His tears reached her soul ff by shyra (chapter 30)

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Suddenly anika remembers something. She speaks….
Anika: shivay it’s time for the next wish…. Come on tell me.

Shivay : I don’t want anything now….
Anika: nahi bataiye…. Warna.
Shivay : anika I always wanted to perform something…. I mean I wanted to sing something with a guitar and wanted to see people praising me…. Actually it never happened because I had stage fear…. I can’t perform anywhere…..
Anika: hmm…. Waise yeh wish sabse interesting hai….Ek min iska Matlab shivay you can sing and you didn’t tell me…..
Shivay: no its nothing like that and main bilkul bhi Acha nahi gaata…
Anika: shivay you have to Sing…
Shivay: OK but not today….
Anika thinks something and agrees…..
Anika: OK then…and she smiles…?
Shivay understood that something was going in her mind….
Shivay: ohh so you agreed so easily….it means again you are planning something…?
Anika’s POV
Yes ! I am planning something…..
Shivay: what are you thinking now?
Anika: naah! I mean nothing special.
Shivay: Anika see I know you want to fulfill all my wishes….but seriously now I don’t want anything…so just forget it and as tomorrow is our engagement you should be preparing for that….
Anika: but shivay…
Shivay: no but’s ands if’s….and now its my turn ….let me listen to your wishes….
Anika: hmm….my wish….jaane dijiye shivay aapse nahi hoga…
Shivay: what do you mean by nahi hoga?…I can also do anything for u….
Anika: nope shivay I m telling you naa …nahi hoga…and she show tantrums…
Shivay: ohh toh aisi baat hai….OK then I promise whatever is your wish …only SSO will fulfill it he speaks with full confidence…..
Anika: hmm…finally my shy Singh oberoi learnt to show some tadi….?
Shivay: right….wait what’s that tad…tadddd….
Anika: its tadi….?
Shivay: what’s that?
Anika: haww….you don’t even know what’s tadi…. ????she shouts.
Shivay: haan that’s OK nahi pata mujhe…what are you shouting like this??
Anika: jaane dijiye…. Aapko tadi nahi pata ….aap meri wish kya poori karenge….?
Shivay: its not like that anika….if u will tell me I will get to know it ….?
Anika:acha and why will I tell u?…jaiye shivay aapse nahi hoga…..
Now shivay was tired of listening aapse nahi hoga dialog again and again…..so he clutched her shoulders and pulled her close to him……anika got scared.
Anika: shivay aap phirse shuru ho Gaye….. Aap much bhi karlijiye main aapko tadi ka matlab nahi batane wali….
Shivay ( smiles ): OK as your wish….anika looks on…..Ms. Malhotra now I will find the meaning of that tad…dd..
Anika:(laughs seeing shivay and corrects him) shivay its tadi…. See you are not able to speak it correctly… And she laughs.
Shivay: hmmm whatever it is I will find its meaning for sure.
Anika( still laughing): so it will take how many years to find its meaning? She teases him???
Shivay: tomorrow when I will make you wear the ring….and when I will tell u its meaning even you have to tell me your wish…..
Anika: so it sounds like a challenge….gol gappe me baad tadi challenge that’s amazing shivay???? she laughs….OK I promise!!!!
Shivay: done!!!!?
Anika: now let me go…..I need to go home also .
Shivay: OK I will drop u but before that ….???
Anika: nothing…. And she escapes from his hold…

