – his father and mother died infront of him that’s why he is crying like this.
anika – her eyes where filed with tears and immedietly she told that i will adopt him.
she done all the registration and took him to her home
boy – didi why did you take me here
anika – because now onwards i am your father and mother and started crying and the boy consoled her .what’s your name he told sahil.
at last anika told her story and the boy told his his story to her then slowly slowly they were like one family soumya loved him a lot[in my ff soumya and the sahil are like sister and brother]

art gallery
om was looking around there and suddently a girl rushes and hit om . om catches her and the girl was ishana
om – are you okay
ishana- i am so sorry i was in a rush i am late [ ishana runs a bakery.
om- its okay go
near her there was a stone and she hits it and falls again but om catches and share an eyelock ,ishana breaks the eyelock ans run saying sorry and om smiles seeing her.

precap- anika and shivaay meet and their moments

so guys i think you all liked my ff and i am a shivika fan . so shivika fans there will be lots of shivika scens , and others but a bit more for shivika if you guys dont like it or like plz commemt down below and sorry for my mistakes in my ff. and a very few comments only i get thats not right so plz plz plz. the next update will be very soon bye sweeties

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      thank you for telling about this, i am a south indian from kerala , so there na in 23 -25 marrage would be fixed but iy is changing now now onwards i will take care about this

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