Teasers for Fixing, Arranged and Sweethearts

Get ready for some shock. A teaser as I might not be able to update for two days. I have my match and I’m hopelessly practicing with my team 😐

So anyway, lets start with the breaking news! ❤

Fixing Broken Souls :

This is no doubt my fav fanfic and I simply love writing this. So starting with this one <3

Will see Durga giving a shocking news to RagLak. What is it? Anu knows what it is and she's not revealing it at the moment ??

And also Silver Jubilee Special ♥ ! Swasan dance. (this will be chapter 25 and I have already started writing this not caring about chapter 23, 24. But don't worry will do that too)

Arranged To Be His

The reason for Swara's hatred for herself will be seen. Her past will be revealed. And Swara's birthday on 15th August (Can't think of a better day than this. I'm crazy af•••) celebrated in a hospital. Pari makes Sanskar realise his love for Swara. And Sanskar leaves for England.

Childhood Sweethearts

Our lovelies roaming in the school and Sanskar showing Swara the places in the big school. And they get detained for some mischief. Dont run your dirty minds! They are kids lol. Swara does a prank showing her real face and Sanky breaks something during his football session. So both are in detention room. Fights? Friendship bond strengthens? Lets see what happens ?

And I know it will hurt a lot when I will leave Telly Updates and ho for my long break. And its already saddening me from now on.

I'm seriously going to miss you and why the hell I am saying this all now, I have no idea. But yes! I will definitely miss each one of you.

After writing Destiny I wrote the prologues of two fanfics. I think I love writing and thinking about new stories. So where was I? Yes the prologues.

Many of you might be knowing one of it.

24 Hours in London ~ I wanted to start it so badly but got out of ideas in the middle.

And the other one is

Its Complicated ~ Its a Swasan Raglak fanfic. Never gave equal importance to both the pairs but thought of doing so in this one. But this fanfic itself is very complicated.

So thinking about writing these stories the next year, if I'm alive after my exams
Just kidding ???


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  1. After reading this I badly want an update. At least for FBS. Dying for Swasan’s eventful day.

    1. Surely will do that tomorrow if I complete writing it x x

      Thanks alot! ❤

  2. If I m not wrong u wrote proloague for anonymous also. I am waiting for that to start.

    1. That will happen next year! Anonymous is story of a writer and a little confusing . I hope u like reading that as well!

  3. Vl miss u so badly……. Come bck soon???

    1. Tomorrow noon pakka x x if I finish writing it.

  4. Miss u a lottt. Come fast and update fasstt.love u

    1. Thanks! ❤ Love you too !

  5. N no no..! No sissy uh cannot do that to me..! Two days without you and your updates..! I will die.. But yeah .. You have matches so it’s okay..! All the best love..! Post asap..! Really asap..!
    Luv you loads..! Work hard and play fair..! ♥

    1. FBS tomorrow pakka :):)

      Love you too! ❤
      And thanks! ♥

  6. All the best for ur match dear.. Make ur team win.. Though I am gonna miss u like hell..

    1. Thanks a lot dear! Will miss you too a lot! ❤

  7. All the best for ur match dear….???
    Rock the match…..???

    Am feeling very sad…???gonna miss u so much….no no already missing u so much??? but I know u will be back with a bang…..???
    And the teasers as always does its work coZ it increased my curiosity and once again reminded me of u not posting making me sad???

    Love u loads♥

    1. Thanks a lot!! Awwh! I’ll try my best. I have almost completed writing the chap of FBS. So I might post it tomorrow noon. If I complete it. But rest need time x x

      1. Ya…..it’s absolutely okay dear…..
        Anyways all the best once again ❤

    2. Thanks a lot! I will miss you more x x

      Love ya! ❤

  8. Anu I’m really amazed with u dear how many… No plzz tell me how many will u think and write on going are three n two u already thought girl plzz tell are u studying or spending whole day in this…..

    But ur ideas are superb this spoiler just provoked the impatient me… Durga revealing a shocking truth what’s that…. Pregnant god only this came into my mind… AM also seems double interesting n CS aww waiting for it…. All the best for ur match rock in it ?u

    1. Ha ha ha . Neha I also thought the same thing. Pregnant was the first thing came in my mind. Let’s see what is there in Anu’s mind. My second thought was like what if they are already married?

    2. Okay I have to tell the truth now x x

      The truth is Arranged To Be His is already written by me totally. I have completed writing it with the epilogue. Its my first ever story. I’m just uploading it. It was written by me when I was in 11th early. But the concept was so conventional that I thought people will not like reading it. So I never posted it. And CS and FBS are the only ones I’m writing atm. CS has very small updates so doesn’t take much time but FBS takes almost two hours. And its vacation time so I dont mind it !

      Thanks a lot x x ❤

      1. Oh so u r free now n u wrote AM during studying 11 not bad u r amazing toh itna wait kyun kiya upload karne mein but it’s OK got ur reason……I was just only concerned nothing more happy that ur not stressing urself too much….

        U know when I read that u have to tell now I literally ? that u r talking abt Durga but Hehe silly me yahan kyun bataogi anyways. Tc

  9. all d best 4 ur match..:)

    1. Thanks a lot Kumu! ♥ :):)

  10. Anuu!!!! I can’t believe I’m missing soo much…. Yaar!!!! So irritating these exams are….

    And correctly i’m free tom but ur busy

    Am sooo excited for all three…. And Arranged is ur first story ??? 😮 😮 😮

    IT’S SOOO GOOD!!!!! For the very first attempt…

    Awesome… Lol… Path to happiness was so not in standards when compared to AM…

    But that wasn’t my first story technically… First in swasan and after 12th… but my very first story was a mystery…. wrote in 9th i guess…. I loved that one…

    Anyways, Waiting for all 3… Though all of them want u to upload fbs…. I wnt all 3.. Very greedy I am 😛 😛

    Love you!!!!!


    1. I’m free from tomorrow I guess. Tomorrow is my match. Lol. I thought its on Saturday but my coach surprised me and he almost yelled at me cause I wasn’t sure about the dates. I’m very bad any memorising dates. I hope we win yaar. . . ! Practicing so hard. And will update by noon FBS only. Arranged To be his needs a little editing :);)

      So happy to know that ur free from tomorrow. . . ! I have a weekly test in my tuition tomorrow so might not be available for chat. But will upload one ff for sure.

      So back to normal from tomorrow night. Stay up at night if possible? I have so much to talk.

      1. haw…. u didnt know that the match is tomorrow?? Veryy niceee…..


        oh… Glad that soon we will getting FBS… 🙂 🙂

        And I’m not free from tomorrow… I’m free only tomorrow.. 🙁 🙁

        Then until monday again I’m filled with exams.. But then later I’m free for two weeks.. Before sems finally start….

        Suree.. I can stay up for a while… … but where?? insta or here??

    2. Anywhere lol. I hope we win tomorrow, or else sab taane marenge which annoys a lot x x

      1. All the very best anu…. Apne hi match ka date bhul gayi…. Pagal

  11. Meri sissy ko koi taane nhi marenge….

    I shall kill them otherwise…????

    Chill must get a good night’s sleep and go refreshed and happy….

  12. All the best for match dear… Rock it i know u will surely do…
    We r going to miss u .. But i know u surely come with bang …

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