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‘No broken bones. Nothing to worry about. Just have him rest for a day or two. And the pain will be gone. I will come to change the dressing on his head tomorrow. It’s just a surface wound.’
Lakshya heard the doctor speak from somewhere in the room. His head hurt as the memory of his fall came rushing back to his mind. He had just fought with his wife and turned away when he slipped on the stairs and fell. How embarrassing!

After a few minutes, he heard the door click shut. Lakshya waited to see if she had left. But he felt a slight droop in the mattress as she sat next to him.
He felt soft hands running over his hair gently. Her familiar scent overpowering his senses.
His brows furrowed as he tried to control himself from taking her then and there.

Swara saw it and thought that he was in pain. She moved closer to him, ‘does it hurt too much Lakshya?’, she asked gently.
Lakshya acted as if he’s deep asleep and brought his face closer to her.

Swara put his head on her lap and caressed his hair. He took this chance to burrow his face into her bare belly. Her overpowering scent surrounded him that he almost moaned. Swara pressed him closer thinking that it’s easing his pain.

She took in a sharp breath when she felt his face on her stomach. Lakshya opened his eyes a tiny bit to see her ravishing body that was right in front of him.
He knew that he couldn’t stay away from her body and that he had to do something to make her give it to him. Finally, an idea struck him.


After a few hours,
‘Aah.. Maa!’, he said turning and holding his head. Swara tried to wake him up.

He opened his eyes and began his acting.
‘Who.. who are you? Where’s my Maa? I want.. I want her.’
Swara, a little shocked: Lakshya she’s here. I’ll call her.
Just as she was about to get up and go, he caught her hand.
Lakshya: No.. don’t leave me alone. Please..
He tried to look pitiful.
Swara, unaware of why he was behaving strangely: Ok I’ll stay here. I’ll call her on the phone.

After a while, when Annapurna came.
Lakshya: Maa.. why did you leave your Lucky and go? I got.. I got so scared. And everything’s hurting.
He acted like a little child.
Annapurna looked alarmed: Lakshya beta..
Lakshya cut in: Maa, call me Lucky. Please don’t send me to school tomorrow. All my friends will make fun of me, please Maa.

Annapurna to Swara:
Beta, why is he behaving like a child?
Swara, equally concerned: I don’t know Maa. I’ll call the doctor.

The next few hours passed with Lakshya’s antics, the doctor gave the report that as he hit his head on the ground when he fell, Lakshya had lost his memory.
They both had fought and he knew that Swara wouldn’t get physical with him in the near future! That was why he had made this elaborate plan.

Doctor, to all: Please.. You all have to do whatever he asks, to make him feel that he’s not sick and alone. There are no medicines to treat him. He needs your love and support to feel normal again. Ms. Swara you have to be with him at all times.

Lakshya winked at the doctor without anyone noticing.
Then he asked aloud, pointing towards Swara: Who is she?
Doctor, immediately with a wink back: She is your nurse. She’ll be with you all the time and take care of you. She’ll give you whatever you want.

Lakshya knew that Swara was not dumb and that he had to be smart about his moves.
So he asked in front of all: Maa, help me to change into my PJ’s.
The doctor nudged Swara, whispering: Now is your chance Ms. Swara. You should show that you’re a part of his life. Bring back the Lakshya you all want. Make him feel that everything is normal.

Swara nodded to the doctor and turned to Lakshya: Lakshya.. I mean.. Lucky.. I’ll help you.
Lakshya: Why? I want my Maa.
Sujata: Beta, see your Maa is sad that you got hurt. Let her do puja to the Lord. Swara will help you, ok.
Lakshya to Annapurna: Really Maa?
Annapurna, wiping her eyes: Yes beta. I’ll go and pray for you to become fine ok. Swara will be with you.

Lakshya, grabbing Swara’s arm and acting to cry: Nurse.. Nurse don’t give me injection please.
Doctor to Lakshya: No no beta. This nurse will not give you injection ok.
After they all leave the room, Swara: Come Lucky, let’s change your clothes. I’ll help you get up. Just hold me.

Lakshya, in his mind: Yeah baby. That’s exactly what I want to do. To just hold you!
Lakshya to Swara: No I don’t touch girls. I will do it by myself.
Swara: But you can touch me.
Lakshya: No. Why should I touch?

Swara was changing his clothes without looking at his body.
Swara: Because I have to take care of you. And be with you always.
Lakshya smirking at her unease: Will you be with me always?
Swara: Yes.
Lakshya: But you’re a nurse, so you have to go back to the doctor right?
Swara: No I’m not just your nurse. I’m your friend also.
Lakshya: So will you play with me?
Swara: Yes.

Looking at her curves, Lakshya: Will you hug me when I get scared at night?
Swara, fiddling with his buttons: Erm.. Yes.
Lakshya, licking his lips: Will you kiss me when I get hurt?
Swara: Ye.. Yes I will.

Lakshya in his mind: Oh just you wait little miss perfect! If I don’t cause you to make love to me then I’ll change my name.

Lakshya to Swara, acting sad he moved away: No. I know that nobody likes me.
Swara felt bad: Aww.. Come here.

She pulled him closer to kiss but he suddenly turned his face and she kissed his lips by accident.
Swara blushed and Lakshya noticed her breathing fast.
She quickly put him to bed as he was done changing his clothes.

He acted cute and asked her to play a bedtime game with him.
She laid down next to him trying to control the reactions he was having on her body. Lakshya wrestled and played with her that made her sari get undone.

Once her pallu fell off he just acted like he didn’t see it and continued to tickle her.
Swara shut her eyes as he was making her laugh uncontrollably and she tried to push him off, Swara was this oblivious to his hungry gaze.

