Teaser/Promo: Tera Mera Rishta Purana and Dil Ye Bekaraar Kyun Hai


Hehehehe……Bela here. This time it is a teaser for both Tera Mera Rishta Purana and Dil Ye Bekaraar Kyun Hai…….Enjoy.???


Tera Mera Rishta Purana:

“You look there…….I will look here. Achhi tarah chhaan maar. Kuch to milega…….” Ruhaan says to Suhani who nods conspiratorially. They close the doors of Lakshya’s room and start searching.

Suhani, in typical Swara style, searches her region with utmost care and precision while Ruhaan, being Lakshya’s son, scratches his head confusedly and searches too.

“Did you find anything Bhai?” Suhani asks Ruhaan worriedly who shakes his head. “I couldn’t find anything too. Let’s check Chachu’s cupboard!” She says. Ruhaan smiles appreciatively and they start searching.


“Why did you force Mom to leave?” Ranveer asks Swara calmly. She sighs.

“I didn’t FORCE her! It was her choice. I was just the…….” Swara says but is cut by Ranveer.

“…….the catalyst. Yep, I know. Why?” He asks again, counting till ten to himself to calm himself down.

Swara takes a deep breath. “Your father………..he cheated on your mother. On the day of her wedding anniversary, Ragini and all of us found him in bed with his ex girlfriend, totally drunk and unconscious.” She says, worried that this information would break the child’s heart.

“I know that. Mom told us. And that is not an answer to my question. I want to know why YOU interfered?” Ranveer asks. Swara sighs.

“Ragini is my baby sister. She spent all her energy on that man who didn’t even care for her. Called her characterless and said that you both weren’t his children. How could I let her continue her pregnancy in this situation? Tell me, wouldn’t you do anything for Ruhaan’s benefit?” Swara asked him gently.

Ranveer nodded and rubbed his eyes. “Okay. Understood. Then why did you call us back?”

“Because Badi Maa……..”

“Please Mausi. Don’t. Just don’t lie this time. We know that it was YOU who called us here. There was no Dadi involved. So what I want to know is why you called us here back when you didn’t want Mom and Dad together?”

Swara took a sharp breath. She seemed to be calculating something. Ranveer raised his eyebrows. It was funny to Swara how he looked exactly like Ragini at that moment despite having Lakshya’s face. She decided that it was time for the truth.

“About four months back, Lakshya had an accident. It could have taken his life. After that accident, he has been involved in minor accidents, just like you have been since you came here. I am sure that someone is trying to bump him off and I have a sneaking suspicion about who that is. So the reason I called you both here is that some weeks after Lakshya’s accident, Bade Papa decided to change his will. After Ragini left, Bade Papa had thrown Lakshya out and disowned him from any share in his property. After the accident, I think on Badi Mama’s insistence, he decided to rename him. The accidents started after he made that announcement. However, Bade Papa made no provisions for Ruhaan and you. I called you both here because I want you both to get what you both deserve.”

Ranveer furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Why weren’t we named?”

“Because Lakshya insisted that you both weren’t his children. And the share in the property wasn’t going to go to anyone who didn’t have Maheshwari blood in him or her. You both look just like your father so anyone seeing you would have no doubt about who your father was. The fact is, that when everybody saw you both, they would have to admit that you are Maheshwaris and only then would you get your rights. So I had to call you both here.”

“You love us that much?” Ranveer asks Swara emotionally. She nods her head with tears in her eyes. “I lost my own baby boy. Pari Bhabhi and I delivered together and while her baby was fine and healthy, mine was stillborn. Whenever I see Ansh being pampered, I feel rage. Because even my son could have had the same life. Even you both, who are my sons only, could have had that life.”

Ranveer pats her hand sympathetically, feeling bad for her. She sobs and puts her head on his shoulder while he continues soothing her.


“Abbey, this cupboard is a mess! Dad is so messy.” Ruhaan whines as Suhani keeps on searching. She wisely chooses to remain silent on the fact that Ruhaan is as messy as he claims his father is.

“Bhai, there are papers. Legal documents, contracts and stuff. Nothing very important to us.” Suhani says sadly. She desperately wanted to help. Lakshya was her favourite and she positively worshipped Ragini, who she felt was her own mother.

“Umm…….Suhani? What is that?” Ruhaan asks her, pointing to a small box kept in a corner, hidden away from sight. Suhani picks it up and opens it. They find a well read and worn piece of paper. Both smile at each other. “Mil Gaya ek clue!” They say in unison, giving each other a high five.