Next day

Everybody was busy in engagement preparation and running here and there…..
Malika was giving instructions to the servants when she heard rocky shouting……..
Rocky: nahiiiiiiii……….????? she comes running to her room and finds the whole room messed up ….her salaries were lying on the floor…..rocky’s clothes were all lying on the bed….the whole cupboard was emptied…
Malika: kya hua? Is every thing alright? Why were u shouting?
Rocky: nothing is alright…….just see today is shivay’d engagement and I have nothing good to wear…he speaks looking at several sherwanis lying on bed…???
Malika: are you mad rocky? Just see you have so many brand new clothes……?and u are saying u have nothing to wear….
Rocky: malika when I said I have nothing to wear…..I said I have nothing gud to wear….and that word gud you edited by yourself….
Malika: have you gone mad? All these dresses are of your choice and many of them u haven’t wore once even.
Rocky: haan tumhe toh main hi pagal Lagta hoon……and I know Maine yeah nahi pehne but now I consider them as old….and tum chahti ho main apni bhai ki engagement par purane kapde pehen kar jao? He speaks childishly…….
Janvi enters the room and laughs seeing rocky acting like a kid…???
Malika: maa just see how your son is troubling me….. I mean nakhre noorjahan ke?
Rocky comes to janvi and speaks…
Rocky: no ma don’t listen to her…..actually she doesn’t want me to look gud …..
Malika: hey why will I want so???
Rocky: because I will look handsome and she is sacred that if I will look handsome then girls in party will start flirting with me….??
Janvi laughs……
Malika: nakhrenoor Jahan ke…… Tum na pagal ho ……I can never get jealous of these things….its just you want all these things to happen…mom ( she speaks to janvi) sometimes I feel have got a wife instead of husband……bas nakhre noor jahan ke…. Now go and wear whatever u want I don’t care and she leaves angrily??
Janvi calls her but she doesn’t stop……
Rocky: maa dekha again she got jealous….but now what will I wear…..
Janvi: wait let me tell you…..do one thing go and check your room u will definitely find something…..
Rocky: but ma….
Janvi : just do it rocky …..and sometimes its cute to fight with your partner but don’t let the fight hurt anyone of you….specially when your partner loves you so much…….your words can hurt her and saying this she smiles.
Rocky: but aunty malika is not like other girls who get hurt easily….. She will be OK soon.
Janvi: beta every girl is the same….won jitni jaldi khush ho jaati hai utni hi jaldi hurt bhi ho jaati hai so take care of her….
Shivay was outside the room and listened everything….
Shivay’s POV
Mom is right….yesterday even I got irritated on such small thing….anika was just teasing me and I took it as a stupid challenge…..oh no what if she felt hurt ….ya it is possible….yesterday firstly I acted in front of her and phir main gussa bhi ha gaya tha….and woh hamesha ki tarah mujhe manane as gayi thi….today I will complete that stupid challenge because I want to know her wish and then I will say sorry to her……yes I will say sorry I can’t make her sad for anything……

Shivay goes to meet rocky in his room….
Rocky was searching in his room as janvi had asked him to do…..
Shivay: hmm….did you find anything?
Rocky: how do you know that I m finding something?
Shivay: I saw everything how you both fought and then what mom said….
Rocky: ohhh acha hua sun liya warns mujhe woh dialog maarna padta….
Shivay: dialog?
Rocky: dude the same dialog when people ask kya hua and we say…..bahut lambi kahani hai yaar….??and he jokes…and continues finding…
Shivay( laughs): tu bhi na….ok chal let me help you to find that unknown thing…..
Suddenly rocky finds a box wrapped beautifully under his pillow…
Rocky: whats this?
Shivay: just open it and see….I think mom was talking about this only….
Rocky opens the box and a card falls ……he picks it up….the box had a brand new royal blue blazer……
Rocky: wow…..its so classy….and upar we blue but ma ko Kaise pata that I like blue color…..
Shivay: idiot ma didn’t get this for u ….someone else has got this …….and that person must have told mom about this so mom knew about it and as u are such a big idiot ….
Rocky: hey I m not an idiot…
Shivay: u are a idiot…you messed up the whole room and didn’t check near the people u are mad….
Rocky: hmmm seriously…. Now how would I know yeh kisne diya hai?….tune toh nahi diya….thanks yaar shivay??
Shivay: shut up….I have not done this and instead of thinking can’t u read the card….
Rocky: nowadays u have become very intelligent shivay….
Shivay: and you have become Rudy part 2….
Rocky: what?….
Shivay: nothing just read the card…..
Rocky read…,” dear husband….today your wifey has thought to give you a surprise….and on the top of it… its your brothers engagement and I know my husband is very excited and wanted to look the best so this blazer of your favourite blue color is a loving gift from your wifey…..I want my already very much handsome and stylish husband to wear this and have a glimpse of my love on yourself…..I know many girls would definitely have a crush on you in today’s party ….but there will be one girl who will not look at you much but her heart will definitely sense you and that girl will be your wifey….so once again I want to tell you that your wifey loves you more than anything and dear husband I know you pretend to flirt with other girls but you love your wifey the most ……???i know it was quiet different to say these things to you but I felt like saying but didn’t get chance so I want you to get up in the morning and read this …….I love you a lot thanks for being my husband!!!!
Your and only your wifey ( malika).????”

