His tears reached her soul a ff by shyra (chapter 28)

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Shivay reaches oberoi companies…. He gets out of the car… Rocky was also with him
Rocky: so bro ready for the first day?
Shivay: almost…. He replies with full confidence.
They goes inside.

Here tej gives instructions to someone….
Tej:I want that 100 crore deal done today… So keep the presentation for today….
Person: but sir… The presentation is still not ready how can we arrange it today? And who will give the presentation to the clients?
Tej : shivay…. He is joining office today so let him handle it.
Person: but sir today is his first day… How will he manage?
Tej: he has to manage it…. Today I will let him know business is not his cup of tea… Arrange everything he will give the presentation today only.
And he smirks.
Tej’s pov
Come my dear son… Oops my so called son. Let me see how will you present yourself today…. And he laughs.

Shivay and rocky comes to cabin.
Shivay: I wish I could handle everything as dad used to do it…
Rocky: you will do it buddy… Just be confident.
Suddenly the manager comes.
Manager: may I enter sir?
Shivay: hmm.
Manager: sir you have to give presentation for our new project….
Rocky : ya sure… Now shivay will do every project…
Shivay: yes… But I need all info about the project so that I could present it…. And most important when I have to give the presentation…
Rocky: Haan Waise hai Kab presentation?
Manager: sir in an hour you have to give the presentation.
Shivky gets shocked.
Shivay : but..
Rocky: I think you have some misunderstanding…. I mean how will the presentation take place in an hour.
Manager: no sir… Tej sir has given me these instructions. And he leaves
Shivay: now what will I do?
Rocky: shivay it’s nothing to worry… It’s simple you have joined today only so how can he ask you to give the presentation… I am going to talk to tej uncle.
Shivay: no rocky wait… Let me handle it myself.
Rocky: but shivay it’s not an easy task.
Shivay : I know but at least I can try and I just need your support.
Rocky : OK then I m with…. Let’s do it.
And they both start preparing…

After one hour
Rocky : lets go shivay.
Shivay: you go I m just coming.
Rocky leaves to the conference hall.
Shivay calls anika.
Anika: hello
Shivay: what if I lose anika…
Anika: shivay what happen?
Shivay: just tell me what if I lose and do not do anything properly?
Anika: OK…. So if you lose today then you will win tomorrow and if you didn’t handle it properly then you will do some more efforts and will do it next time.
Shivay: so you won’t feel bad if I lose…
Anika: nope….. So just calm down and give your best. You will get many chances…. And failure always teaches us so all the best.
Shivay: thanks…. And I love you.
Anika: I love you too now go and come back soon I will be waiting.
Shivay cuts the call and reaches the conference hall.
Everyone was waiting for him…… He felt little tensed but was trying to look normal.
Shivay’s pov
Just do it shivay and Waise bhi it doesn’t matter if I lose today I will surely win tomorrow….
Rocky : all the best shivay..
Shivay: thanks….
Shivay starts presenting his ideas in front of everyone….
Person: so Mr. Oberoi how can you be so sure that your ideas will work out and we won’t have to suffer loses?
Shivay: actually I won’t say that we won’t suffer loses because business is all about profits and loses so if we even incurred loses in future Atleast we will be able to rectify our mistakes because Hume pata chalega ki Humse Galti kaha hui Hai….
Person 2: so Mr. Oberoi what do you think will make you achieve your targets in future…. I mean how will you achieve success so that we can trust you?
Shivay: only two words I will say that is…. good decisions….. will get me success.
Person 3: and how will your good decisions come from?
Shivay : again two words that is…. my experience….
Person2: and how will you get that experience?
Shivay: again two words that are…. Bad decisions…. In short my bad decisions will make experienced and my experience will surely lead me to take good decisions…. That’s why I want you to invest in this idea now all depends upon you….
Everyone claps by seeing shivay’s confidence.
Person 1: seriously Mr. Oberoi we are impressed by your positive attitude even on your first day…. And we r quiet interested in investing in your projects….
Person2: congratulations Mr. Oberoi… And just like that everybody gets impressed by shivay and congratulate him…. He was quiet happy….. But someone else was also there who was shocked…. That’s was our one and only rocky.
Shivay: so how was it rocky?
Rocky: bhai maine Aaj woh shivay dekha Jisne mujhe 8 Saal Pehle punch maara tha…. Seriously yeh tu hi Haina….
Shivay smiles…
Shivay : yes it’s me….
Rocky hugs him….
Rocky : I m really happy for you shivay…. You did it… But yeh Hua kaise?
Shivay: bas ho gaya…. OK now we should concentrate on other works then we will go home.
Rocky: Haan Haan kyun nahi Aaj toh celebration hoga…. Aakhir teri Pehli Jeet hai….