They put everything back in place and then go to Ranveer and Ruhaan’s room. They wait for Ranveer for some minutes but being Swaragini’s children, their patience goes ‘tel lene’. They open the paper and read it. With each passing moment, their faces go paler and Ruhaan grips the paper tightly. At the end, both look up at each other in shock.

“What the f*** is this?” Ruhaan says in shock. “Now who is this Karthik who Mom ran away with?”


Ragini smiles as Lakshya washes himself in the river. His toffee brown skin is on display and she is immensely enjoying the show he is putting up of splashing in the river happily. She feels at peace.

Lakshya comes out of the river, water droplets dripping down his abs and chest, combing his wet hair s*xily as he smirks at the gaping Ragini. He comes close to her and blows air on her face. “Garmi bad gayi hai Na? It is too hottttttt…….” Lakshya says softly in a teasing way as Ragini nods. She realises what she is doing and blushes while Lakshya gives a peal of laughter.

He sits down beside her and holds her hand. She covers his hand with her own as he starts playing with a lock of her hair, admiring her. “I am glad that you still love me. I am sorry for all that I have done, really sorry. Will you forgive me?” He says, his voice choked with emotion. Ragini smiles at him and nods. He smiles through his tears too. “I am glad. Now, there will be no Kavya and no Karthik between us!” He says happily. Ragini frowns. “Who is Karthik?” She asks him in confusion. Lakshya turns to her disbelievingly, searching her eyes.

“You don’t know who Karthik is?” He asks her, with an edge to his voice, still searching for a spark of regret or recognition in them. He finds none and even Ragini shakes her head.

“You don’t remember the man you left me for?”


Dil Ye Bekaraar Kyun Hai:

Ragini and Sanskaar land in Pune. She smiles. “And now………tick tock, tick tock!” She says as she sees the pamphlet of the competition in her hand. Sanskaar looks at her with a smile.

“I am glad we have chosen ‘Everything Has Changed’ by Taylor Swift. It is cool and soothing. We won’t need the drummer but hey, can’t help it!” Ragini says to him while he nods. They still brought the drummer Ray as backup though.

Sanskaar and Ragini enjoy for two days, visiting local eateries and malls. Sanskaar enjoyed spending time with her while Ragini felt safe and happy.

On the night of the competition, by the lucky draw, their team gets to perform last out of the six teams. While Ragini sulks prettily, Sanskaar soothes her by saying that it is good that they can see their competition.

After a few performances, which Ragini terms as ‘meh’, is is the time for their rival college to perform. They get up on the stage and start singing ‘Everything Has Changed’ in the way similar to what Ragini had planned.

Ragini, Sanskaar and their team watch horrified as the college literally rips off their version of the song. Ragini creates a chaos and complains to the management committee. However, nothing can be done. She sits in one corner and cries.

Sanskaar comes up behind her and rubs her back soothingly, whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

“It is okay Ragini. It is okay. They are cheats. All of them.” Sanskaar says to her.

“They aren’t the cheats. YOU both are! You kicked me out of your performance, didn’t you? Well, see how I avenged myself!” Ray comes up behind them and smirks. Ragini gasps.

“How could you do that Ray? Was your ego more important than the prestige of the college? You sold us?” She shrieks at him and lunges forward to attack him but Sanskaar catches her and holds her back. Ray sneers at her.

“I am anyways changing my college. St. John’s is so much better than us. And now, they are going to win this competition. Thanks for the suggestion Rags……..” He says and smirks as the whole band watches him in disgust.

Ragini starts sobbing again as he leaves. Sanskaar tries to pacify her but she refuses to listen. Finally, Sanskaar collects the band members and they discuss something. They give each other a high five and look at Ragini who is still wallowing in self pity. Sanskaar’s heart bleeds watching her in this condition but he composes himself and walks up to the stage and gives a glare to the rival college’s team who boo at him.

Sanskaar sets the mike and sits in front of the drums. The guitarist Joy and the pianist Aditya take their positions. Sanskaar hold the mic and starts speaking.

“We were supposed to perform to Everything Has Changed but the other team beat us to it. The female lead singer of our band is still licking her wounds in one corner. But hey, we did do the reservation in our band for her. So you guys can’t blame us on being gender biased!” He says lightly as the audience starts laughing.

“I fell in love once. The girl was……..amazing. And my heart became so restless every time I saw her. For some time, I couldn’t realise what was happening to me. So here is presenting to you, a song which I sing from my own heart which now my ladylove possesses.” He says as he starts beating the drums.


So how was it? TMRP has a higher chance of being updated tomorrow while DYBKH readers would have to wait till Wednesday as their part is quite long and emotionally charged. It will be a surprise for you all.

Do tell me how you liked the promos.

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