Rocky had tears of happiness in his eyes……he feels guilty of Calling malika jealous and fighting with her…..
Rocky: shivay instead of her I should be thankful to her for being in my life and handling me ….my tantrums everything…. And what I did ? I just fought with her and said those rubbish …..ma was right I hurted her ..even though she fought ack but she must have felt hurt somewhere…..you were right I m big stupid…. And do you remember me and omru had asked you to make anika feel special….and tujhe gyan diya but I forget that its been 3 years of our marriage but I always forget to make her feel special….ya I loved her a lot but didn’t do anything for her instead was just fighting like kids….and I have to say sorry to her….

Shivay: hey rocky I know you love her a lot its just merit love story banane ke chakkar main apni lovestory hi bhul gaye….and even I did something stupid yesterday….
Rocky: koi nahi dude now its time to shower that love on my love which she deserves for being the best wife…..
Shivay: that’s the spirit…..
Omru enters the room and finds shivky sharing an emotional moment….
Rudra: kya hua aap dono itne emotional kyun ho rage hai?
Om: haan rocky shivay what happened?
Rocky:(to shivay) now shivay its time for that legendary dialog…..shivay laughs ….
Shivky( speaks in unison): bahut lambi kahani hai yaarrrr….??????? and they both burst into laughter…..
Rudra: I think om its something really serious…. Just look at them pehle roh rahe the aur an has rahe hai….
Om gets confused…
Rudra: bhaiya aap dono ki situation dekhkar mujhe ek shayri yaad as gayi…..
Shivomky listens to him….
Rudra: ishq he inn dono ko nikamma kar diya…….
Ishq he Hume nikamma kar diya…..
Warns admi toh pehle we hi yeah dono faltu the and he laughs ???????
Shivomky: shut upppppp rudra!!!!!!!!
Shivay: OK guys what’s this taddd….taddi is?
Rocky: taddddiiii….what’s that? Shivay have u started taking Urdu lessons???
Rudra: bhaiya its not tadiii….its khichdi I think aapko bhuk lag hai…
Shivay: shut up rudra its that tadiii only…
Rocky: rudra its not khichdi its kadhiii….. Wow shivay tune bataya nahi tujhe kadhii pasand even I like kadhi its an amazing dish…..
Shivay: shut up rocky….its not the dish kadhi its tadiii…. And I need to find its meaning.
Om: but why?
Shivay tells them……
Rocky: ohhh so u have to tell this to anika…..its simple shivay go and ask gauri and soumya they must be knowing it…
Rudra: phir toh om jayega…he will get another chance to stare gauri dii????
Om: shut up rudra!!!!
Rocky: shivay are and malika and anika are sisters….even she speaks such annoying words to me….
Shivay: malika also?
Rocky: haan don’t know she keeps calling me that….wait….kapde koode daan ke…..nahiii chiii wait nakhre….poore…. Jahan ke….nahi year its something….
Rudra: bhaiya its nakhre noor jahan ke…….?
Everybody was shocked to hear rudra saying such difficult word…..
Om: seriously??? Tujhe Kaise pata ……to be continued.

Precap: romantic rocky to enter….malika doesn’t talk to him….shivay to find the meaning of tadiiii……anika’s wish to shock shivay….entry of villain in the love stories of shivomruky…….

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