In Om
Shivay and rocky reaches Om…. Everybody was happily waiting for them. Rocky goes to Malika and hugs her….
Rudra: bhaiya romantic ho rahe hai….
Rocky : chup Kr… Today I m very happy… And he narrates the whole incident….
Everybody was very happy for shivay’s achievement…… But shivay was searching someone….
Gauri: shivay bhaiya…. Didi had asked me to tell you that she is busy somewhere so she won’t be able to meet you today….
Shivay: but she promised me that she will wait for me here…..
Soumya: sorry bhaiya but she had an urgent work.
Shivay gets upset and angry also and leaves the hall…..
Om: what happened to him?
Malika: don’t worry he will be alright and all girls smiles looking at each other….
Gauri: now I think we should celebrate this moment and let shivika also enjoy…. And she smiles..
Rudra: Ohh so it means anika Bhabhi….
Malika: Yessss….
Rocky: you girls are very smart…. Now Malika come with me…
Malika : where?
Rocky: even want to spend some time with my beautiful wife…. Let’s go and he takes her with him…
Omru: ab yeh bhi chale Gaye….
Soumya: koi nahi we four can also have a party let’s go….
Gauri: ya sure…. Let me bake a cake for all of us…. Come soumya.
Omru gets excited….
Omru( in unison) : we will also help you…. And they all depart towards the kitchen.

In shivay’s room
Shivay enters the room and bangs the door angrily….
Shivay: I will never talk to you anika…. You broke your promise…. I wanted to celebrate this day with you but you didn’t even informed me that you won’t come…. I will never talk to you.
And he gets more upset. He gets fresh and sits on the bed with an angry face…. Suddenly the phone rings… The name flashes anika.
Shivay: hmm… Ab yaad aayi hai… I m not gonna pick up the call.
Again the phone rings….
Shivay : keep calling… I will not talk to u….. The phone keeps ringing now shivay wasn’t able to control himself and picks up the call.
Anika: shivay…
Shivay: what?
Anika: I m sorry I didn’t come to meet you….
Shivay: no problem I was also busy… He speaks with anger.
Anika: you must be angry right…
Shivay: no I m not angry….
Anika: but your voice is telling me that you are angry….
Shivay : OK yes I m angry…. Happy now?
Anika: so what can I do to make you happy again?
Shivay : you don’t have to do anything…. I m fine.
Anika: Ohh Billu ko gussa aa raha hai…. And she teases him.
Shivay: hey don’t call me that… And who told you that my name is Billu…
Anika: I will call you Billu only… Billu… Billu… Billu….
Shivay : anika main tumse Kabhi baat nahi karunga….byee.
Anika: OK sorry sorry…. I will not say that… But shivay you didn’t tell me that you have such beautiful pool in your room….
Shivay: yes I have it…. But wait why are u asking me so?
Anika: woh actually I m sitting here only…. And seriously it’s very beautiful.
Shivay: what? You are in my room…. And he runs towards the pool….. It was all dark so he can’t see anything…. Suddenly someone pushes him… And they both falls in pool….( guys you can imagine that pool scene of ib) Lights comes…
Shivay finds anika in front of him… And was smiling.
Shivay( happily) : anika tum… You were in room…
Anika puts her hands on his shoulder….
Anika: hmm…. Surprise aapko hi dena aata Hai kya? Remember in the morning how you gave me the surprise…. So even I did that….
Shivay holds her by waist….
Shivay: Acha so you were again pulling my leg….
Anika: yes….
Shivay : today I m very angry with you….so you have to do what I will tell you….
Anika : hmm…. But you look happy not angry and she laughs…
Shivay: no I m angry…. And he pretends the same…
Anika: OK OK but first tell how was your day…
Shivay: just like you…
Anika: Matlab…
Shivay: best….
Anika: OK so it means that presentation’s credit also goes to me…
Shivay: Haww…. It means rocky told you everything… I m not gonna leave him.
Anika: are leave him and what happen agar mujhe usne bataya toh?
Shivay :because I wanted to tell you… And phir tumhara reaction bhi nahi dekh paaya…
Anika: Awww….. You are so cute shivay… And she kisses his cheek.
Shivay again holds his cheek….
Shivay : actually this reaction is one of my favorite…. And he smiles.
Anika blushes hard…..
Shivay: my blushing queen… It’s not enough you have to face punishment also which I will give you….
Anika: OK but what I have to do?
Shivay: hmm…. OK… Listen you have to give me a morning kiss everyday when I will leave for office… And then when I will come back a hug and two kisses…. And then after marriage…
Anika : wait wait this was all before marriage….
Shivay: yes because abhi hum Saath main nahi rehte hai so this much is OK….
Anika again blushes….
Shivay: hey don’t blush so much… List is still incomplete… After marriage I want to see your face and then I want two kisses…. Then two kisses and hug when I will leave for office… When I will come back we will go for long drive and will eat golgappe….
Anika: like we did on our date? But you have to compete me everyday… So Soch lijiye….
Shivay : I will do it…. Then at night..
Anika looks on….
Shivay: actually that will be a surprise…. Anika wasn’t able to face him now so she turns to go but shivay pulls her and she lands on his chest…
Anika: shivayyy….
Shivay moves close to her and hugs her…..
Shivay: hmm… All these things you have to do later but abhi toh….
And he kisses on her shoulder…. She starts breathing heavily…….
Someone knocks the door… And anika moves away….
Anika : shivay someone has come… Let me go…
Shivay : Pls don’t go….
Anika: shivay par…. Koi aa jayega…
Shivay: hmm… Ok
And they both comes out of the pool.
Anika: shivay I m going aap Pls thodi Der baad ayega warna Sab Kya sochenge….
Shivay: hmm… And he nods.
Anika: now why are you so sad?
Shivay: nothing you go…. I am coming.
Anika quickly goes near him and whispers in his ears….
Anika: we will meet today only…. Then I will listen to your all punishments…. And she runs….
Shivay smiles…… To be continued.

Precap: shivika’s romance… Engagement…. Shivay’s next wish…..

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