Lakshya again licked his lips as he saw her heavy cleavage.

He quickly looked away when Swara opened her eyes and wiped tears of laughter. Lakshya came over her body his face very close to her deep cleavage.

Swara desperately wanted to cover her chest but Lakshya held on to her hands and rubbed his face on her cleavage all the while talking to her like a kid.

Swara was close to losing her mind. Lakshya lay completely over her, his body pressed on to her and his hands held down her palms. And then he nuzzled her exposed mounds. He stuck his tongue out and looked into her eyes, ‘I’m hungry. Where’s my milk?’

Swara saw his lips pucker, eyeing her melons.
She slid away from under him and ran to the kitchen saying she will get him something.

Lakshya laughed as she sped out of the room.
‘Chal beta, Lucky! That was a trailer for her to know what to expect from now on. Who told her to be so hot! Uff!!’
He went to the washroom to relieve his hardness.


The next week passed with Lakshya taking all his chances with Swara. ‘Yaar Lucky, now she’s completely flustered. Time for plan B!’, he thought.

The doctor came that evening to check on him. After the fake assessment, the doctor spoke to Swara.
‘Ms. Swara, his condition has not improved since last week. I think we need to change his treatment. But it will not be possible without your cooperation.’

‘Yes doctor. I’m ready to help in any way. I just want my husband to get well soon’, she said.

The doctor looked at her gravely and said, ‘Only your love can bring him back, Ms. Swara. The kind of love only a wife can give her husband. I hope you understand what I’m saying.’

Swara looked at him a little perplexed. ‘Ms. Swara, your husband’s body is the only medicine to bring his mind back on track. And this is the only logical way’, the doctor added.

Even though there was nothing logical about his suggestion, Swara nodded.

At that time Lakshya called out to Swara, ‘Nurse, look I got hurt!’

She ran over to him and licked the papercut. Her rosy lips were pursed around his hurt finger and he sensed her suck on it.

Swara buried his face in to her chest and held him close as he acted to cry.
Lakshya, overjoyed at his proximity to her huge globes, held up the thumbs up sign at the doctor over her shoulder.


Swara brought Lakshya to their decorated bedroom.
Lakshya knew very well what she had on her mind. But nevertheless he wanted to have the satisfaction of hearing it from her mouth.

‘Nurse, what is all this?’, he asked her feigning ignorance.
Swara flushed a deep red, ‘Er.. Lakshya.. I mean Lucky.. I’m not your nurse. Actually I’m your wife.’
Lakshya: What is that?
Swara: Wife means a girl who loves you and..
Lakshya cut in: You love me?
Swara, with her eyes lowered: Yes.
Lakshya, licked his lips: How will you love me?
Swara turned to him in shock.

Lakshya quickly rectified his slip up: I mean Maa gives me kisses, Chachi hugs me and Chachu gives me surprises. So tell me what will you do for me?
Swara gulped: I will show you.. how.. how love is made.. or d.. done.

Lakshya almost felt bad to see her trying to explain love making to a child. So he jumped on the bed and turned to her wiggling his fingers: Show me wife! I want to see how much you love me.

Swara sat on the bed next to him but he pulled her on top of him. Lakshya truly was an animal in bed, he felt like he couldn’t control himself any longer. He knew that wanted her but his body wanted her real bad too!

Swara slowly took off his t-shirt and kissed his chest and whispered huskily: I’m Swara, your wife. Swara Lakshya Maheshwari. And I love you!

Lakshya clenched his fists when her teeth grazed his chest. Her wet tongue then ran over it, causing waves of pleasure to roll off him.

Swara kissed him all the way down his stomach. Her tongue yet again making him crazy, this time spiralling in his belly button. Swara then unbuckled his belt and kissed his lips before tying his hands to the bedpost with the belt.

‘N.. Nurse.. what are you..’
‘Shhhh..’, Swara pressed a finger to his lips, ‘I love you and I’m just showing that to you. Just let your body feel it. And make your mind remember this feeling.’

Lakshya was completely blown away by her boldness. He loved the cheeky way in which she was turning him on.

Swara unbuttoned his jeans with her teeth, her eyes glued to his and Lakshya felt that he would come right there.

He dug the heels of his feet in to the mattress trying to gain control of his senses. Swara pulled off his pants very very slowly, keeping her face buried above his crotch.

Her teeth teased the skin at his waist. Lakshya bit his tongue to stop himself from moaning. Swara planted wet, open-mouthed kisses on the inside of his thighs.

Lakshya sensed the metallic taste of blood in his mouth from biting on to his tongue so hard. When Swara rose from his body, the sight of her disheveled hair and fallen pallu made his member go rock hard.

A moan escaped his lips as Swara’s nails trailed downwards over his exposed chest. Her palms hovered over his boxers and he begged wordless pleas for her to take it off. Swara seemed to get the message and she looked into his eyes seductively.

Lakshya was desperately bucking his hips to her face and he wished he could just shove his entire length into her mouth.

But Swara just winked gesturing at his boxers with a tent formed. She blew a kiss at it and got up from the bed as though her mission was accomplished.

Swara: Sorry Lucky baby! She fixed her pallu and adjusted her clothes, teasing: Actually I think it’s fitting to say better ‘luck’ next time!

Swara’s tinkling laugh left a bitter aftertaste in the room as she left. Lakshya cursed his stars for his seemingly foolproof plan which, apparently, was clear as day to his smart wifey!! Lakshya struggled to make his painful erection go away but her tantalizing body was etched into his mind making it extremely difficult for him.

A/N: Moral of the story: A man who digs a pit for others falls into it himself!! ?
Ok cool people, do read and review! I’m not fixated on any particular Swaragini couple so feel free to send unique prompts and requests.


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